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{Blog Tour} One Thimble: Issue 20

* This post contains affiliate links -- by purchasing through my link, I earn a small fee.  There is no additional cost to you!  All thoughts are mine :)

Yay!  It's One Thimble time once again (3 months flies by!) and I am so happy to be joining in on the tour!  (Read allll the way to the end -- there's an awesome giveaway!)  The Spring issue is always a bit bittersweet for me because while Australia is heading into the warmer months, we are heading into Fall.  Luckily, we live in the South and can hold onto the warmth for a bit longer than our Northern friends.

One Thimble is a quarterly e-zine loaded with patterns, fun/interesting/helpful articles, tutorials, coupons and more!  Each issue has its own central theme and throughout the magazine, it's presented as a cohesive collection.  You can order issues separately or get a subscription which comes with some bonus items and saves some money in your pocket (more $ for fabric then!).  The cost of one issue is $25 AUD (currently $18.06 USD!) which is an absolute steal for all that you get.  ORDER HERE

The theme for this issue is Vintage Beach!

Here's a look at the awesome 10 patterns included:

Top Row: Miss Camilla Kaftan | Daisy Ray Dress | Rock Pool Catch | Ringer Raglan | Big Ocean Appliques
Bottom Row: Surfen Cover Up | Saltwater Skirt | Piccolo Beach Mat | Retro Romper | Riptide Shorts
I love the variety in this issue!  While I wanted to SEW THEM ALL, we are in the final weeks of Summer break so balancing sewing and spending precious free time with my girls got a bit tricky so I decided to narrow it down to two for this tour -- The Saltwater Skirt and the Daisy Ray Dress, both by Ainslee Fox Boutique.   The Retro Romper and Ringer Raglan were a close second though.

First up is the Daisy Ray Dress ... and I know what you're thinking "Um Kari, where's the dress?!"  See that's the beauty of sewing -- while I absolutely loved the dress  (in its, I really loved the bodice to pair with the Saltwater Skirt.  My daughter loves crop tops and I knew she'd flip over the pairing.  

What's really great is that I didn't need to modify any pieces to convert it to a crop top!  I sewed the front per the pattern and then turned under the bottom edge 1/4" on both the main and the lining.  For the back piece, the top and the bottom have bias tape enclosing each edge (I just left off the step of attaching the skirt to the bottom edge).  Once I had it shirred and elastic threaded through the bias casings, I sandwiched it between the layers of the front bodice, just as shown in the pattern.  I left the bottom edges of the front pieces turned under as I sewed. The SA was then ironed towards the front and then I simply sewed along the bottom edge to close up the bottom of the front bodice.  Easy peasy!

I love how the shirred back looks!

The Saltwater Skirt is such a beautifully drafted pattern with several options.  You can make either a true wrap skirt or a faux wrap skirt with adjustable elastic.  I chose to sew a faux wrap skirt with the adjustable elastic because I thought it could work for either girl for the next few years.  

I used a regular quilting cotton leftover from the Ink & Arrow blog tour from last year.  Shh... I did have to piece my front piece slightly, but it's covered by the wrap portion... unless spontaneous twirling happens. HA!  She had to check the twirlability!

The true wrap version will give you a slightly more polished back waist, but I still love the faux wrap.

Did I mention there are POCKETS?!!  Love skirts that have pockets!

The pattern contains tie, d-ring or button closure for the wrap portion.  I chose the ties.  Since I chose the adjustable back, I can leave the ties tied.

I can always tell if she loves an outfit based on how she does in her pictures. She felt so confident, she practically oozed it.  It was hard to narrow down her pics!

Of course, there's more to One Thimble than patterns (although they are fantastic!).  This issue also contains two additional tutorials for making things -- Sunnies Case Tutorial and Everyday Tote Tutorial.  I will be making these!  Hobby Lobby has a great selection for duck fabric that will be perfect for the tote.  

I don't know how One Thimble does it, but I just got a cutting mat and rotary cutter (thanks, Cricut!) and the article "The Cutting Edge" (p 46) is all about rotary cutters and mats!  The same thing happened with my coverstitch.  I got one and and then OT had coverstitch articles inside!  (Maybe Jen is spying on me... HA!)

I also loved the "Types of Elastic" (p 56), Making Friends with Fiddly Fabrics" (p 50), "Practical Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm" (p 100) and "Designing your Own Fabric - Making Seamless Repeats" (p 92).  So much valuable information right at my fingertips!

The article that make me absolutely laugh out loud though was "Ziplines with Mr Fox" (p 107).  He is such a smart writer and a bit naughty... he definitely left me wanting more!

For more One Thimble: Issue 20 inspiration, check out the rest of the tour stops!

