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{Blog Tour} One Thimble: Issue 22

One Thimble has been an inspiration to me over the years so when they announced they were taking a break after Issue 20, I have to admit I was sad.  I was thrilled, however, to see them return late summer for Issue 21.  I didn't have a chance to hop on the blog tour then due to other commitments, so I was patiently waiting for Issue 22!

One Thimble is an e-zine with several patterns, a few hacks of previous patterns and a slew of inspirational/educational articles -- all for just $12 AUD (which is just over $8 USD currently!)  Each edition has a theme that carries throughout it.  This edition's theme is "Day Tripping".

I originally signed up to sew the Oceaan Shorts by The Eli Montser because I cannot resist a sailor short!  Of course, I couldn't just stop at one pattern and also sewed up Xanadu Bodysuit (in crop view) by Duchess and Hare and the Piper Pinny by Bubby and Me Creations.

I chose a classic denim for the Oceaan shorts for maximum wear.  I was happy to see that an adjustable elastic waist is included in the pattern.  I initially had a couple of hiccups with a couple of the pattern pieces but those were all resolved as of last night!

I am digging the longer inseam length too.  They will be the perfect length to wear to school.  While my girls are thin, lately I've not had to really blend much on shorts/pants.  My girls' hips put them between a 6 and 7 hip so I sewed up a straight 7 since they are a 7 height.  The buttonhole elastic was able to cinch up the waist as needed.

Styled and ready for a day out on the town (except it's cold here so we -- pictured with the Pinky Promise Bag from Issue 19.

The Piper Pinny was a last minute added pattern to my sewing list. My oldest saw it and immediately needed it.  Bubby and Me Creations is a new-to-me pattern designer and I'm super impressed!  It came together easily and perfectly in just a short time. (My youngest wants to know where her Piper Pinny is... good thing I liked making it!)

I paired it with the Xanadu Bodysuit by Duchess and Hare.  I know her patterns are really well drafted.  I sewed up the crop top for my tween, but I also know she'll be wanting a full bodysuit.
This pattern is suited for those that have prior experience with knit bands.  

I added some funky buttons that I picked up at Hobby Lobby along the way somewhere.  I thought hamburger and fries screamed tween scene.

I also got to peek at the full issue and once again the articles are just in time for things I needed to read.  I thought the article "It's Okay Not to Sew" was interesting.  I've experienced small bouts of not wanting to sew (also from prolific sewing), but I think my is more because I'm sleep deprived and have got to get my energy back.  HA!

I also really loved the style guide because as a sewist heading into winter with Aussie Summer patterns, I could have tapped into the creativity included and sewn something seasonally appropriate.  (It's a bit fun sewing for another season though.  I'm already over the cold weather. LOL)

I'm hoping to carve out time for tackling some of the projects on the Holiday gift guide because I had forgotten about many of them!! I own most of the issues and could see myself sewing up a number of these projects.

Enter to win!!

For your chance to win a copy of the new One Thimble Issue 22 - Summer 2019 please enter the rafflecopter prize draw here.Open until 12am Wednesday November 20th AEST

We have some amazing bloggers joining in to share their makes this week. Be sure to check each one out on the tour and show them some love.

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Riley Blake Designs Basics {Swiss Dot}

Everyone loves a good basic!  They make fantastic coordinates, but I also love using them as my main fabric too.  Riley Blake Designs has an entire BASICS catalog.  Last time, I played with the stripes from the basics, but I also love polka dots so I decided to check out the Swiss Dot collection.

When I first heard Swiss Dot, my mind thought it was dotted Swiss because I seen the terms used interchangeably.  However, Swiss Dot refers to a pattern of tiny dots on fabric, not necessarily the raised dots (dotted Swiss).  What's great about Riley Blake's Swiss Dot collection is the variety of colors.  Seriously, there are SO MANY SHADES!

Maybe the cooler weather already has me dreaming of Spring, but I was drawn to the pastel shades.  I let my girls pick their own color and my oldest chose Lavender and my youngest chose Mint.

I sewed up Malibu by Little Lizard King because it was similar to the style of dress they requested, but the elastic at the back is a bit more forgiving in the event that they grow before

I paired the mint with Off-White Linen at Riley Blake designs and I love them together. 

As I was cutting this out, I decided last minute to add a full ruffle hem.    I may add ruffle hems to everything now!!  To get perfectly gathered ruffles, sew one gathering stitch within your seam allowance and a second row of stitches outside of your seam allowance.  This prevents your ruffles from shifting during the sewing process.  After the ruffles are attached, remove the outer gathering stitch and press!  (PS... this works on gathered skirts too!)

I made my oldest a simple Malibu.  She has been crushing on purple lately so she really loves this Lavender. 

She asked where her bottom ruffle was.... whoops!!!  The ruffle definitely adds to the twirlability!

I made up for the lack of twirl with the hidden side seam pockets!!  Whew!  I also sewed up some skinny bows (Sweet Red Poppy) to add to her hair!

What colors would you pick??  CLICK HERE

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