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{Project Run & Play} Pantone Party 2024 with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

It's our favorite time of year!  We're back for Project Run + Play's Annual Pantone Party.   We love participating in this yearly tradition because the Pantone of the Year usually takes my girls out of their comfort zone.  It helps them try new colors they wouldn't normally choose and they're on trend!  

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It's a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul. source

This is the first year that both girls are teenagers so I gave them free creative reign.  We were lucky to be paired with our favorite fabric company, Raspberry Creek Fabrics, who generously supplied the fabrics for this project.  For years, we've enjoyed the quality of fabric and the amazing selection.  With the addition of the RCF Design Studio, the selection is unbelievable.  I used the search feature to "narrow down" fabrics that a) coordinate and b) would match each girl's aesthetic and of course c) match the pantone of the year.   From there, the girls chose their fabric and which pattern.  

I had to laugh when they both picked the same pattern without knowing it. This year's featured pattern from the Project Run + Play is the Rimini Romper by Call Ajaire.  This is the first time I've actually sewn the entire romper; I've been hacking the bodice into a crop tank since its debut.

My oldest has more of a minimalist aesthetic so she chose a faux linen print, Linen_pale peach by Dariara and we printed it on double brushed poly.  She really loved the subtle linen design. 

Tip: If you are sewing this pattern in double brushed poly and adding the pockets, you'll want to stitch the pockets to the front legs before completing the pants.   

What we love about the Rimini Romper is how well-drafted this pattern is.  The princess seams in the bodice really help hug her body perfectly.  With rompers, especially, it's very important to take accurate measurements to ensure a great fit.  I blended an 11 chest, 12 height, 14 rise and inseam, and a 9 waist.
I love sewing special pieces for my girls because we cannot get perfectly fitting items off the rack.  

She's so super happy with the finished romper!  Sewing for teens can be tricky so allowing them creative control means they will be more likely to be happy with the final outcome.  I can't wait for summer when she gets really tan because this peach color is going to pop against her skin!

My youngest (and newest teenager) is [a lot] more vibrant in her clothing selection and personality.  She chose True Sweet Peach by Ivie Cloth Co., also printed on double brushed poly.  She prefers it for comfort and I love it for the drape.  She decide to forgo pockets and while I usually love adding pockets, it did make it a quicker sew!

While she used to be a few inches shorter than her big sister, she's really caught up over the last couple of months.  I blended sizes 10 chest, 12 height and rise, 9 waist and a 14 inseam.  I wanted to leave the hem longer because the poor girl has been growing out of all her pants during this growth spurt.  Fingers crossed I left it long enough!

I can't believe I now have two teenagers.  They were 4 and 2 when I started sewing for them.  How time flies.

Are you Team Faux Linen or Team Peach?

Don't forget to join in the Pantone Party!  Details here

{Project Run & Play} Project Night and Day: Sunny Daze Ahead

It's been a busy year of everything but sewing.  I'm happy I was able to take some time to get back to what's been my hobby for the last decade.   

Project Run & Play: Project Night and Day is an incredible 14 pattern collection plus embroidery and digital design offerings.  The variety of patterns is amazing and if you sew for both boys and girls, it has you covered for both.  

SOL SKIRT: As soon as I saw the Sol Skirt, I knew my youngest would be interested.  She loves to dress her best every day for school.  Skirts are her favorite.  

  • Her hip measurements put her in size 9 and although her height puts her at an 11, she prefers her skirts just about mid-thigh.  I sewed a straight size 9 and utilized the adjustable waist elastic for a custom fit.  After finishing, she asked for it a bit shorter, so I removed 1" from the hem.  
  • I used stretch denim so I probably could have sewed her an 8 for her preferred fit.  This, however, will allow her a little growing room (and not get dress coded in a month... haha)
  • I love all the details and the directions really walk you through it -- especially the fly portion.  I noticed after she was trying it on that the fly is actually flipped from what she is used to.  On the next one, I will flip those instructions so it zips on the right instead of the left.
  • This is a pattern that you should expect to take you a little while … if the details are important to you.  Go slowly and the result will surprise you!
LUNA JUMPER: This relaxed fit sweater with inset ruffles is perfectly on trend and girly.  I used a lightweight French Terry with ribbing accents.
  • I sewed her an 8w/11L blend.  The blend was super easy to do when printing just those two size layers.
  • The pattern provides alternate pieces for neckline, cuffs and hem band depending on the stretch of your fabric -- super helpful!
  • The ruffles can flip periodically when wearing (if you are using a thinner, flowy knit) so keep that in mind for non-dyed fabrics (or fabrics with a noticeable backside).
SUNSHINE SCRUNCHIE:  Who doesn't love an accessory?  I know my daughter lives for accessories.  She actually requested scrunchies for Christmas so I'm heading back to my stash because I can make a whole rainbow of colors!
  • I used a rainbow striped rayon so it's nice and flowy and will match ALL the outfits.  HA!
  • This sews up in about 5 minutes --- cut out a bunch and batch sew.
  • I found the elastic slightly long to be able to also wear on the wrist when not in use.  I'll shorten it on the next one to see how it affects the scrunch and while wearing.


