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PATTERN REVIEW: Lane Raglan Tee & Tunic and the Essential Leggings by Stitchwerx Designs

Today, I am here with an in-depth review of the two newest patterns to hit Stitchwerx Designs' pattern shop -- the Lane Raglan Tee and Tunic & the Essential Leggings!

It's not often that I get the chance to sew something so versatile, so comfy, and so essential in my daughters' wardrobes.   Don't get me wrong, they love the dresses I've made them, but the Lane Raglan Tee & Tunic and Essential Leggings by Stitchwerx Designs are great for everyday play.   I am on the newer side of sewing knits so I have usually "cheated" and bought my girls their play clothes...until now!

I first met up with Kim of Stitchwerx Designs when she asked me to test her Rosemary & Thyme Pants mid-summer. They turned out super cute and my testing experience with her was really great.  I was bummed when her latest round of pattern testing fell during a visit from family.  I'm always looking to expand my knowledge in the world of sewing knits and knew her thorough patterns could teach me a thing or two.  Kim came up with a great idea - instead of testing, would I be willing to review the patterns after their release?  

And since you are reading this, obviously my answer was YES!  

Without further ado..... let's start with the Lane Raglan Tee & Tunic.

Lane Raglan Tee & Tunic
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Size range: 9 mos - 10 years
  • Tee or Tunic length
  • 3 sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, or long)
  • Optional cuffs for the 3/4 & long sleeves
  • Optional lower band instead of traditional hem
  • Pockets for tunic length
  • *Knit only (2-way or 4-way stretch with at least 35% stretch)
  • Suitable for a Confident Beginner
When I first started designing my 4 year old's outfit, I new I wanted to incorporate some pink and her initial -the front of the Lane Raglan is great for applique work.  I used some Jersey knit (I used a Lycra blend for the neck) from Hobby Lobby that had *just enough* stretch to it to work with this pattern.  I decided to make the Tee length so she could choose whether to wear leggings or jeans with it.  And I thought that the 3/4 sleeve length would be the most versatile to take us throughout the year.

Backside of Lane Raglan Tee and Tunic

The great thing about sewing clothes for your children is you can tailor the fit!  My 4 year old is one skinny gal.  At just 30 lbs, but 40.5" tall, she's very thin.  The pattern has a great size chart which include measurements for chest, waist, hips and height as well as finished lengths for both the tee and tunic version.  I chose to make the Size 3T with the length of Size 4T to accommodate her height.  The fit is spot-on!  No more baggy shirts :)  

One happy girl!

Of course, my 2 year old would feel left out if she didn't get a new shirt!  And, I needed a new shirt to match a new skirt I just made her for a different pattern review (coming soon!).  She loves all thing Minnie Mouse and I knew the front of the shirt was perfect for a Minnie Mouse applique.  Because I apparently make skinny kids, I looked up her measurements on the included sizing chart and determined she needed 18 mos with the length of 2T.  I decided to do short sleeves, but added a fun ruffle at the bottom of each sleeve (not included in the pattern).  I made this shirt using a cotton/Lycra blend from the clearance tank tops I scored from Walmart at the end of the season.  Bonus:  I made sure I placed the pattern pieces just right on the tank top to reuse the original hem!  She was positively giddy about her new shirt!

You think she likes it?!

Although my serger does have the coverstitch function, I used the faux coverstitch with my twin stretch needle on my regular sewing machine as described in the pattern.  I, unfortunately, didn't have matching serger thread to try the coverstitch (and I was scared to rethread....HA!).

The pattern is very thorough with lots of tips to help you through, especially if you are new to sewing knits.  I did run into a snag with the first neck binding I sewed.  I forgot to stretch it as I top-stitched.... and well, pictures had to be rescheduled!  The pattern does not include a cutting guide for the neck binding piece (gives width only) , but does show you how to get a proper fit since it (the length measurement) could vary depending on how much stretch/recovery your knit has.  I was a bit unsure of what 20-25% stretch looked like while I was placing the neck, so I fit it without stretching and then found the 3/4 mark and then added an inch for seam allowance.  Perfect fit.

Close up of neck binding

This brings me to my review on the Essential Leggings!

