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{Tutorial} How to Make a Reverse Canvas with the Cricut EasyPress 2

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

If you're in any Cricut/crafting group, "Reverse Canvases" are super popular.  As many as I'd seen, I didn't really realize just how easy they are to make!!  When I was challenged to use my EasyPress 2 on a base I'd never used before, I had to give it a try.

By the way, last month, I featured the new EasyPress Totes and while I had thought about how easy it makes transporting my EasyPress2, I hadn't thought about using them as everyday storage in my sewing nook while not in use!!  Keeps it safe and secure and dust-free!!  YAY!

Here's a step-by-step tutorial so you can make your own!

Materials Needed:

Stretched canvases are easy to find!  I got a 2-pack at Hobby Lobby for under $5.  Make sure you choose the ones where the canvas is simply wrapped and stapled.  There were a couple that looked like removing the canvas would be a challenge... lol

I didn't have a staple remover so I used my Cricut 45mm Rotary cutter and Acrylic Ruler and cut along the outside of the staples.

Once you cut around the outside and remove the canvas, you can go back and pull the rest of the remnants that are under the staples.  The corner staples should be raised enough that you can use a flat head screwdriver to remove those.

I know a lot of people stain their frames, but I wanted black frames to match my designs for my daughter's Paris-inspired bedroom so I used spray paint for super quick coverage.  If you use spray paint, make sure to cover your surface beforehand.  I sprayed two coats.

While your frames are drying, prep your designs.  I chose to cut one design on my Maker and for the second frame, I wanted to try out one of Cricut's Iron-on Designs.  I recently invested in a Cricut BrightPad and love how easy it is to weed now!  (Plus, it fits in my top slot on my Maker!)

Note, there is room for error, but this gives you a good estimate as to how to position your iron-on.  Once you have your decal in position, move the frame aside.  Then, you will iron it on according to package instructions.  You can also visit the EasyPress Interactive Quick Reference Guide for temperature and time.  For Cricut Everyday Iron-on, I pressed this for 30 seconds at 340-degrees. Then I flipped it over and pressed for an additional 15 seconds.  Peel immediately.

P.S. In case you're nervous about which side you need to use, you can use whichever!  I used the white side because I wanted it, but if you're going for the rustic look, use the canvas colored side.  You can also paint the canvas and then iron-on on top too!

For Cricut's Iron-on Designs, I used a temperature of 340-degrees and pressed for 50 seconds on the front with an additional 15 seconds on the back.  These are cold peel so I waited two minutes until cool.

Now, you're going to grab your frame again and get it in position.  Using a pencil, carefully trace around the outside of the frame.

Moving 1/4" inward of the traced lines, (marked with yellow, NOT where my ruler is) trim off the excess.  This will ensure that no canvas is hanging over the edge.

Grab your staple gun and start with the corners first.  Then continue around the perimeter.  If you left your original staples in like I did, make sure to not staple on top of one of those!  Finally, add a sawtooth picture hanger on the back top center and it's ready to hang!!

(Unfortunately, I thought I had some nails at home and I couldn't find them anywhere so I still have to hang these on my daughter's wall... whoops!!  Whomp, whomp... crafting fail.  Of course, I waited until the last possible moment to do this project.  #procraftinator)

I am so pleased to have two new framed pictures for her room at the fraction of the cost of just one framed picture.  They will match perfectly with her existing artwork (yes, that's her!!  She was 6 when I transformed her into Coco Chanel for Topstitchers!)

Fox Farm by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair for Riley Blake Designs

Ahhh, the simple signs of Spring are all around us.  The beautiful flowers are in bloom all thanks to the incredibly rainy few months we've had.  While rainy days are a bit dreary in appearance, the rewards are well worth it.

At least someone created cute Wellies to get us through it, right?!

I am so happy to share my creation from one of Riley Blake's newest fabric collections:  Fox Farm by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair.  Inspired by the English countryside, it's full of Spring charm: flowers, dots, stripes, doggies, farmscapes (probably just made up that word...) and wellies!

I am in love with ALL of  these prints.  It was so hard to narrow it down to just a couple to sew something for one of my girls.  I knew the stripes were a must, especially because the wide-set stripes are not as common or easy to find. I selected the bright red stripes - - Fox Farm Stripes Red I also kept coming back to the Wellies print - - Fox Farm Wellies Navy.  I just thought it looked so cheerful.

I chose the Augusta Dress by Little Lizard King with the simple bodice and elastic back.   It's a quick sew, but the results are beautiful.  Plus, I had been itching to try the simple bodice.  (The sweetheart bodice is gorgeous too, but not quite right for this project.)

I had fun playing with the stripes a bit.   I started from the shoulder strap and angled the front panel slightly towards the center all the way down to the waist.

