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In the Meadow by Keera Job Design Studio for Riley Blake Designs

"May you be like a -wildflower- growing gently in the beauty + joy of each day..."

In The Meadow by Keera Job Design Studio for Riley Blake Designs is full of floral charm -- bright wildflowers, bumble bees and a coordinate of inspirational quotes.  

Photo Credit: Riley Blake Designs
Aren't those so pretty?  And the bees are the cutest!!  I selected In the Meadow Main Navy and In the Meadow Text Pink.  I used the pink to line the bodice and centered the opening quote which is one of many quotes on the fabric.  I hope these quotes give her the quiet strength to embrace her whole self 💗

See the Storyboard here to get inspired!

I knew this fabric was perfect for Spring/Summer so I wanted to sew a sundress.  As I searched through my patterns, I was drawn to Augusta by Little Lizard King.  I had previously sewn a maxi version of this pattern and truth be told, kind of forgot about it! Now, I definitely need to sew a few more!

I love the contrast of the deep blue background with the pop of wildflowers against her skin.  It makes me wish we really had fields of wildflowers growing in February to go frolicking.

The sweetheart neckline option is so gorgeous!

I love that Riley Blake Designs uses quality cottons so no matter what fabric you order, it will always be soft, easy to care for and sews up with ease.  My girls' closets are quickly being filled with Riley Blake Designs. 💗

Simple Goodness by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs

Eeek!  I'm showing off the cutest fabrics today!!

Simple Goodness by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs is a throwback to simpler times.  It's full of bright and cheery colors and is making me wish it were summer already!!

Photo Credit: Riley Blake Designs

As soon as I saw the fabric selection, I noted a few things: 1) I need the main print in the aqua colorway for my little blue-eyed blondie 2) I have the perfect dress pattern for this and 3) There's no way I can narrow down the coordinates so I'm going to create a fabric bunting to show several off!  Read below to see how to create it for free!

To showcase the main print, I turned to my favorite summer dress ever - Amsterdam by Little Lizard King.  It's incredibly quick to sew, and is always a perfect fit for my daughters.  I love the unique back.  I was originally planning to use the Simple Goodness Bias Stripes Pink for the bodice, but when I opened my fabrics, the Simple Goodness Checker Dots Red just made all of the pictures on the main print pop.  I cut the straps from Simple Goodness Mini Flowers Aqua.

  1. Download the FREE pattern by clicking the button below.  Save it to your computer and then open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  Print it out at 100% scaling.  Verify that the 1" square is accurate.
  2. Cut 24 triangles (12 main, 12 lining).
  3. Cut (2) 2"x 44" (LxW) strips of fabric.  Sew 2 short ends together to create 1 long strip.  Fold the short ends in 1/4" inch.  Fold in half so the long edges meet. Press. Open the fabric back up and bring each long edge to the middle crease you just created.  Iron well.  Fold it back to the original crease.  Press.  It should now be 1/2" x 87" and should resemble double fold bias tape.  (You may also use double fold bias tape.)
  4. Take your triangle pairs and sew them right sides together along the two diagonal sides with a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving the top edge unsewn.  Trim seam allowance in half, turn right side out.  Be sure to take care when poking out the bottom point.  Press well.  Topstitch along the sewn edges, 1/8" from the edge.  (Tip: To avoid the bottom tip getting stuck in your feed dogs when pivoting, topstitch down to the corner from one side.  Backstitch at the corner and clip your threads.  Turn your triangle over and repeat with the other edge, starting at the top.)
  5. Starting about 1/2" from the center, sandwich the top of the bunting triangles in the fabric strip. Secure with pins.  Working towards one end, place each triangle about 1" away.  Once you place your first 6, work from the center again towards the other end to place the remaining ones.
  6. Sew the fabric strip along the edge, 1/8", securing each bunting triangle.
  7. Tie the ends into a bow, if desired.

My daughter fell in love with all the little scenes on her dress.  She thought she was the little blonde girl, feeding the chickens.  If only I could have borrowed some chickens for the photo  (oh, and some green on the trees!)