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If you made it this far, YAY!!!  Enter the giveaway below to win some more One Thimble awesomeness!

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Floral Hues Lawn Collection by Sue Daley for Penny Rose Fabrics

As I readied my family for our biennial beach trip, I decided this would be the year that I brought some brand-new Mama-made and try my hand at beach pictures.  Lucky for me, Riley Blake Designs had sent some lovely lawn my way from one of Penny Rose Fabrics' newest lines, Floral Hues by Sue Daley.

This gorgeous collection not only has some really pretty soft floral designs, but it also has a stunning chevron design.  The colors in this collection are light blue, red, pink, grey and yellow.   This is 100% lawn so not only is it perfectly lightweight for the summer sun, it's also 52" wide!

Instead of choosing the main floral prints, I decided to choose two of the red coordinates ~ Floral Hues Dot Red and Floral Hues Chevron Red.  I thought they would compliment the beach and ocean the best.

My oldest loved the Floral Hues Dot Red.  In fact, I had originally picked the chevron for her, but she really wanted the Dot Red.  I let her pick her pattern and she chose Mia by Simple Life Pattern Co (affiliate link).  I tried to sneak in the chevron in the bands between the tiers and the bias outline of the back, but she was very adamant about her ALL red dress.  

I am glad I stepped back and let her make the decisions because in the end, she loved what she designed and her confidence was shining bright!

My youngest fell in love with the Floral Hues Chevron Red and chose her favorite romper pattern, the Monterey Romper by Little Lizard King.  It specifically calls for lightweight wovens and lawn is the perfect choice.  It's light and flowy, yet easy to sew because it's still a cotton.  I was itching to try out the split sleeves option, but after I was done, she asked for them to be removed so it could be sleeveless.  Happy to let her in on the design process, I happily removed them.  Sleeveless really was best for the beach anyway!

When I originally chose this chevron, it was to do an entire tutorial post on matching chevron across the seam. However, it's really super simple so rather that dedicate an entire post to it, I figured I'd just slip it in here.  Because your pattern piece will likely never match the repeat of the chevron, the best you can do it mirror image it at the seam line so there are no jagged edges misaligned.  That's it!  Super simple.  Just make sure you pin well too so it stays matched when you are sewing.

The front placket took a bit more brain work with this particular pattern, but it was totally worth it!!

The girls love their newest outfits and I finally got my beach pictures.  We ended up going out in the early morning and again later that night because I really wasn't sure which the best lighting would be.  

They had fun sharing sweet sister moments -- if only we knew what secrets were being told. HA!

Thank you Riley Blake Designs, Penny Rose Fabrics and Sue Daley!   I simply adore the simplicity of these two prints together 💗

While we were out shooting, we saw a couple amazing creatures!

The Providence Top & Dress by Little Lizard King

Ahhh, sweet, Summer perfection!  I have been absolutely counting down the days until I could share my take on The Providence Top & Dress by Little Lizard King.  This pattern is simply sweet and the bias trim is the proverbial icing on the cake.  The pattern covers sizes 12m - 14 years.

{I will keep this post short and simple and let the pictures do most of the talking.}

Summer to us is spending our days relaxing, soaking in the sun and drinking lemonade.  I knew this dress would be perfect to finally cut into my hoarded Lemon fat quarter from Walmart.  I was able to cut this 4 width, 6 length bodice from 1 fat quarter and still had enough left to add the pockets if I had wanted.

 This blue gingham crochet edged bias all the way from the Netherlands has been patiently waiting years to be sewn.  I couldn't have chosen a more perfect project.

I adore the split back... like seriously in love!

The tutorial offers 3 methods for bias tape application.  I chose to use one of the two-step methods because I, personally, have not been successful when using the sandwich method.  Choose whichever one you like or if you are new to bias tape, try all 3 and see what you prefer.

Today (July 8, 2018) is the LAST day to save 30% SITEWIDE on all patterns (including the 14 retiring patterns)  -- Code is JULY30

{Blog Tour} Sew Americana: United We SWIM!

The fabrics were provided to me by Sly Fox Fabrics.  All opinions are mine.

Beep. Beep.

Yaaaaaaaay!!  It's my stop on the Sew Americana Blog Tour hosted by Wild & Wanderful!  It has been a fast and furious week of sewing and photographing (because... procrastination - lol) but whew!  We (and by we, I mean my girls) are    R-E-A-D-Y for the 4th of July.

I joined in the fun two years ago, but sat out last year because the sign-up filled up SO fast.  I was waiting for it this year though.  I'm super stoked I did too because Katy of Sly Fox Fabrics was generous enough to provide me with two yards of her curated "Sew Americana" fabrics.  EEEK!!!