The back is so simple and dainty and perfect for warm weather.  I love how the stripes look paired with the Wellies fabric.

My daughter's eyes lit up when she saw her new dress.  She had so much fun strolling and twirling through a local garden.

Stopping to smell the flowers (sort of....they're fake. You can't actually pick the flowers in the garden... and allergies...LOL)  True to all of our previous Riley Blake Designs fabrics, they wash up well with no bleeding, have minimal shrinkage and are super soft.

Skipping through the tulip gardens to place a penny in the fountain.  This place is simply gorgeous and has been tucked away in plain sight in our downtown area.  I guess I need to get out exploring more.  My daughter and I had such a fun afternoon looking at all of the beautiful flowers.

Thank you Riley Blake Designs for this fun little fabric package!!!  It's so fun to see what fabrics can turn into.  I hope I've captured the essence of Fox Farm 💗

Although rain was in the forecast, it held off long enough for our photo shoot.  I was kind of looking forward to some puddle pictures to try to capture a reflection shot.  Unfortunately, I didn't have that opportunity, so I tried my hand at creating it.  What do you think?

Boise Top & Dress by Little Lizard King

Yay!!  Spring has *finally* sprung!!  The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising!   This means break out the sleeveless patterns!!

I so excited to share Little Lizard King's latest release: Boise Top & Dress.  This pattern features a squared neckline knit bodice with optional back ties and shoulder flutters.  The skirt can be simple tunic, tiered tunic, ruffled hem, tunic, simple dress, tiered dress or ruffled hem dress in knit or woven! The size range covers 12m - girls 14.

I chose to sew simple knit bodice (no ties or flutters) with a tiered woven skirt.  I've had this buttery soft Art Gallery knit in yellow patiently waiting to be sewn and I paired it with a lightweight chambray that jumped into my arms at Hobby Lobby (or at least that's the story I told my husband..HA!!).  It's the quintessential Spring combination in my mind.

I knew my daughter would want to try the tiered version because according to her, "the twirlier, the better!"  It passed her twirl test 😊

My daughter wears a size 4 chest with a 7 length and I found it very easy to blend the sizes to achieve a custom fit for her!  One of my favorite things about sewing is that I can customize sizes to get the fit that I cannot buy in the store!

The back mimics the front, but is slightly deeper cut.  Because I omitted the ties, I sewed two buttons on the front to help my daughter know which side goes in front.

 I found the most amazing garden tucked into our downtown area.  It's truly magical.  I've only lived here for 13 years and am just now discovering it. Whoops.  I expect to visit the gardens quite a bit now.

{New!} Cricut EasyPress Totes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Not only is it my 6-year blogging anniversary, it's also my 150th blog post!  YAY!!

To celebrate, I'm sharing some exciting news from Cricut!   New to their expansive crafting lineup are the EasyPress™ Totes!!  Because the EasyPress is touted for being so easily portable, it only makes sense that you'd want a sturdy case for the safest transport!

If you have an EasyPress 2 or an original EasyPress, you're going to want to grab one of these.


  • Premium bag for transportation of Cricut EasyPress, Safety Base, mat, and small accessories (each sold separately)
  • Includes large back pocket and a convenient zippered front pocket
  • Strong Velcro strap keeps machine firmly in place during travel
  • Constructed from premium, thick, and padded heat-resistant material for the ultimate protection.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comfortable strong grip handle
Last Fall, I brought my 2 of my EasyPresses to work and while they were portable and lightweight, I was nervous I'd drop one carrying them in along with all of my other supplies.  With these totes, I could've easily slipped one on each shoulder and with the included pockets, all of my supplies would be neatly tucked away.

I have 3 EasyPresses -- EasyPress (original), EasyPress 2 Mini and EasyPress 2 Large.  I have labeled the above picture with which EasyPress fits in which size.  Please note that the Original Easy Press (although it is 9 x 9 like the EasyPress 2 Medium) will NOT fit the 9 x 9 Tote.  Trust me... I tried -- LOL!  Remember in this post last year when I showed how they improved the base?  The EasyPress 2 9 x 9 base is smaller. 

*Tote Compatibility

Small - Cricut EasyPress 2, 6" x 7"

Medium - Cricut EasyPress 2, 9" x 9"
Large - Cricut EasyPress 2, 10" x 12" and Cricut EasyPress, 9" x 9"

Easily transport your EasyPress, Safety Base, Mat and small accessories for flawless iron-on transfers where ever you go!  These stylish totes are crafted from premium heat-resistant material and safely protect your gear from bumps and scrapes. The entire outside of the Tote has a thick padding which will protect your EasyPress!

Simply place the entire unit inside, including the base and wrap the cord around the outside.  Then secure the Velcro strap.

