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REVIEW: The Traveler Cape by Stitchwerx Designs

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure this song isn't about Little Red Riding Hood, but she is on her way to Grandma's with her basket full of goodies.   Of course, Little Red wouldn't be complete without her signature cape & hood!

Enter the Traveler Cape by Stitchwerx Designs.

The Traveler Cape is so versatile.  It's a dual-layer cape (long and caplet), but can be made with just one layer (as I have done) if desired.  The cape consists of three panels which help keep its shape at the shoulders. The pattern pairs well with S138 Joyce Ann Bonnet too.

I seriously debated having my Little Red Riding Hood wear a bonnet instead of a hood just to show the cuteness!  Alas, I chose adding a hood (not included).  I will sew a Joyce Ann Bonnet soon though!  It's on "the list".

Note: The Traveler Cape does not come with a hood.  I used the hood
from a pattern I currently own - the Soda Pop Polo by Candy Castle Patterns

Pattern Highlights:

  • Sizes 12/18m - 8/10y
  • Dual-layer cape - long and caplet
  • Pattern pieces to print: 15 pages for XS/S, 27 pages for M, L, and XL 
  • Tutorial: 11 pages of thorough instruction with a clear picture each step of the way
  • Charts included: Sizing, Finished Measurements, Yardage, Layout, and Pattern Construction
  • Suitable for a confident beginner

For this cape, I selected a gorgeous 21 wale corduroy by Kaufman and lined it with a black broadcloth.  The corduroy is so soft, just be sure to make sure you cut the corduroy in the proper direction (it should feel soft when you run your hand downward).

Adding the hood was rather easy.  The hood I selected (from the Soda Pop Polo - Candy Castle Patterns) also had a collar stand.  So I simply added the hood to the collar stand from The Traveler Cape using the instructions from the polo pattern, then picked back up with the cape instructions for attaching the collar stand to the main cape.

You think that Big Bad Wolf scares me?
Puh-lease!!  He hasn't seen my tantrums!

My 3 year old daughter is all set for Halloween festivities thanks to the Traveler Cape from Stitchwerx Designs.

You say you want a SALE??

Save 25% off every pattern at Stitchwerx Designs
with the code SEWKARI at checkout.

But, hurry because this sale expires
Thursday 10/16/14 11:00pm (EST)

Because the coupon is good for all of your pattern purchases, here are some of my other Stitchwerx Designs favorites!!

Bentley Harness, Rosemary & Thyme Pants
Essential Leggings and Lane Raglan

Psst.... want to take a peek at what's under the cape?

Modified Georgia Vintage by The Cottage Mama

SHOP REVIEW: Paradise Beads Designs

*In exchange for pictures, I was sent the necklace for free.  I was not compensated
in any other fashion, nor required to write a review.  All views and thoughts are mine, and mine alone. *

OH. MY. WORD.   This necklace!

A few months ago, I met Kristen - owner of Paradise Beads Designs - a fun boutique full of one-of-a-kind chunky bead necklaces.

How did I meet Kristen?

I had the pleasure of sewing an item for a customer - Kristen.  After she received the item, we had a lovely chat.  Over the course of our conversation, she mentioned owning Paradise Beads Designs and if I were interested in doing some boutique photographs on my daughter [for her shop], she'd send a necklace my way.  Ummmm, yeah!!!

Shortly after that, THIS necklace from Paradise Beads Designs popped into my newsfeed.  It was perfect and actually inspired my daughter's entire outfit!!

Made-to-match(M2M) chunky necklaces are extremely popular right now -- and I can see why!

I have a little, teensy confession.  This is actually the first chunky necklace my girls have ever worn.   Why?  Honestly, I just didn't know much about them or where the best place to buy them or even whether my girls would be gentle enough to not break them.  Until now...

I'm in love with the clasp on this necklace!  (Note: clasps will vary from necklace to necklace and can even be made magnetic or stretch)

Here's an upclose shot of the Barbie silhouette adorned with rhinestones - so pretty!

As you can see, my littles are smitten with their new necklace... and will have to get used to sharing it!

Most necklaces run between $15 -20 plus shipping.  Paradise Beads Designs often has ready to ship items (from Disney to holiday to light up pendants) or you can put in a special request!  

A quote from Kristen -- " I double wire my necklaces, and honor my work so if one ever breaks the customer can send it and I will repair/ship back with no charge."