Essential Leggings
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Size range: 0-3 mos - 10 years
  • Capri or Ankle Length
  • Optional cuffs or Single/Double Ruffles
  • Simple Elastic Waistband
  • Separate Rise for the back of the pants
  • Inner-leg Seams only
  • *Knit only (2-way or 4-way stretch with at least 35% stretch)
  • Suitable for Confident Beginner
These legging are so easy to make!  I chose ankle length with a set of double ruffles.  I have 2 girly-girls and you can never go wrong with adding a ruffle or two!  I used the same Jersey Knit from Hobby Lobby for these leggings.  After consulting the size chart included in the pattern, I cut out the size 3T with the length and the rise of 4T.  For the bottom of my ruffles, I used my serger for a rolled hem, but you can either skip the hem (as knit doesn't fray) or do a traditional hem if you prefer.  

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves as the fit is about as perfect as you can get!  My next pair, I will make with a Lycra blend since the Jersey doesn't have the best recovery and the knees may become a bit saggy.  BUT, my daughter loves them!

Ballerina moves not included in pattern :)

Separate rise for the back: perfect fit!

If you've never sewn a Stitchwerx Designs pattern, here's what you can expect: 

What to expect from a Stitchwerx Designs pattern
  • Table of Contents to help you navigate the pattern
  • Thorough Measurement Chart to determine the best size option
  • Pattern Pieces are nested, color-coded, and broken into size groups and Seam Allowance is included (Cutting chart for cuffs/hem bands)
  • Pattern Pieces are notated with Pattern Name, Designer, Direction of Stretch and Seam Allowance
  • Pattern Assembly Guide and Layout Guide on Fabric
  • Pages of Tips and Helpful Hints with Sewing Terminology
  • Step-by-Step Instructions with clear photos
  • Photo gallery to give you inspiration

Both of these patterns are a great addition to your pattern library -- I foresee some new pjs, sweatshirts, tunics and lots more tees and leggings in my future!  

Perfect for running and playing

ADDED BONUS:  These patterns are still in the special bundle pricing of just $10 through Dec 22nd! You can find the bundle HERE on Etsy.    Don't delay!



Christmas Comes Early to Candy Castle Patterns!!

Squeeeeee!!!!!  I am bursting with excitement today.  It feels like Christmas for Candy Castle Patterns fans.

Today is not only the release of the highly anticipated Peppermint Swirl Dress, but also the debut of the new Candy Castle Patterns website!

About a month or so ago, in the Candy Castle Patterns Group, we were shown a sneak peek of the Peppermint Swirl Dress.... and it was love at first sight!!  This showstopping dress has a gorgeous petal neckline, flutter sleeves and flounces upon flounces in the skirt for maximum twirlablity!

Close up view of petal neckline and flutter sleeves

Immediately, my mind was swirling with ideas.  The skirt contains 14 flounces (or more if needed for your color scheme) which is the perfect number of flounces for a rainbow dress.  I was set on this idea for weeks, until I ran across "Peppermint" fabric at the store.   I HAD to have it!!!  It is perfect for Christmas and my 4 year old needs a super fun dress for school Christmas parties.

I even made it snow here in the South!

Here's an overview of the pattern:
  • Contains sizes 6m through girls' 10
  • Offers both a slim and regular bodice
  • Pattern pieces are color-coded and nested as well as a 2.5" test square to ensure proper printing
  • A printing guide which tells you which pages you need to print, based on bodice type and skirt size chosen
  • Both a measurement chart and yardage chart is provided
  • A choice of flutter sleeves, sleeveless, or you can use any sleeve (long slim sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, or short, puffy sleeve) from the Candy Castle Princess Dress pattern!
  • Step-by-step instructions with clear pictures to guide every seamstress through the process, no matter what your sewing level is
  • 3 hemming options (rolled hem, bias tape hem, or traditional hem)
  • Inspirational gallery with lots of photos from the testers who worked so hard to ensure the best fit
  • Help, if needed, in the Candy Castle Patterns Group
Back view: I used 3 Kam snaps in lieu of buttons

Sewing this dress isn't nearly as hard as it looks!  I think it took me about as long to cut as it did to sew.  If you stack your fabrics on top of each other, you can cut even faster.  I actually cut my pieces one at a time.  No pins required for sewing the flounces together or for hemming!! Ahh, such freedom :)  If you have a serger, it does make construction faster, but totally not necessary.

