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Ellie Inspired "Back-to-School Blog Tour" - School Days Skirt

Welcome, Ellie Inspired fans to the next stop on the 
Back-to-School Blog Tour - Fall 2014!

Today's feature is...  

Wowsers, this summer has flown by!  I cannot believe school is right around the corner and this year is super exciting -- my oldest is heading to Kindergarten!!!  EEEKS!

When Laura of Ellie Inspired invited me on her Back-to-School tour, I knew I'd be choosing a pattern for my 5 year old.  My daughter loves to wear skirts so I chose the School Days Skirt.  This pattern comes in sizes 1-16 and contains two options - ruffled or stripwork.  I chose the ruffled version for my sassy diva. And I just happened to have some fabric laying around in her school colors (Go Cardinals)!!

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I added ric rac at the top of the ruffles for added interest
with a black rolled hem for extra pop.

Let's go inside....

the pattern, that is :)

Pattern Highlights
  • Sizes 1-16
  • Two versions are included: Ruffled or Stripwork
  • Optional Playground shorts included
  • Pattern Pieces: 6 printable pages (shorts only); all skirt measurements are in a cutting chart
  • Tutorial: Easy to follow instructions with line drawings
  • Charts included: Fabric Requirements, Sizing, Cutting Measurements, & Fabric Layout Diagram
  • Beginner friendly pattern

Standing proud in front of her new school!!!

The cutting chart is easy to follow.  Skirt construction is a breeze.  The only change I made was I gathered my two ruffle pieces together (as if they were one) rather than separately like the tutorial instructs.

LOVE that the shorts are included in the pattern.
I made these using white knit from Purple Seamstress.

Ummm, yeah -- ^ this is why the shorts included are so supremely awesome!!!   I decided to make my shorts out of knit for extra comfort.  After finishing the skirt, I thought of using the Ellie Inspired Leggings pattern for a tighter fit next time.  *note - I have no idea whether the leggings will work or not- but I will surely try!

My daughter is IN LOVE with her new skirt.  She wore it again today for her Kindergarten Assessment and did a little twirl for the teacher.  LOL 

School Tour -- Outfit (left) is Sweetheart (modified) Top by Little Lizard King
and the Petunia Petal Pants (cropped) by Lilygiggle.  

Of course my 3 year old could not understand why she didn't have a new outfit sooo.... baby girl got a turn in front of the camera.  This girl makes me smile!

Of course, it's slightly large on her :)

So I rolled the waist and untucked her tank top!

I'm not sure if Kindergarten is ready for this sassy diva, but she sure is ready for Kindergarten!!

The Ellie Inspired Back-to-School Collection includes 6 NEW patterns for both boys and girls in sizes 1 - 16, 4 upgraded patterns, 1 accessory pattern, PLUS a FREE tote pattern with every purchase!  The more you buy, the more you SAVE!!

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Laura is donating a 3-pattern pack to one lucky reader!
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Retro Glam Skirt by Little Lizard King: A How-To Guide to Candy Corn-ify It

* Originally aired on Pattern Revolution September 20th 2013 ***

Last year, I posted my test version of the Retro Glam Skirt by Little Lizard King.  I had chosen a Candy Corn theme and the response was overwhelming!  I was going to keep my candy corn sewing process a secret, but I woke up one day feeling generous and decided to share my tutorial with all of you.  I hope you enjoy!

When I first saw the Retro Glam Skirt, I immediately thought the scalloped pieces were perfect for candy corns.  Originally, I thought I'd piece some yellow, orange, and white fabric together horizontally, cut my scallops and call it a day.  But, as I researched candy corns, I realized a couple things, 1.) all the pictures I saw had scalloped edges for each color and 2.) candy corns are not an ombre effect - the orange is in the middle!  Whew, glad I Googled that!

So, armed with the knowledge that each color was scalloped, I began forming a plan.  I could "deconstruct" the pattern piece into my 3 pieces and sew the fabrics with a curved seam, also known as a Princess Seam.  The thing is, though, you can't just cut the pattern piece into 3 and make it work.  There are these pesky important things called seam allowances that need to be accounted for in order for your candy corns to match up to your original scalloped pattern piece.  (By the way, I probably should have gotten permission during my pattern test to do this, but I didn't think about it (or tell a single soul about my plans) until I was finished -- oops!)

