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Riley Blake Designs Basics {Stripes} - A Rainbow of Possibilities

Stripes are my favorite color.... yep, I said it!!  I can't tell you how many stripes I've sewn over the last 7 years since I bought my sewing machine, but I can tell you this:  I've matched every single one of them.  When I saw Riley Blake Designs had an entire section of just stripes, I knew I had to get some. 

A portion of the 1/8" stripe selection

The only problem was that my love of stripes runs deep, y'all so I couldn't choose just one.  I stared at the selection of 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" inch stripes and started saving my favorite swatches so I could play around with them in Photoshop.  I realized the 1/8" stripes had nearly every color of the rainbow and a plan started emerging.  However, black and white stripes are my most favorite of all and I just couldn't leave those out.  With a little Photoshop cropping and merging, I had created something a bit magical.

Did you know how much easier it is to match stripes in Photoshop than with a sewing machine?  HA!  I was determined to match the 1/8" stripes vertically on the bodice inset, all while creating a chevron pieced bodice.  It wasn't easy, I'm not even going to sugarcoat it.  If this challenge speaks to you, have some glue handy because that saved my sanity!  (Directions on how to create this at the end of the post!)

I used the newly updated Monet by Little Lizard King and chose the straight bodice as I thought the curved bodice would be too much with all of the stripes. I deviated from the pattern slightly by not doing the back bodice inset.  I also added belt loops because my tween is rocking her belts lately and she doesn't like to shift them all around.  I also added some ribbon trim around the inset to frame it a bit.

I originally was going to do a horizontal rainbow pieced look for the inset on the back but after I got through with the front, it was a quick no and just cut out two sets of the lining pattern piece.  HA!  

After school we ran to Party City and got a rainbow of balloons and headed outside for some pictures.  I'm sure the cars driving by were wondering why I was taking pictures of my daughter holding balloons.

Are you a stripe fan or anti-stripe?  Let me know below!!

My friends at Riley Blake Designs were so sweet and included some extra goodies in my package!  I especially loved the magazine with the upcoming collections.  (PS... I photographed it with a little peek of something I'll be sewing early 2020)

Here's a quick rundown of how to achieve this look:

I cut my stripes at a 45-degree angle from the selvage (stripes run parallel with the selvage).  For the middle colors, I used a height of 1.75".  For red and blue, I left them complete triangles to trim off when cutting my pattern piece out.  Remember you need to mirror image your pieces or you won't achieve the "v" when attaching the left and right sides.  I worked my way from the top down.  Stitch a stay stitch at 1/4" along the top edge of the orange and iron to wrong side at the stitch line (not only is it a quick guide for you SA, but it provides stability so the bias cut doesn't get stretched when attaching it.)  Flip it over, along with the red. Place glue along the folded SA.  Place the red piece so the raw edge matches the raw edge of the orange, taking care to line up the stripes.  Topstitch in place.  Repeat process 9 more times with remaining colors (and opposite side).  Place both halves right sides together and attach along the middle, making sure the seams of each color are matching.  Then cut out your pattern piece, using the middle seam as your "folded" edge on the pattern piece.

{Mouse House Creations} Lulah Market Top & Skirt

This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing through my links, a small percentage is returned to me.  This is at no additional cost to you!  

Miss A was just 18 months old when I came across an accomplished seamstress online (on, named Hayley Crouse.  I hopped over to her blog Welcome to the Mouse House and started reading.  Seeing her creations inspired me so I bought myself a sewing machine and dove in.  Over the years, she became a talented designer!  Now Miss A is 8 1/2 and is rocking Hayley's latest designs -- Lulah Market Skirt and Lulah Market Top.  (Bundle also available.)

These two pieces were designed to be worn together, but they are great staple pieces in your girl's wardrobe and can be worn paired with other items. Both patterns are drafted for knit fabric and cover sizes 6m to girls 12.

Lulah Market Top is a sleeveless top that features sweet ruffles on each shoulder and a scooped back.   I used an uber soft knit I picked up at Walmart in their new prepackaged bundles.  If you're new to sewing knit, though, I'd start with something with a bit more structure like cotton Lycra.

Lulah Market Skirt is a gathered vintage length skirt with two deep side pockets.  The waistband is structured with a wide elastic.  The skirt portion can be sewn in woven, but the waistband needs to be knit.

I'm not sure her hands left those BIG pockets!  As soon as she saw them, she wondered aloud, "How many LOLs will fit in those?!"  (I'm actually surprised she didn't sneak any with her!)

P.S.  Can we talk about these boots?!  When the box sported her name on it as the "style name" of the shoe, it was instant love.

For a girl who is normally not a fan of ruffles, she really liked these ruffles.  It helps that they are so soft!  For a fun look, eliminate the ruffle and use the pieced bodice for a fun colorblocked look!