The middle securing strap in the large size features adjustable Velcro which allows you to secure both the Large EasyPress 2 and the Original EasyPress!

While all 3 sized totes include a back pocket, the large tote features an expandable back pocket which is perfect for carrying your 20" x 16" Easy Press Mat.

If you have just 12" x 12" mat, simply keep the expandable back pocket zipped and snapped up.

As a fellow sewist, the construction on these are SOLID.  The seams are strong, design is well thought out and the topstitching is impeccable.   Here is a close-up of the strong grip handle.

They feature adjustable straps on all 3 sizes so you can carry on one shoulder or cross-body style.  The large tote also has a strap padding for comfort.

Have I convinced you yet?!   Grab yours today!!  Tell me, which feature is your favorite?

{Riley Blake Designs} Bliss by My Mind's Eye

I am so excited to share one of Riley Blake Designs' newest fabric collections!  Bliss, designed by My Mind's Eye, is such a stunning collection with just the right amount of rose gold sparkle!  The color palette is blush pink, mint, and black.  This collection is a perfect mixture of floral, stripes, dots and honeycomb prints.

Photo Credit: Riley Blake Designs
Isn't it so dreamy?  Normally, I try to sew for just one on my daughters, but I just couldn't resist picking out fabrics for both.  I especially loved that I could pick out fabrics from one collection that suited each daughter but result in two totally different looks. For my oldest daughter, I chose Bliss Roses Black Sparkle and Bliss Honeycomb Black Sparkle.  She loves everything black and pink!  For my youngest daughter, I went with a softer palette and chose Bliss Main Mint Sparkle and accented it with Bliss Honeycomb Blush Sparkle.

While I picked the fabrics this time, I let the girls pick which dress I'd sew for them.  As we looked through pictures, the Lexington Dress by Little Lizard King caught my daughter's eye.  It is such a sweet and dainty pattern, it definitely suited the fabric selection.  I opted to add the faux sash which is a great place to use coordinating fabrics.

I love the back detailing and used the accent fabric as the tie to make the sweet honeycomb bow pop against the main floral print.

She's all ready for Spring ... we just need the Spring weather to arrive. HA!

My oldest chose one of her favorite patterns, the Sorrento by Little Lizard King.  Although I've sewn her a few, she didn't have a circle skirt version like her sister!  Thankfully she's so tiny for her age because I was *just* able to squeeze out the skirt on the 44" wide fabric.  It's a smidge shorter than the intended size 7 length.   (Please note: It normally doesn't sit so low on the top.  I noticed after pictures that I must have cut the straps a tad long... :facepalm:  I guess I'll have a date with the seam ripper to remedy it.)

We chose to contrast the bodice with the Honeycomb in Black. 

I made bias tape out of the remainder and used it to hem the circle skirt!

Of course, this dress was chosen for the twirl factor -- and it passed with flying colors!  Some pictures were promptly deleted because it twirls a *little* too

I'm also happy to report that you can iron this fabric just as you would any other cotton!  I was worried that the sparkle may require different instructions, but I had my iron as hot as it'd go with the steam just as high.

Thank you Riley Blake Designs for these gorgeous fabrics!! The smiles say it all 💗

Gnome & Gardens Fabric Collection by Shawn Wallace for Riley Blake Designs

I know Spring starts in 5 days, but who wants to skip straight to Summer with me?!  I am SO over rain and ready for weeks of sunshine.

Gnome and Gardens by Shawn Wallace for Riley Blake Designs is just the collection to make me want to jump-start Summer.  It's a whimsical group of designs with gnomes, bunnies in their carrot gardens and flamingos!!  Shown below is a sampling of the color palette.  It is just all SO fun!!

(Be sure to visit the Storyboard here to see complete collection details, including the inspiration behind it!)

Photo Credit: Riley Blake Designs
I was immediately drawn to the cute little flamingos and while the majority of what I sew my girls are dresses, I knew a summer top and shorts set was perfect for it.  I paired the Gnome and Gardens Flamingos White with the Gnomes and Gardens Loopy Dots Pink.  

The patterns I selected are Amsterdam Top (no and Charleston Shorts both by Little Lizard King.  For both patterns, I selected options that I had never sewn before and I love how they turned out! 

This back is perfect for our hot Summer heat!!  This Flamingo print is just the right weight too.

Several years ago, Rebecca of Candy Castle Patterns sent me various pieces of picot edged bias -- sent all the way from the Netherlands.   I have used some of the pieces here and there, but this black and white gingham piece has been waiting for the perfect pairing.  I adore how it compliments this fabric!!

She added some sunglasses and now she's ready!!  All she needs now is for it to stop raining and actually warm

Is that too much to ask for?!

Have you checked out the collection linked above?  What prints are your favorites??

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