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Sew Classic by Ola Jane Patterns

Yes, it is July and yes, I've started sewing for Fall!

BUT, when you find the perfect yellow shoes, you don't waste time building a wardrobe around them, am I right? (Did I mention they were only $5.99?!  #bargainshopper)

Shortly after scoring these awesome kicks, I was lucky enough to meet the designer behind Ola Jane and spend the morning fabric shopping [at Mary Jo's Cloth Store]!  I was keeping my eye out for some new fall fabrics that would match the shoes when we both spotted this gorgeous butterfly print from Quilting Treasures and matching geometric coordinate in maize.   (Just to make sure the yellows were the same, I quickly ran to my car and retrieved said shoes from hiding -- in my trunk -- and they were a perfect match).

To recap, we had the shoes and we had the fabric; now we just needed the pattern.  As we were mentally running through the Ola Jane patterns, I realized that I've only done a short-sleeved version of Sew Classic -- the newest release for Ola Jane Patterns.  I knew I needed to sew the 3/4-sleeved version (long sleeves also included in this pattern).   And it's everything I imagined <3

Sew Classic by Ola Jane is an A-line peasant-style dress with a cinched empire waist and 3 sleeve lengths and includes sizes 6m to 14 girls.  This PDF is a full pattern with nested pattern pieces (split into two sizing groups) with thorough instructions, including professional finishes -- French seams and a blind hem.  Of course, for a faster finish, you can always use a serged seam and traditional hem, but I love when patterns push you to sew your very best!  The pattern also includes two free embellishment patterns -- "Sew Big" bow and "Ribbon Flower" -- to customize your dress.

The empire waist casing looks great in a coordinating fabric or you can use a matching ribbon trim.  The casing is repeated on both the 3/4 sleeve -- above the elbow -- and long sleeve -- at the wrist.

As I was sewing this dress, it hit me that I hadn't tried the letters and numbers on my new machine.  I took a scrap of the coordinating casing fabric and made this custom sizing tag -- adorable, right?!

In case you missed my original short-sleeved version, here are a couple pictures:

Looking for more inspiration? Sew Classic is featured on Pattern Revolution -- HERE

SHOP REVIEW: Mabel Madison

SHOP REVIEW:  I've been fortunate to spend the month sewing up some of luxurious Euro knits that Mabel Madison offers.  They also offer Euro poplins, flocked poplins, nicky velour and corduroy as well.  This company operates under the belief that quality. service and relationships are of utmost importance.


QUALITY: Fabric quality is so important, especially for knit fabric.  After all, with all the time and energy poured into sewing up your latest garments, you want it to last and look just as good years from now.  If you've never had the opportunity to sew with Euro knit, you seriously need to.  I know, it's hard to figure out the quality of fabrics while looking at a computer screen, but I've sewn many knits over the last couple of years and these [from Mabel Madison] are incredibly soft, wash well, and have great stretch and recovery.

    • My experience: I prewashed these knits using my normal routine (warm wash/hot dry) and was quite pleased that the shrinkage rate is quite low compared to other knits I have sewn.


SERVICE: Mabel Madison is owned by a husband/wife team.  They strive to ship your order quickly (often the same day) and accurately.  They don't like to wait for online orders and believe you shouldn't have to either.

    • My experience: In order to accurately give an opinion on ordering, I decided to place an order.  It was easy to navigate their site, all fabrics have an option to pull up a viewing against a ruler, and was easy to pay using my PayPal.  I ordered Friday morning and received my shipment Monday in my mailbox! My order included my invoice along with a handwritten note, and a business card.  


RELATIONSHIPS: There's something to be said for small businesses.  Your business matters.  You are not just an order number - which is refreshing.

    • My experience: I've had the opportunity to converse back and forth with Emily of Mabel Madison.  She is always professional and prompt in her replies and I can tell she is genuinely interested in the conversation we are having and seeing what I have sewn.

Here's a look at the fun knits I had a chance to work with this month:

Stenzo Pandas -- SOLD OUT
Pattern: Road Trip Racerback in tunic length by Little Lizard King

Stenzo Shells - Red
Pattern: Knit Twirler by Little Lizard King (not yet released)

Stenzo Flower Field PINK
Pattern: Road Trip Racerback in maxi length by Little Lizard King

Now, these prints are obviously geared towards girls, because well, that's what I have!  There is also a great assortment of fun boy prints (found here) and there are many fabric suitable for adults too!

I used some gorgeous roses on a pindot background for a dress in May, shown below:

Rose Floral on Pindot - SOLD OUT
Pattern: Davie Dress by Sewaholic

You will notice that a couple of the pictures say SOLD OUT and are not linked.   Mabel Madison has a huge sale going on currently (thru July 31st) and stuff is moving fast!  Click HERE to get to the details on the sale. (I will give you a hint:  EVERYTHING is 50% off!)  Quality fabrics are generally rather pricey, so here is your chance to experience high-quality fabric for half the cost.

There's also an additional special on POPLINS (US residents only):

Above, I mentioned placing an order -- here's what I chose:
TOP: Stretch - Red - Stenzo PoplinHearts Flocking - Blue - Verhees Euro Poplin
MIDDLE: Little Stars - Red - Stenzo PoplinPoppy - White - Verhees Euro Poplin
BOTTOM: Little Stars - Raspberry/Pink - Stenzo PoplinTivoli - Blue - Verhees Euro Poplin

I can't wait to sew these up!  I will be sure to update you with how I decided to use them (and my thoughts on the quality and ease of sewing!)

Until then, my 4 year old wants to know:

Full disclosure: The knits featured in this post were generously provided to me by Mabel Madison. (The poplins have been purchased by myself). No further compensation was provided for this post, nor was I required to write this blog post.  All thoughts, views, and opinions are mine and mine alone.

PANDA-monium Over Mabel Madison Fabric


*Save Our Shop (S.O.S.) Sale thru July 31st, 2015

pan-da-mo-ni-um -- the exact word I'd use to describe my 6 year old's reaction to her new tunic in fabric with her favorite animal splashed all over!  There were squeals and jumps and twirls and nearly broken bones.  It was all very exciting (except the almost fractures.... that's never exciting).

This fun knit is from Mabel Madison and it's even cuter in person!  If you haven't heard, Mabel Madison is currently offering 50% off the entire store -- what??!!!  Crazy, I know.  It's a whole different pandemonium while people fill their "virtual" carts.  If you see something you like, you'd better grab it before the next person does. (Kind of like this knit O.o -- which is now extinct).  This shop specializes in Euro knits and poplin, but ships right here in the USA!  The fabrics are of the highest quality and definitely need to find a way into your fabric stash -- I mean, "to cut" pile :)

I decided I'd sew up the Road Trip Racerback by Little Lizard King with hopes that the bodice would really showcase those adorable pandas.  With pattern pieces in hand, I set out to discover the perfect pandas to feature.  I, then, carefully cut out my patterns.  I'm so happy that the back of the RTR is the perfect place for a second panda to hang out! 

I've got 2 more knit prints to sew up from Mabel Madison... stay tuned!  In the meantime -- go shopping!!!!  Don't forget to add the 50% code! (click the MM links to find the code).

Come back and tell me what you bought!

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