Okay, let's get into the nitty-gritty:

1) Print your pattern pieces, MEASURE your test square (seriously, don't skip this step on ANY pattern you print!!!), and cut your size out.  Set the triangle piece aside for now.  We'll be working with just the scalloped pattern piece.

2) How you'd like your candy corn divided is purely personal preference, but the orange (middle) is normally the largest/tallest of the 3 colors.  (I won't be showing the entire pattern piece in this tutorial - just what you need to see.)  

3) Draw curved lines (matching the curve of the bottom of the pattern piece) where you'd like your seam lines to be.  (They are the solid lines in the picture) 

Solid line = intended seam line
4) Determine what you'd like your seam allowance to be.  I'm using a 1/2" seam allowance, but it's purely preference.  Using the width of your SA, draw another set of curved lines (might be helpful to use dashes) ABOVE and BELOW the two curved lines you've drawn originally.  You should now have 2 sets of 3 curved lines.

Add seam allowance to both sides

5) Grab a sheet of blank paper.  We'll start with tracing out the yellow portion (the bottom piece).  Trace along the outside edge of the bottom.  The top line of the bottom set of curves you've drawn will be the top of the yellow pattern piece.  

6) The orange piece (middle piece) will use the bottom line of the bottom set of curves you've drawn and the top line of the upper set of curves.

7) The white piece (top piece) will use the bottom line of the upper set of curves.
The scallop - deconstructed

8) Cut out your pattern pieces and cut them out of your fabric.  I recommend cutting just one set first to make sure you're happy with the ratios you've chosen.

9) Fold each piece in half and iron in a small crease.  This will aid in making sure the middles match up!

Fold in half and press crease.

 Right sides together, pin the middle of the orange bottom to the middle top of the yellow.  You'll see the curves run the opposite direction.
Match up the middle creases
 Starting from the middle, ease your way to one side, matching the edges and pinning as you go.  Repeat with the other side.
Ease the curves together, pin well.

Reverse side

 Now take the white piece and match the bottom of it up with the top curve of the orange piece, right sides together.  (I used Kona cotton and I don't even know if there is a right side, but just make sure your seams will be on the same side...LOL).  Ease the white along the curve of the orange as you did with the yellow.   
Make sure seams will be on the same side!

10) Sew along the curves, slowly, so you can smooth out any potential puckers, using your pre-determined SA.  (If you are using a serger, I recommend disengaging your knife!)  Finish your edges however you'd like.

11) Iron your seam allowances downward (this will allow the seams to lay flat without clipping any curves).  Topstitch the seams in place.  
Iron seams downward after finishing edges

Topstitch along the curved seams

12) Trim any slight overages on the sides.  Place original pattern piece on top to make sure no mistakes were made in the construction of the candy corns.  Repeat process for remaining 9 candy corns.  Sew pattern according to directions.
Trim overage!

Important:  In order for your candy corn seams to line up across all 10 panels of the skirt, very precise cutting and sewing is recommended.  This is not a quick, pump-out-the-skirt-in-an-hour process, but it is a process that yields great results! 


Bundle UP: Women's Edition -- Parisian Nights Pjs

Parisian Nights Pjs
Pattern by Winter Wear Designs

Hi there!!  I'm reviewing yet another pattern available in the Bundle UP Promotion by Pattern Revolution.   Up today is a free pattern with the purchase of your bundle -- and who doesn't love FREE?  

The Parisian Nights Pjs by Winter Wear Designs is a cute and comfy summer pj set designed for knit fabrics.  I, however, got curious and wanted to see if I could add some woven into the mix.  I'm happy to report that, at least for me, the answer is YES!!

The houndstooth fabric is woven (and a score from Walmart at a mere $0.87/yd).  The red is knit and a 3-way stretch from Purple Seamstress Fabrics.  The black binding is upcycled from a cotton/lycra blend tank top from Walmart.