Oh, and the twirl!!!  YES, look at the twirl!   If you can believe it, this is a 22-FOOT hem on this showstopper (this is the size 3)!  Just marvel in all its glory!

She didn't want to stop twirling!!!

To celebrate its debut, Candy Castle Patterns is offering a sale (RARE!) when you purchase at least one additional pattern.  Use the code peppermint during the checkout process at to save 20% when your purchase is at least $15.  Don't delay, though, because the sale ends Sunday, December 8th at precisely 11:59pm MST. 

Happy shopping and happier sewing!!!  

Come show off your creations in the Candy Castle Patterns Group

Next up is a matching one for my 2 year old who is sad that hers isn't sewn yet... and then rainbow ones!!

| XOXO |


Designer's Challenge - Candy Castle Patterns

I am so excited to be able to share this secret!  Today, Candy Castle Patterns is kicking off the Designer's Challenge Series.  This is a series where each day, a new designer releases a new pattern that is challenging to them in some way, whether it be completely out of their normal design style, an outside-the-box idea, or just plain difficult.

Without further ado.......(insert drumroll)......

I present The Mini Bubblegum Dress and Swing Dress Doll Pattern!

Yep, that's right!!!  Now, my girls can dress their dolls in matching Candy Castle Patterns dresses!

I had so much fun being part of a super secret testing process.  AND, the testing process was where the designer behind Candy Castle Patterns discovered even more challenges than she originally anticipated.  You see, she lives halfway across the world where 18" are scarce (read: none!) and she had to import one.  So she got her doll and got to work and the Mini Bubblegum Dress and Swing Doll Dresses were born.

I had just enough of my Riley Blake chevron and plain navy fabric leftover from when I originally reviewed the Bubblegum Dress.  So my 4 year old's doll Willow would soon be matching!  I finished most of the bodice and went to show my husband and discovered..... uh, this bodice would not be able to close properly.   I messaged the designer and said "It doesn't fit."  During our exchange, we discovered that the doll she imported was different than the doll I had.  Hers had a full plastic torso, ribs, and everything.  Mine was a rectangle, poly-filled torso with a wider chest circumference.  See the difference HERE.  (Luckily, I had enough fabric left for a redo ... I don't normally use coveted fabric for a first fitting in the testing phase.  Whew!)

So, to add to the challenge, she had to redesign the pattern using my doll, on the other side of the world.  Thank goodness for modern technology and Candy Castle Pattern's ability to design because the result is a perfect fit!!!

The Mini Bubblegum Dress and Swing Doll Dress each have a hemmed version and a bias-trimmed version.  Because I was trying to get as close to a replica of my daughter's dress, I chose the hemmed version of the original Bubblegum Dress.  The construction is very similar to the Bubblegum Dress and Swing Dress, but the doll version also has the option of a velcro closure instead of ties.  I chose the velcro closure as my 4-yr old isn't quite to tying bows yet and this would allow her to play independently.

The verdict?!  My daughter squealed when she found Willow all dressed up in a dress matching one in her closet and ran to get it on.  She had quite a fun time posing for pictures in the front yard too :)

The Mini Bubblegum Dress and Swing Doll Dress is on sale for just $4 through Sunday HERE!

Next up for me is a matching Swing Mini for my 2-yr old's Mickey version :)

Join the Candy Castle Patterns Group on Facebook to get all the inside details on what's coming next! 

Candy Castle Patterns - A Sweet Peek Inside the Castle Walls

Once upon a time, I had the opportunity try a new designer, Candy Castle Patterns.  Today, I am going share all of the sweet confections she has available for instant download in her Pattern Shop.

My first experience with Candy Castle Patterns was very enjoyable!  And I quickly realized that each and every pattern contained the same level of detail and organization.   Here's a brief rundown of what to expect from these patterns:

  • All pattern pieces are nested and color-coded for each size.
  • There is a diagram at the beginning of the tutorial to show you how to tape the pattern together.
  • Measurement chart at the beginning of each pattern to ensure the best fit.
  • Cutting charts for straight cuts given in both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters).
  • Step-by-step instructions with clear photos and lots of helpful tips.
  • All patterns are thoroughly tested in each size.
  • Extra support and help available in the Candy Castle Patterns Group on Facebook.