** Special Offer **

Enjoy FREE** shipping at Paradise Beads Designs
if you mention That'-Sew-Kari sent you :)

*offer valid through 11/03/14
(**US residents only)

To order, visit Paradise Beads Designs on Facebook
and contact her via message.

REVIEW: Sew Groovy by Ola Jane Patterns

NOW available in sizes 6m - Girls' 14

WHOA -- things just got a little bit GROOVIER at Ola Jane Patterns! Sew Groovy just got UPsized!!!  Outta sight, right?

Now, I'm no child of the 60s, but there's nothing wrong with channeling your inner hippie.

Yes, Sew Groovy is a peasant dress, but it's way more boss (that's 60's slang for fantastic) than your run-of-the-mill peasant dress pattern.  For starters, there are actual pattern pieces rather than the traditional rectangle cuts.   The pattern pieces are a-line shaped so this means it's more slim fitting on top, but still a great canvas for gorgeous border prints as I've showcased here.

There are THREE sleeve lengths included in this pattern -- I've sewn the short-sleeve and 3/4-length sleeves.  You can check out Kara's version of the long sleeves over at Pattern Revolution.

Fabric: Kanvas Bohemian Rhapsody Metallic Bohemian Border Medallion
Azure/Teal by Benartex

The size range starts at 6m and extends all the way to a girl's 14.  On my little lady here (age 3), I sewed the size 3 in the black/red combo.  For the blue dress, I cut the size 3, but extended the length to a size 4.  I actually prefer the length of the size 3, but my daughter grew nearly 2 inches this summer so I wanted to ensure that my 'fall' dress will fit her all the way through.

Fabric: Black, White & Currant 5 Double Border Stripe Black
by Henry Glass & Co.

Did you know that this entire dress can be sewn with French seams?  It makes the inside so neat and tidy!  Sandra, owner of Ola Jane, includes French seams in all of her patterns (when applicable) and also gives instructions on how to straighten your fabric properly.   Her patterns are truly lessons. The first time I used one of her patterns, the depth of instruction really impressed me.

Here's a quick recap of the pattern highlights:

  • Sizes 6m - girl's 14
  • 3 sleeve lengths included (short, 3/4, and long)
  • A-line shape -- no boxy rectangle dresses
  • Instructions for French seams and straightening your fabric
  • Charts included: Size chart, Finished length chart, elastic cutting chart, yardage chart, and fabric layout guides for both border fabrics and non-border fabric.
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions with pictures at each step

Wait, don't flee the scene yet... there's some far out news to share!

Can you guess?!

Did somebody say SALE?

You can pick up Sew Groovy for just $5 now through Sunday at 11:59pm EST!  Purchase your pattern HERE.

*If you previously own the original Sew Groovy, please email your receipt (to Ola Jane, not me!) to receive the updated sizing FREE  (formerly Foot Loose & Fancy Free)

Sign up for the newsletter HERE and join the Facebook group HERE to stay in-the-know on all things Ola Jane!

Bye for now!!

Perfect Pattern Parcel #5 - Mimi Top

Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win!

Hi there!! I am happy to be a part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel #5: Girls and Tweens Edition.  This is my first time on tour with the PPP and it's been a great experience.  I love that the profits are headed to help classrooms in need - every little bit counts in shaping the future of tomorrow.

Parcel #5: Girls and Tweens includes: 

Lily Knit Blazer by Peek-a-Boo Patterns
Everyday Yoga Pant for Girls by Greenstyle
Asymmetrical Drape Top by EYMM
Playhouse Dress by Fishstick Designs
Mimi Dress and Shirt by Filles a Maman

BONUS PATTERN: Sunki Dress by Figgy’s

Bonus Pattern:
Choose a price of $28 or greater for Parcel #5 and you will automatically also be sent the Bonus Pattern! The Bonus Pattern for this Parcel is the Sunki Dress by Figgy's. Fun pockets, a stylish silhouette, plus make it in knit or woven. Double bonus! The pattern includes both size runs, so you get 18 months through a 16 tween sizing. This is awesome sauce!

How Pattern Parcel Works:
Here at Perfect Pattern Parcel, we believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It’s our opinion that indie patterns are just, well, better than big box patterns, and we’re pretty sure our customers think so too. So, we allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel.  We also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity Donorschoose.org in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. Together we've raised over $11,000 for classrooms in need!

Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

When I first opened my email, I noticed that every single pattern was new to me - which made it hard to choose which one I'd sew first. In the end, I went with the Mimi Dress and Shirt by Filles a Maman -- which was the perfect shirt to pair with her skirt for school pictures tomorrow!

The Mimi pattern comes in sizes 12m - girls 14 (chest sizes: 19.5" - 31.5").  This is a pattern designed for knit fabrics. You can choose to make a dress or top!  Some of the unique details include keyhole notch at the neckline and the curved hem.  Facings make finishing the seams a breeze.

My 3 year old's chest measures 19" so I trusted the included sizing chart and made her the size 12-18m.  I knew I pairing it with a skirt so I didn't mind if it ended up being a bit snug, but as you can see, it's perfectly comfortable.  I decided to use the size 12-18m sleeves as well because I wanted them to be more like 3/4-length sleeves.  I could probably hem them up a bit higher to get a true 3/4-length sleeve.

Shown here with the Peek-a-Boo Skirt by Little Lizard King
Fabric is from Stitch Box Monthly

I tucked the Mimi Top in here to show the versatility.  I like the curved hem, but I like that it looks great tucked in as well! 

Since this pattern's hems are finished with facings, you don't need to worry about having your neckbands at the proper length or whether or not you've selected a lycra blend material.  The pattern has you topstitch the facing, as shown in the picture above.  I intentionally left the stitching off of the front (although I will try it on my next version) as well as the bottom hem.  Instead, I tacked those facings down at the side seams only.

The cool thing about this pattern is that it comes in both French and English instructions - which can be a mini French lesson if you desire.  The tutorial and pictures are extremely easy to follow and the pattern is printable in layers -- I love that more and more designers are offering this option!   The only part that I found to be tricky is understitching around the keyhole cutout.

My only regret is not having more time to try the rest of these patterns!  The Lily Knit Blazer was next on my "to-do wish list", but I simply ran out of time.

Click the button below ..... PRETTY PLEASE?!
Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

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Friday, October 3 sew chibi || Lulu & Celeste || Made by Sara
Thanks Perfect Pattern Parcel for letting me join in the fun!!

REVIEW: Stitch Box Monthly

*In exchange for my review, I was sent the products for free.  I was not compensated
in any other fashion.  All views and thoughts are mine, and mine alone. *

Eeep!!  I was so excited to be chosen as a blogger to review Stitch Box Monthly.  I've been eyeing it since they debuted, but I find it hard to splurge on things sometimes.  If you haven't heard of Stitch Box Monthly, it's basically a mystery box of sewing goodies that shows up on your doorstep each month (or however long you have signed up for).  Each box has a theme and the supplies inside revolve around that.  Boxes are $35 including shipping (US pricing), but you can get the boxes as low as $25/month if you prepay for the entire year.  The Stitch Boxes contain at least $40 worth of sewing supplies.  [International shipping also available, see website]


  • 1 yd "Elementary Black Penmanship" by Moda
  • 1 yd coordinating polka dot from Riley Blake*
  • 2 yd black mini pom trim
  • 1 spool of Gutermann thread
  • 1 package of Schmetz quilting needles
  • 12 Bobbin Buddies
  • A cute little note that explained all the goodies

*This month featured a yard of coordinating fabric in lieu of a sewing pattern.


Little Lizard King Peek-A-Boo Skirt

I had so many ideas for this fabric that it was hard to narrow down what would actually be on my cutting table.  I have 2 girls, 3 & 5, who are both in school so I wanted something school-friendly and something that they could share (in case I can't squeak something else out of my leftovers).  Despite their 2-yr age difference, they are just a few pounds and a couple inches different in size.  

I decided to try out my Little Lizard King Peek-a-Boo Skirt pattern that I had won in Thursday Night Trivia.  My girls LOVE skirts so this is right up their alley.

The mini pom trim gives just the right amount of detail to the hem of the top skirt.

I absolutely adore the fabric that came this month.  Not only do my girls love pointing out the letters, the colors are some of my favorites!  Oh, and the cuts included are generous -- measuring out at 37" after washing/drying!

And, I'm not sure how SBM knew, but Bobbin Buddies have been much-needed to help tame some of the chaos that I call my pile of bobbins on my sewing desk.

Just what my bobbins needed!!! A little taming.