Thank you Tasha Noel and Riley Blake Fabrics for the adorable fabrics!  We are putting the bunting back up on Monday for this little lady's 8th birthday!!


In Bloom Fabric Collection by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs

There's nothing like a fancy dress, just because.  

                                   Just one of the many perks of having a mama that sews...

This fabric is just one of many available from the In Bloom collection by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs.  This collection is a stunning mixture of both color and monochrome designs.  It features a mixture of dots, stripes and floral bouquets in gold, pink, and black colorways.  The gold even sparkles!

Photo credit: Riley Blake Designs
As soon as I saw the fabrics, I knew my oldest needed a fancy "just because" dress.  I actually didn't involve her in the design process this time because I knew the In Bloom Botanical Sparkle in Pink was exactly what she'd pick.  Of course, when she saw her dress, it was love at first sight!

I chose the Stirling Dress by Little Lizard King and sewed the bodice overlay option with keyhole back.  The back is my favorite part!  

The directions also do a great job helping you customize the sizing to achieve the perfect fit.  My pint-sized 9.75 year old wears a mixture of 4 chest, 2 waist and a 7/8 height.  Once you blend it all together though, you get a perfectly customized fit!  My daughter said she felt like a princess!

I love how the fabric looks in this dress.  While the fabric is perfect for quilts, it is amazing for clothing as well!  The possibilities are endless really.  The quality is top-notch -- very soft, minimal shrinkage in pre-wash and sews/irons perfectly.

I chose the everyday skirt version and even a "slow-motion" twirl has great volume.

Thank you Riley Blake Designs for the lovely package of fabric 💗  My daughters always love when Riley Blake mail comes! 

Gretel Fabric Collection by Amy Smart for Penny Rose Fabrics

While it's turned blustery cold (for most), I am planning for Summer.  It's my favorite!  I started with three pieces for my youngest using the Gretel fabric collection by Amy Smart for Penny Rose Fabrics.  It's a fun, cheerful collection in hues of primary colors.  Daisies and hearts can be seen throughout the collection. 

I chose a mixture of colors -- Gretel Wreath Navy, Gretel Heart Yellow, Gretel Daisy Denim, and Gretel Gingham Red.  Once my fabrics came in, I had my daughter decide what she wanted me to make.  In just a couple weeks, she turns 8 so her input is a must! 

The first pattern she chose was her very own Sorrento by Little Lizard King.  I've made her older sister 2 already and she really wanted her own.  It's such a sweet summer dress and a quick sew. 

This time, I had to try out the circle skirt and it also gave me a chance to add a pop of the red at the hem using Gretel Gingham Red.

This is her 8 year old "look"  hahaha   -- so grown up and posh.

For her second outfit, she requested shorts and a button-down tank top.  For the shorts, I sewed the Monaco Shorts by New Horizons Designs.  I love, love, love this pattern.  They are lined with the Gretel Daisy Denim  -- 1/4 yd was just enough to cut all my lining pieces! 

For the top, I modified the Monterey Romper by Little Lizard King.  She wanted something that buttoned all the way down, but she also wanted it to be able to be cinched.  Instead of adding the shorts, I stopped the side seams 2" from the bottom.  Then I simply turned up the hem 1/4" and then an additional 3/4" to make a casing.  I used the Gretel Heart Yellow to make a tie and used a plastic spring stopper to secure it on one side.  She can also wear it uncinched!

The Pout-Pout Fish Fabric Collection for Riley Blake Designs -PLUS- Free Printable Fish Bowl Pocket PDF Pattern

I am super excited to share the Pout-Pout Fish Fabric Collection now at Riley Blake Designs!!  Not only does my youngest daughter love fish, but as a Pre-K teacher, I love the Pout-Pout books!  This collection is SO super cute!  The collection comes in 3 colorways - white, aqua and blue - and also has a panel option, soft alphabet book (that I almost requested to sew for my classroom) and a quilt kit!