First up, with the debut pattern to the Castle is the Bubblegum Dress. It is a cute little wrap dress that can be made in either knit or woven fabrics or a mix of both.  It features an A-line shape, puffy sleeves and a non-gathered skirt.  The tie on the side allows for easy size adjustment that grows with your daughter.  The sizes range from 6m to a girls 12.   I was lucky enough to review this pattern in June.  I took a lot of time (probably too much time) choosing my fabrics and deciding whether or not to do a bias trim or the hemmed option and also whether or not to do a ruffle at the neck.  In the end, I chose a Riley Blake chevron and a coordinating navy solid and hemmed the entire outline.  At the encouragement of another designer friend, Stacey and my sister-in-law, Emily, I added a pop of red with a red ruffle and sleeve trim.

So serene

In the Candy Castle Pattern Group, there was a sew-along using the Bubblegum Dress pattern and turning it into a Swing Version with lots of extra twirl!  This add-on pattern has all the measurements figured for you and walks you through step-by-step.  It also ranges in sizes 6m - girls 12.  For this dress, I made it for my 2 year old who loves Minnie Mouse and all things twirly.  Since I had hemmed my original Bubblegum Dress, I decided to use bias tape to finish this dress.  For a bit of interest, I added in yellow piping (I'm addicted to adding piping into my creations!) and I used a solid black grosgrain ribbon for the side tie.  I appliqued 9 Mickey Mouse silhouettes (with regular sewing machine) on the skirt portion and outlined with yellow ric rac. I love, love, love how the dress turned out and so does my 2 year old!

Perfectly sweet

Next is the Jellybean Skirt.  This is a playful skirt outlined with ruffles.  It falls right at the knee for modest, everyday wear but with such a fun look!  The size range is from 6m - girls 14 so you'll get many years of use out of the one pattern.  I've seen it made to be reversible as well if you can sew the waistband on very precisely and use snaps.  For this skirt, I used  sailboat seersucker with vertical stripes.  I, actually, was warned against using the vertical stripes, but being as adventurous as I am, I decided not to heed the advice :).  Then I outlined it in a hot pink swiss dot ruffle.  Pink and green are a great combination!  (For the shirt, I modified the Hailey Bugs Closet Kaleidoscope Peasant Dress into a drawstring-waist shirt.)  I was lucky enough to test this pattern and as an added bonus, my baby made the cover of the pattern!!

Great for running ;)

Close up of skirt detail

The next pattern is the Magic Gumdrop Dress and Tunic.  It is a fun sleeveless top with an attached bubble skirt in either a longer length for a dress or a shorter bubble skirt to create a tunic length.  The magic comes in to play with the faux wrap top outlined in a lettuce edge (no serger required!). This is a pattern exclusively for knits and covers sizes NEWBORN (yes, I said newborn!!) all the way to girls 14!  Amazing size range, wouldn't you agree?!  I really wanted to test this pattern (like really badly!!!), but my mom was visiting (so I put away my sewing to spend some much needed bonding time) during the testing time-frame so I had to wait for the release.  I admit I was apprehensive on this pattern since my first knit project was not a pleasant experience (think lots of tears and a few choice words), BUT knowing how easy to follow Candy Castle Patterns are to follow, I decided to trust in the pattern and oh my, what a different experience!  Everything came together beautifully and the knit is so comfortable for my daughter.  And she chose to wear it on her first day of school!! WIN!!  For this pattern, my daughter chose the tunic length and I chose a pink/black/white flower combo from Hobby Lobby's knit jersey selection.

Ready for an afternoon of errands!
Cool and comfy!

The Butterscotch Bloomers are these sweet, knit shorts to accompany any cute shirt or dress.  The bottom of the legs are slightly gathered before being capped off by comfortable, knit bands.  These bloomers are for NEWBORN to girls size 4.  This was actually my 2nd knit project (and gave me the confidence to tackle the Magic Gumdrop) and are quick to sew!  I was also chosen to test this pattern and the timing was perfect as I was also testing the BeBop Top and Dress for Scientific Seamstress.  The combination of solid black Butterscotch Bloomers with just hints of accents from the top are perfect for the bright, vibrant bumblebee top.  This pattern also takes you through instruction of adding ruffles on the back of the bloomers which can be a cute addition.  You could also applique something, but choose wisely!  I originally had a flower appliqued on the rear of mine and a quick consensus resulted in immediate seam ripping.  (I'll spare you the details!)
Perfect addition to complete an outfit!