The only thing I haven't put to use is the Gutermann Thread.  I didn't want to waste my "good stuff" on my inside seams (I'm pretty sure some of you may have just gasped at that statement) and I'm a little OCD about my topstitching threads matching the majority of the (printed) fabric so I opted for white thread on the Riley Blake dots and black thread on the Moda Elementary.  

My 3 yr old will be wearing this for Preschool pictures next week and I think I have enough fabric left to make an Everyday Play Skirt by Little Lizard King as well!


  • Signing up for Stitch Box Monthly is easy!  
  • Head to www.stitchboxmonthly.com to choose a 1, 3, 6. 12 month subscription or choose a recurring subscription every month
  • Add in your shipping info
  • Pay 
  • Wait by your mailbox for your surprises!

Thanks, Stitch Box Monthly --- I had SEW much fun!! 

Bowtique Emilee: Shop Review and Giveaway!

*In exchange for my review, I was sent the products for free.  I was not compensated
in any other fashion.  All views and thoughts are mine, and mine alone. *

Outfit: Serendipity Collection by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.
Barbie Necklace: Paradise Beads Designs
Flower Trio Headband: Bowtique Emilee

Eeeks!! I am so excited to share my review of the shop, Bowtique Emilee (and great giveaway!) with you today.

If you've spent any time in the sewing -or- boutique world, you know that headbands are the must-have accessory to complete the perfect outfit.  Paying for a custom-made headband can get kind of pricey, but..... have you ever made one?  They are super simple.  Seriously, this was my first "boutique style" headband I've made.  And it certainly won't be my last!

Outfit: Serendipity Collection by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.
Barbie Necklace: Paradise Beads Designs
Butterfly Sequin Bow: Bowtique Emilee

When I first heard I was chosen by Bowtique Emilee for a blog review, I thought of what outfit I'd like it to match.   Of course, I hadn't sewn the outfit yet, but that's what people do right?  They sew entire outfits to match a new headband?!  Oh, wait, it's just me.

Lucky for one of you (who will win!) I couldn't decide which headband I'd like to make so Bowtique Emilee was awesome enough to send BOTH and offered to giveaway supplies to make BOTH!!

How will I choose my selections?!?!

I said above, this was my first time making headbands.  I never really attempted before because, well, I'd seen the prices per flower at Hobby Lobby and the like and my budget was already being spent over in fabric faster than I could sew...haha   So when I went browsing on Bowtique Emilee, my first reaction was "WOW, I love these prices!"  And then I may have carted (and paid for) about 50 items before I messaged the owner back about which selections I'd like for the review.

Outfit: Serendipity Collection by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.
Barbie Necklace: Paradise Beads Designs
Flower Trio Headband: Bowtique Emilee

Seriously, I think I paid around $19ish for 50 pieces (assortment of flowers, sequin bows and elastic) including shipping.  I'm about to place a second order because I realized sometimes I need more than one of the same color.  

Outfit: Serendipity Collection by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.
Barbie Necklace: Paradise Beads Designs
Flower Trio Headband: Bowtique Emilee

The quality is great, the selection is immense (seriously carve out at least an hour or two to browse) and shipping is fast!!  Your selections will come packaged in a clear plastic bag inside of a pretty pink poly mailer.

Outfit: Serendipity Collection by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.
Barbie Necklace: Paradise Beads Designs
Butterfly Sequin Bow: Bowtique Emilee

Here are the details of what I ordered for these two headbands:

This trio of flowers is comprised of (3) 2.5" Shabby Chiffon Flowers ($0.30/ea) and 5/8" Chevron Fold Over Elastic ($0.70/yd)  --- Total cost: $1.60  + shipping

You may also want to check out: Felt Circles to make your bow making even easier. (I missed these the first time around!)

This gorgeous sequined butterfly bow ($0,50/bow) stole my heart from the beginning.  I love the simplicity of it with the matching skinny elastic (1/8")($0.50/yd)  --- Total cost: $1.00 + shipping.

Of course, you only use about half of the yard of elastic per headband which lowers the cost of each headband even more!

Thanks Bowtique Emilee for allowing me to review your shop!! You'll be seeing my name come through your order list again real soon!

Outfit: Serendipity Collection by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.
Barbie Necklace: Paradise Beads Designs
Butterfly Sequin Bow: Bowtique Emilee

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