Warning: Sentimental.... LOL   It's hard to believe that my life changed seven years ago.   Sometimes you wander through life trying to find your place.  Then you find it and wonder what took you so long to get there.  This isn't the first time in my life that I've felt an unexplained need to take a chance on something.  (The other time was when I felt I needed to move 800 miles to a brand new state where I knew no one.  A year later, I met my now husband.)

Find your passion.  Find your people.  Love your life.

{BLOG TOUR} Back to School 2019

👏👏👏 YAY!!! It's finally time to go back to school!  I'm probably in the minority here, but I love when the kids head back to school.  My girls love school and would honestly go year-round if it were offered.  We've been counting down since like, well, the 2nd week of summer break.  HA!!

I always look forward to participating in blog tours, especially ones that help kick my butt into gear for different occasions.  When I saw Karly of Paisley Roots was hosting a Back To School tour, I couldn't help but join in.  Not only has she put together a great lineup of bloggers, there's also an amazing giveaway.... allllll the way at the end!

My girls already had their first day of school outfits locked down, but I figured they also needed something cute for "Meet the Teacher" -- after all, first impressions are everything!!

First up is my oldest daughter! 

Her criteria includes:
           👉 must be fashionable
           👉 mini length is preferred
           👉 pockets are a plus
           👉 must pair well with her favorite black booties
           👉 incorporate her black sparkly belt

Back in March, Little Lizard King released the Lenox Dress and my 10 year old calls it her "tween-style" dress.  So, of course, I had to sew another Lenox (this is like her  Of course, I modified it to put my own spin on it. 

The first modification is to add the chevron bodice to it!  Adding this is so super easy and always looks so fab, especially when sewn with black and white stripes.  I could probably buy a bolt of these stripes because they are my favorite!  If you've not done a chevron pieced bodice before, here's a quick rundown: from the bottom center of your bodice piece, draw a 45-degree angle towards your armscye.  Add your preferred seam allowance to the center of the bodice.  Line up your 45-degree angled line with a stripe on your fabric. Cut out.  Flip your cut fabric over and line it up on your fabric so all of the stripes match.  Cut.  Place both centers right sides together and sew down the center at the chosen SA.  Take care to match up the stripes.  Press seam open and continue with the remainder of the pattern.

My next two modifications were to add side seam pockets and belt loops for her black sparkly belt.  I grabbed the free pocket pattern from Little Lizard King and attached them 2" below the top of the skirt along the side seams.  For my belt loops, I cut 3 pieces 1" wide by 1.5ish inches (sorry, I didn't actually measure) and folded them bias-tape style and topstitched both edges.  Then I folded each short end under and attached to the finished dress.  I do wish I had incorporated the bottom of each loop into the waist seam.  Also, I would add a couple more on the front of the bodice to hold the belt up better in the front.

I cut the back bodice stripes horizontally and added some light pink/white buttons to pick up the pinks in the skirt.

I feel like I blinked and my little girl that was headed off to Kindergarten is now in her last year of elementary school.  Each year goes faster than the previous.  Before I know it, she'll be sporting a purse and a cup of coffee.  For now, though, we'll stick with her clear "iced coffee" (aka water in a Starbucks reusable cup).

My younger daughter has an entirely different style than her big sis and while they will share clothes, if she gets full reign over design choice, the end result will be a direct reflection of her boisterous personality.  She is not one to blend into the background.  If she could announce her arrival with a neon flashing sign, she absolutely would! HA!

Her requests:
           👉 must be fun
           👉 mini ruffle sleeves (her latest obsession)
           👉 hopefully match her pom pom headband (best dollar ever spent!)
           👉 must be able to dress herself

Recently Little Lizard King updated the Leiden pattern to include dress length and I decided it was the perfect pattern for her.  The front bodice is curved which mimics the rainbow fabric she selected (funny story, this fabric was actually a crib sheet on clearance at Target).  Plus, it buttons in the front so it checks off her "must be able to dress herself" box.

I added the mini ruffle sleeves from the Lenox Dress.  Her love for these ruffles took me by surprise because she has been anti-ruffle for a few years now.  I love them too though!

I was originally going to sew a top version to pair with a pair of jean shorts but before I cut, I double checked and she looked at me like I had two heads.  Dress it is, I guess!  The dress has a natural high low hem.  She's a happy camper and is even showing off her toothless grin!

When she first saw her new dress finished, she thought it was hilarious that I put the buttons on the front.  She laughed and asked why I made her dress backwards. LOL  No, sweetie, that's so you can do it all by yourself.

I hope her teacher is ready for her!!  She has loved all of her teachers and thinks each one is the best one yet.  Last year's teacher also shared her birthday with her so there are big shoes to fill this year.  I think she'll win her over with her personality though.

Now that you've made it to the end, be sure to check out the rest of the stops on the tour and enter the giveaway!!  Good luck to you 💕

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