{Project Run & Play} Pantone Party 2023 with Raspberry Creek Fabrics


Ain't no party like a Project Run & Play Pantone Party!   We're so excited to be back for another year of celebrating!  Prior to 2021, I never paid attention to the Color of the Year.  Now, we look forward to it and the girls and I are trying to guess next years... haha.    The Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta!  

According to the color vicars at the Pantone Color Institute, who every year bless a new “it” color, Viva Magenta is “an animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint. Viva Magenta welcomes anyone and everyone with the same verve for life and rebellious spirit.”

 All of my fabrics for this tour were generously donated by Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  We love RCF because they have so many beautiful designs and the girls love the large selection of fabric bases.  They much prefer some type of knit if they have their choice.  Finding these fabrics were super quick -- I typed in "Magenta" in the search bar and all the choices popped up.  Then I could add the ones I liked to my "Wishlist" so I could see all my favorites in one spot.  This way, I could ensure the fabrics I picked for each girl were cohesive.  

I was first drawn to this gorgeous Magenta Modal Spandex Jersey (that is sadly sold out) for my teen.  I knew this fabric would be super soft with a gorgeous drape.  She chose the Becky Skirt and the top of the Remini Romper for her patterns.  The Becky Skirt is a super fast circle skirt with elastic waistband.  It is technically meant for a more stable knit, but I'm really loving how it turned out.  

The Remini Romper-turned-top is so simple.  You take the top portion of the romper, sew it per the pattern and then add a band to the bottom slightly smaller in width.  I love the princess seams in this as it helps hug her curves for a perfect fit.

My youngest has fallen completely in love with workout clothes which are much needed for her new hobbies of cheer and tumbling.  When I saw this Geometric Mosaic Reddish Purple/Magenta in the Custom Design Library, I had to try it in Athletic!  This was my first time ordering from the custom library through the website.  I loved that I could select from different bases and choose my scale.  For this design, I used the smallest scale. For her patterns, we tried out the Rocky Shore Tights and used the top of the Viridian Suit to make a sports bra.

The Rocky Shore Tights were a new to us pattern and they are so cool!  I love the cross-over waistband option as well as the peek-a-boo leg details.

I added faux piping in the modal magenta to our pieced bottoms.  Here's a close up of the peek-a-boo side seam detailing.

Finally, I used the solid bikini top from the Viridian Swimsuit for a reversible sports bra.  The reverse side is the magenta modal.  Instead of adding the elastic, it's fully lined and all seams are hidden inside.  For the back, I chose the racerback option (my picture for this turned out blurry... so sorry!) which is perfect for sports.

Hope you had fun on our stop!  Head over to the Project Run & Play Blog for more Pantone Party inspiration! 

P.S. Technically speaking, this year's pantone is on the reddish side of magenta than what I've chosen, but I think close enough...

{Project Run & Play} Project Art Studio: Blank Canvas

 An empty canvas is a living wonder - far lovelier than certain pictures.
- Wassily Kandinksy

When I joined Project Art Studio, I began brainstorming ideas.   Art is individual and no two are alike.  As I saw more and more ideas from others come in, I became more stumped.  I've always tended to stray from "what everyone is doing" and be completely unique.  My youngest daughter is very much the same way.  As I worked my way through available fabrics, I was drawn to this simple white canvas fabric.  Every artist starts with a blank canvas and figured we may as well too!

The Degas Dungarees are a labor of love.  The tutorial is amazing though and walks you through every little step.  The finish honestly looks like I went to the store and bought these.  She kept this outfit on for an appointment afterwards and received compliments on it too!

As long as the Dungarees took to sew, the Easel Tee was like "I got you".  I'm pretty sure it took longer to piece the pattern pieces and cut than it did to sew.  Dolman sleeves and bands make it incredibly easy.

I know white is notoriously hard to photograph... haha - what was I thinking?!  Also, this child in all white may probably last about 2.5 seconds.  She totally embraced the concept though.  "Besides, white goes with everything, Mom!"  She's at the age where it must look store bought and "cute" is no longer allowed.  

She's a blend of a few sizes, but prefers her skirts on the shorter side.  I used an 8 height with a 6 waist blend.  If I had to sew it again, I'll probably go a straight 8 or use a 7 waist, which is her hip size.  It is slightly small at the hip area, but still comfy in her book.

The topstitching is SO worth it.  The only issue I ran into is the installation of the jean buttons -- only because the local brand is not that great.  The bib buttons were Dritz and went on so much easier.  Highly recommend only using Dritz brand.