As I was browsing her fabrics, I saw swim and knew immediately what I'd make. Remember a few weeks ago when I took the plunge into swimwear?!  Welp, I just haven't stopped sewing (a couple more in the works too!).  We practically live at the pool in the Summer and the 4th will definitely be celebrated poolside.

My youngest has loved the suits I've made her, but she requested a one-piece with a criss-cross back.  I didn't have any patterns that fit her request, but I did have Laguna by Little Lizard King and Boo! Ultimate Suit after I picked up Issue 10 of One Thimble (#affiliate).  So, I set out to mash the two patterns together!  I used the pattern from Boo! and redrew the neckline using the High Neck (non-binding) pattern piece.  At the last second, I lowered the neckline on the pattern and I kind of wish I didn't.  I would have loved that extra inch back at the top.  I selected Swim Knit Solid in Red from Sly Fox Fabrics -- it was a nod to the American flag without being too obvious and she loves that she matches the lifeguards.

For the swim cover-up, I chose the Sedona Pattern by Little Lizard King and made a few changes.  First, I omitted the lining and just turned the hems under by 1/4" and hemmed.  Next I split the front so it'd be easy dressing and they could leave it open or close it at the waist seam (hidden hook & eye).  Third, I didn't really consult the chart for the skirt cut.  I only had 1/2 yard of each color of the Striped Double Brushed Poly so I simply used the remainder after I cut the bodice.  Last, I added a detail in the back -- a tie on the navy and a strip of fabric on the red.

For my oldest, she requested a bikini with NO ruffles.  I used the Laguna by Little Lizard King and used the bikini cut lines and the High Neck (non-binding).  I omitted the elastic in the straps to make it easier to tie into a halter.  I chose Swim Knit Solid in Navy for her and for her cover-up, the Double Brushed Poly in cranberry stripe.

As I was finishing up their cover-ups, I had about 30 minutes to spare before I needed to pick them up from camp.  I decided they needed a Santa Cruz Ball from Little Lizard King so I grabbed a navy with white stars and red & white striped fabric from my stash and quickly got to work!  This is SUPER quick to sew.  It seriously took me longer to try to find a round balloon in town than it did to sew.  Tip: Pick a balloon a larger size than your ball and it will remain rounder (although a quick Google search turned up some round latex balloon options if you have time to order).

Ready to get their swim on!!  They love their new suits and I am beyond pleased with the quality of Sly Fox Fabrics.  I have to brag on Katy quickly because she includes a color catcher in each shipment so you can pre-wash as soon as you open your package!  That seriously impressed me.

I couldn't resist taking some of the scraps from their cover-ups and tying them in their hair for added interest.  I didn't sew them or anything, just literally grabbed and tied. 

Here, you can see the detailing added in the back of the Sedona cover-ups.

A huge thank you to BOTH Katy's -- of Wild & Wanderful for another fun tour and of Sly Fox Fabrics for the package of goodies!

For more Sew Americana inspiration, be sure to check out each of the tour stops!

Monday, June 25:
Tuesday, June 26:
Wednesday, June 27:
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The Summer Breeze Collection by Little Lizard King

Meet Cararita and Byron Bay!  These two ensembles are the latest releases for Little Lizard King.  Inspired by the beautiful coastlines in Australia, these breezy skirts and tops exude a beachy, boho vibe.  Unfortunately for me, I have no nearby beaches, but I can say that these lightweight maxi skirts are perfect for NC summers.

These patterns are available separately or in a bundle:


Both patterns include both a top and a skirt and cover sizes 2-14. Byron Bay features a choice of two maxi skirts (designed for lightweight woven with nice drape):  straight or curved ruffle hem.  The top is a button down top (designed for woven) with a ruffle and can be crop or peplum length.  The bottom ruffle can be long or short and either open (with the buttons) or closed.  The back is finished with elastic.  Cabarita features a handkerchief style skirt (designed for lightweight woven with nice drape).  The Cabarita top is a double layer tank with criss cross straps (also designed for lightweight woven).

Byron Bay

I'm not going to lie... there was a point in testing that just before putting on the waistband, I seriously contemplated keeping this skirt for myself.  I love this SO much!

The patterns go together easily, but give yourself plenty of time to gather the ruffle!  It is totally worth it though, I promise.

I sewed up the crop version of this with the ruffle "trim" (the shorter ruffle).  Take your time to make sure both fronts are lined up properly before adding buttons.


By choosing lightweight woven fabrics for this pattern, you can see how the fabric easily flows with movement.

The crisscross back is so pretty!! I think it's one of my daughter's favorite things.

This is one of those patterns that can come together really quickly.  Especially if you press memory hems prior to sitting down at your machine.  You can just zip through lots of seams before heading back to the iron!

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