Sizes range from XS - XXL

The fit is very relaxed.  I did take up the rise of the shorts slightly, but maybe I'm just not used to wearing shorts quite so breezy?  I am on the lowest edge of sizing as well as super short so that probably played a role as well.  

Final thoughts:  These pjs went together rather quickly.  Instructions are thorough with lots of pictures to guide you along the way.  I think they turned out really cute and I can safely check the mail while still wearing my pjs :)

And, yes.... I am posing in my front yard in my new pjs... LOL

The Bundle UP promotion has you covered... day and night!!
Build a better bundle and build yourself a new wardrobe.
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Bundle UP: Women's Edition -- Taylor Shorts by GreenStyle Creations

Taylor Shorts
by GreenStyle Creations

Y'all.... you know you've found an awesome pair of shorts when you're willing to post a booty shot on your blog... haha.  Today, I'm looking at another pattern available in the BundleUP Promotion by Pattern Revolution.

The Taylor Shorts by GreenStyle Creations may be the first ladies' pattern that I have sewn and not needed a single alteration.  These shorts fit me like a glove -- FOR REAL!!

This is my first pattern that I've sewn by GSC and needless to say, I am impressed.

The Taylor Shorts (sizes 0-18) can be made in several different inseam lengths (2", 5", and 8") and have the option for a flat front or a pleated front option.  There is a real functioning zip fly,  inset pockets (!) and proper waistband.  I have sewn up the size 0 according to where my hips fell on the sizing chart.  I chose to sew the flat front shorts with a 2" inseam.

My next pair will be in more exciting fabric and I'll choose the pleated front option as well as a bit longer of an inseam - just to change things up a bit!

Bottom line:  The instructions & photos are thorough -- I followed each step and in no time, I had a new pair of shorts! Oh, and piecing the pattern was a breeze - the pages on the right overlap the left so no trimming is needed!   My only change I made was to shorten the pockets slightly.  With using the shortest inseam, my pockets would have peeked out of the bottom otherwise.  

And there are many patterns in the bundle you could pair with these shorts!  Here's how the Hip Hop Tank (review) looks with them.   I think the Citron Twist Shrug over a little tank top or the Jocole Peplum would also look super cute!

before time runs out.... tick tock.

BundleUP - Women's Edition: Hip Hop Tank by Love Notions

Hip Hop Tank by Love Notions

"I said a hip hop,
Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop,
and you don't stop, a rock it"
-- Rapper's Delight by Sugarhill Gang

Yay!!!  It's time to Bundle UP with Pattern Revolution -- and this time, it's just for the us!!  Buy 6 or buy them all (or anywhere in between).  Build a better bundle so you can build a better wardrobe!

Today, I'm taking a look at the Hip Hop Tank by Love Notions.

This top has so many options, you can fill your closet with several and not repeat the choices!  I had fallen in love with this Navy Blue Hibiscus Knit from Girl Charlee that I knew I had to turn into the Hip Hop Tank.  I opted for View A (solid tank) and I used the narrower cut shoulders and also used the straight hem.  I'll be honest, I think I am the only person who hasn't jumped on the hi-lo craze and I'm sure I'm missing out....LOL

The four views include a basic tank, tulip back, button placket back, and color blocked back. Instructions to lengthen & shorten included as well as the option to do a straight hem.

Photo courtesy of Love Notions

All styles feature a fitted bodice that gently flares out toward the hem.  The pattern covers sizes: XS - XXL (chest sizes 32" - 47").  

There are two options on how to sew your binding.  I chose to sew it on using the binding method most commonly used when sewing on ribbing.  The alternative method is reverse binding and I think I will give that a go next time around.  

I'm really happy with this pattern by Love Notions.  Not only does it offer many different style choices, it is thoroughly written and has "techie" features such as clickable navigation to aid in finding your way through the pattern.  It also has the pattern pieces in layers.  I think every designer should learn how to do this because it allows you to print just your size or print them all nested (if you need to blend sizes).  I super duper love this feature!!

What did I pair with this comfortable tank?  The Taylor Shorts, of course  -- also available in the bundle :)   Stay tuned for my review on these!

before time runs out.... tick tock.

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