One of Kandisky's famous paintings is Squares with Concentric Circles.  I had a little fun in Photoshop with a portion of my own rendition of his famous work.  


{Riley Blake Designs} Leafy Keen by Amanda Niederhauser

My youngest entered middle school last month which means her style has started the shift away from being too "kiddish and young".   Luckily, I've already gone through this with my oldest so I've learned to take a step back and give complete control over the design process.

One thing that never becomes too "young" is animal print.  The moment I saw Leafy Keen by Amanda Niederhauser for Riley Blake Designs, I knew it would meet my daughter's new requirements.  I loved the unique color combination of shades of pinks, gold, and greens.  We ended up picking 5 different prints -- 3 for a dress and 2 for a coordinating mini backpack.  We chose Leafy Keen Main Blush Sparkle, Leafy Keen Cats Hunter, Leafy Keen Sketch Daisy, Leafy Keen Sketch Razzmatazz, and Leafy Keen Spots Clover.

Earlier this year, I designed a mini backpack for a travel themed pattern capsule for Project Run & Play.  My pattern, Passport to Paradise Mini Backpack became a quick favorite for my girls and they loved that they could order a matching accessory to their new outfits.  

On this version, I decided I wanted to incorporate a few techniques I learned from the Little Lizard King Vada Backpack pattern.  By adding a zippered slip pocket to the front lining and moving the zipper forward, I could enclose the gusset/front panel seam which makes it a little neater inside (and a quicker finish).  The back panel/gusset seam was finished with handmade bias.

I also added a fusible fleece stabilizer to add extra structure.  I will likely forgo that on the next version because it ended up a little wrinkly after turning it out.

I love the deep gold that matches the kitties on the green fabric.  My daughter was super happy to see a bonus pocket inside too!

For her dress, she picked out the Posie Dress by Peony Patterns.  She loves the extended shoulders, large pockets and the overall fit of the dress.  I love that you can add in a coordinating fabric on the side panels.  I added the Razzmatazz Whiskers as faux piping and the little pop of color looks great!

She styled it with her white tennis shoes and a gold hair tie on a high pony.  She looks sporty and cute!  Apparently tennis shoes with dresses are very "in".   I'm learning as I go.. haha.

There's just enough twirl to satisfy her.  HA!  I hope she never outgrows that!  I will admit, it's a little harder to go through the shift with my youngest.  It doesn't seem possible that she's inching closer to being a teenager.  

What will you make with Leafy Keen?  Check your local quilt shop to pick your prints -- the collection is already in stores!

{Riley Blake Designs} Bee Ginghams by Lori Holt

Fall is right around the corner and that gets me in the mood to bake!  For years and years, I loved baking cookies, especially chocolate chip.  One day my mixer died and I decided at the time, it wasn't worth replacing.  When I saw the Bee Gingham collection by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs, it reminded me of all the batches of cookies I loved baked.  It was the perfect excuse to add a mixer back into my kitchen.  Oh my, I had forgotten how good homemade cookies could taste.

To keep with the baking theme, I thought my girls would like new aprons.  They love helping me bake and they had outgrown the aprons they got years ago.  Trying to narrow down my choices from 36 options was no easy feat.  I actually decided to try the towel panel (because every kitchen needs towels!) and drew my color inspiration from there.  I ordered a Alpine, Daisy, and Cayenne colorways in a couple of different sized gingham.  

For the aprons, I sewed the Sugar Plum apron pattern by Little Lizard King.  For the teenager, I left off all of the frill except for the waist ruffle because that's part of the skirt.  I used the Daisy color for most of it and accented it with hints of Alpine.

My tween is much more whimsical so I used a portion of one of the 4 towels for the bodice.  She loves dogs and the truck fit perfectly on the large bodice.  I dusted her nose with flour for this picture and she was so confused.  "Why are you putting flour on my face?!"  Haha

The girls have never actually watched a mixer work so this part was super exciting to them!

One of the towels.  I love how it turned out with the small daisy gingham bias border.  

One of the towels on the panel had a cute hexagon pattern so I carefully quilted 7 of them onto Isul-Bright and then added a SA for the bias.  The bias took a little longer because I had to stop at each corner and head over to the iron.  This is the perfect size for a pan hot pad trivet.

I found a basket and set some eggs into it for easy grabbing for our baking session.

This hot pad was a last minute addition and it turned out super cute!  I started with a rectangle of Insul-Bright and layered my tiny gingham on both sides and then quilted a diagonal pattern.  Then I cut out a lemon shape.  Finally I basted a leaf in place and attached the binding.

Trying out the finished product!  Any guesses to which kind we baked?

Here are the delicious cookies we baked.  Snickerdoodles have always been one of my favorites, but I had never tried baking them before.  They were a big hit!

Keep your eye out for the Bee Ginghams, coming to a quilt shop near you!

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