Close up of just the Butterscotch Bloomers.  I have added
a faux bow at the waist and a matching button on
the outside of each leg.

The Triple Layered Cake Tunic was inspired by a fluffy cake and is a great pattern to really push you to choose fabrics outside of your comfort zone.  The pattern covers sizes 3m - girls 14 and it's recommended to choose fabric with some flow to it.  It's tunic length with 3 ruffles and  a looser bodice to allow layering for the chillier months we're getting ready to enter.  I originally set out with a regular woven cotton - a leopard print, but I decided that I really wanted to try my hand at some fabric with beautiful flow.  I found a gorgeous slippery polyester in a raspberry color with a black floral design.  I just couldn't put it down so I went for it!  It made for such a fancy, fluffy Triple Layered Cake; my daughter will be all set for her Christmas party at school with the addition of a little black sweater.  I named my flavor Raspberry Fudge Swirl Delight!  After our pictures, we stopped to play for a bit at the playground for the fanciest trip to the playground yet :)

Raspberry Fudge Swirl Delight Triple Layered Cake
I also made a Triple Layered Cake for my two year old to pair with some cute ruffle pants I was testing for Stitchwerx.  I knew the ruffles on the tunic would perfectly compliment the ruffles on the bottom of the pant legs.  Since I had partially cut out the pattern from leopard print fabric during testing, I decided to finish it up! I love bright pink with leopard print and chose to break up the ruffles with a chocolate brown to match the pants (and I hadn't bought enough leopard print fabric....shhhh!)  I used the bow templates from the Candy Castle Princess Dress to add bows to the pants and to make a double layered bow to slide onto a headband.  Here's my two year old diva in her Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Triple Layered Cake :)

Little diva watching a dog walk by.

Back view - can you see the pop of pink on the buttons?

Last, but certainly not least, with the newest pattern for Candy Castle Patterns is the most divine dress ever! The Candy Castle Princess Dress is gorgeous with its full double layer skirt, fitted bodice and multiple embellishments!  There are FOUR sleeve choices in this pattern (sleeveless, puffy, elbow length and slim long sleeve), TWO underskirt options (hemmed or ruffled) , TWO top skirt options (one fabric or panelled), TWO bodice options (slim or regular), THREE bow sizes, and TWO yoyo flower sizes.   Not including the embellishment choices, you could make 210 dresses before you repeat a combination!    Will you ever need another dress pattern?!  The size ranges from 6m to girls 10.  I do recommend a proper measurement before starting!
So, for this pattern test (I just love testing!), I showed my 4 year old a picture of a finished dress.  After she finished squealing, she asked  begged for a Princess Sofia dress.   I chose a beautiful lavender satin for the majority of the dress and a white satin for the underskirt.  (Woven cotton is recommended for the pattern.)  I wanted to recreate as authentic of a dress as I could so I added pearl strands, mini white poms and purple ribbon to accent.  I did a free-hand stitch on the sash to mimic Sofia as well as appliqued an 8-piece medallion to the bottom of the front 3 scallops.  My daughter was speechless when she saw her finished dress.  And honestly, I'm still in awe that I made it!  After pictures, we took a trip to get some donuts (post-picture tradition) and got lots of admiration!

Sofia the First inspired dress with full pettiskirt underneath

Fit for a princess - back detail shown as well as the smallest bow
embellishment included in the pattern.

Of course, I cannot leave my 2 year old without a Candy Castle Princess Dress (especially since she walks around saying she's a princess all day) so she will be getting a Minnie Mouse inspired version first and then I will create their Christmas dresses from this pattern!  I'll be sure to blog about those dresses as well!

UPDATE:  Since this post, I have created 2 additional Candy Castle Princess Dresses - Cinderella for a customer and Minnie Mouse for my 2 year old. 

Here's a recap of my creations from the Candy Castle Patterns Collection!

The Collection

And now, for a sweet treat, Candy Castle Patterns has graciously donated a copy of the Candy Castle Princess Dress to one lucky reader!  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the luckiest of them all?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PSA - Adobe updates - MUST READ

Adobe has updated some settings and it may affect your PDF pattern pieces when you print them out.  Candy Castle Patterns and I have teamed up to help you understand these changes.  After you print your patterns, ALWAYS be diligent amd MEASURE the test square provided to make sure it measures EXACTLY correct!  