When my daughter and I browsed the fabrics on Riley Blake Designs' website, she fell in love with the Pout-Pout Fish Main print in Blue.  Without wanting to go full-blown costume-y, we chose a pattern with a curved bodice to give a nod to Pout-Pout's infamous frown.  Then, half jokingly, I told my daughter we should add a plastic pocket over Pout-Pout like he's in a fish bowl.

Well.... of course, she never forgot my suggestion (because kids never do).  She asked daily if I had her Pout-Pout dress done and if I had made a fish bowl pocket for him.

Ummm, I was sort of joking!  HA!!  So off to Walmart we went to look for plastic vinyl.  Then I got to work!  It was so super easy, I just had to share it will all of you.

  1. Download the FREE pattern by clicking the button below.  Save it to your computer and then open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  Print it out at 100% scaling.  Verify that the 1" square is accurate.
  2. Cut out 1 pocket from clear mid-weight plastic vinyl.  
  3. Cut a 5.5" strip of narrow double fold bias tape.  (or make you own - cut 1" tall for a finished height of 1/4" --- cut on the BIAS!!!)
  4. Unfold the bias tape and fold each end under by 1/4". Keep unfolded except for the ends.
  5. With the end folded under, place the right side of the bias against the top edge of the back side of the pocket.  Sew along the first crease. 
  6. Refold the bias tape and bring it up and over the front.  Using wonder clips (not pins), hold in place and topstitch 1/8" from bottom edge of your bias tape. The top of your pocket is now enclosed.
  7. Place pocket on skirt where desired.   (Do not use pins to hold in place).  Sew along the length of the pocket along the outer edge. To get the rounded fish bowl effect, do not sew it on flat.  Instead, place the top edges a bit closer together..  Be sure to backstitch a few times at the beginning and the end so your pocket stays secure.

The dress pattern I used is Bristol by Little Lizard King.  I made it sleeveless because that's what she loves!  For the bodice, I used the Pout-Pout Fish Swirls in Aqua and lined it with Pout-Pout Fish Swirls in White.  I also used the white as the rim of my fish bowl pocket (the bias tape in the tutorial above).

I also used some of the Pout-Pout Fish Swirls in White for some piggy-tail bows.  Sweet Red Poppy just came out with this super easy pattern, including cut files for the Cricut Maker!! The Sailor Bow Pattern comes in 4 sizes.  This is the mini size.   Grab the Sailor bow pattern here!

Thank you Riley Blake Designs for the cute fabric!!  It really sparked my creative juices.

Pinewood Acres by Penny Rose Fabrics

Penny Rose Fabrics has just released a new line called Pinewood Acres and it's full of all things outdoorsy and rustic.  Now, I know what you're thinking.... I'm neither rustic nor outdoorsy, but then I saw these cute deer antlers and thought they were so cute and could be transformed into a chic little winter dress.  I chose Pinewood Acres Antlers in Cream.

While I had visions in my head of heading to a Christmas tree farm for pictures, our weather turned quite chilly for our Southern blood ( so we headed for the most outdoorsy, indoor place I could think of...

Y'all, we headed to Bass Pro Shop.  They have a gorgeous lobby that they decorate for Christmas. 

I sewed Napoli by Little Lizard King.  It's a classic babydoll bodice, fully functioning buttons (so she can do it all by herself!) and a vintage length, which really suits her.    The cotton woven helps keep the shape of the silhouette (as opposed to my rayon version here).

The repeat of the pattern made it easy to match across the placket (which makes my heart happy!).  I know some people shy away from buttonholes, but I just have to give a little shoutout to my Singer Quantum Stylist.  I created 7 perfect buttonholes in about 4 minutes time!

I couldn't resist adding pockets.  These were self-drafted (quite literally just eye-balled I added them last minute, but I'm so glad I did!  I wish I'd had the foresight of pockets because I would have ordered Pinewood Acres Grain in Brown.  Instead, I grabbed some brown quilting cotton  (for structure) and dark brown micro-suede and then added some cream lace. 

I hope you've been inspired to step outside of your comfort zone! Thank you Penny Rose Fabrics and Riley Blake Designs for the fabric!!  My girls always wonder who the next package of happy mail is for!!

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