This issue came up in a pattern test when more than one tester failed to measure their test sqaure prior to cutting their pattern pieces and sewing.  A fellow tester, Cori mentioned that Adobe had updated and was likely the cause.  

Thank you Candy Castle Patterns for turning my pictures into a PDF tutorial! 

The tutorial has also been shared on Pattern Revolution where I am a contributor!  

I've heard from several fellow seamstresses who admitted they never measured their test boxes - take the pledge to measure, measure, measure!!  

Click the picture to access the tutorial!

Retro Glam Skirt by Little Lizard King

I recently was given the chance to test another new pattern for Little Lizard King, called The Retro Glam Skirt.  I think this is actually the 6th test I've done for them since the beginning of June (can we say busy?!)     

This pattern was designed by Tricia Boyer, exclusively for Little Lizard King.  It’s a modern take on a vintage-style apron and it is EPIC.  In the weeks leading up to the test, we were told that this skirt was BIG, FUN, and beyond EPIC – and boy, were they right!  It’s a playful skirt, with 10 scalloped panels pieced together with 10 upside down triangles, a flat waistband in the front and an adjustable waist in the back, rick rack trim and a huge bow that can be worn in the front or back.

As soon as I saw a sample of the Retro Glam Skirt, my mind was racing with possibilities.  I have tested alongside some of the other ladies picked and they are all so talented.  I began to think outside the box a bit.  I really wanted to show the playful possibilities of this pattern.  Enter the “Candy Corn Cutie” edition of the Retro Glam Skirt.

Seeing the scalloped pieces on the skirt, I couldn't get the images of candy corns out of my head.  In my mind, my idea looked awesome.  I decided I was going to keep my idea under wraps and give Tricia (designer) a few teases of my own.  Okay, several.  I think I strung her along for several days because once I got the skirt finished, I had to make a matching shirt.

I used 3 Kona solids – yellow, orange, and white – to make the candy corns.  Then, I chose a black fabric with small white polka dot to give stark contrast to the 10 candy corns.  I finished the bottom with black rick rack to tie in the black fabric and really continue the outlining of the candy corns. For the bow, I went back and forth between several ideas and finally settled on a two-tone bow – yellow and orange. 

Once I got my candy corns pieced together, the construction of the skirt went fairly quickly.  I was a bit nervous at first because of all of the piecing together, but the pattern pieces were spot on and I had no issues. 

I really like that this pattern prefers that you use buttonhole elastic to cinch up the waistband.  I had some on hand, but it’s simple to make and the pattern walks you through it.  My daughter has a smaller waist than most her size so this was perfect.  It makes sewing on the waistband easier too since you add the elastic last.  I tried it on my daughter and it fit perfectly!

My mind is still racing through possibilities of this skirt – some playful, some sophisticated and glam.  I may never look the same at another triangle again!

A brief run-down of the pattern and tutorial:
1.       Pattern pieces are nested, in color and require at most 4 printed pages.
2.    Pattern pieces lined up perfectly across the pages and are well labeled.
3.     The tutorial portion of the pattern has step-by-step directions, clear pictures and is easy to follow/understand.
4.     There is a size chart at the beginning of the pattern along with an adjustable waistband to ensure the best fit.
5.     It comes with a doll sized pattern!
6.     For a limited time, it comes with Rockabilly Head Band pattern as well (not shown as I haven’t sewn mine yet!).
7.     This pattern allows you to use your imagination and create a truly one-of-a-kind skirt.   

This pattern is offered at Little Lizard King in two sizing bundles or you can pick up the whole set at a discounted price!
·      All sizes

I haven’t had a chance to sew up the doll version, but I can’t wait to surprise my daughter with a Candy Corn Retro Glam for her doll, Willow!

If you like what you see, but feel like skipping the work, I have these skirts listed in my Etsy shop, That's-Sew-Kari!  I can either create a Candy Corn Cutie edition or something entirely custom for you; just send me a message on Etsy. 

If you'd like, you can also follow me on Facebook!

A special thanks to Tricia Boyer of Little Lizard King – this skirt was beyond epic and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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