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PSA - Adobe updates - MUST READ

Adobe has updated some settings and it may affect your PDF pattern pieces when you print them out.  Candy Castle Patterns and I have teamed up to help you understand these changes.  After you print your patterns, ALWAYS be diligent amd MEASURE the test square provided to make sure it measures EXACTLY correct!  

This issue came up in a pattern test when more than one tester failed to measure their test sqaure prior to cutting their pattern pieces and sewing.  A fellow tester, Cori mentioned that Adobe had updated and was likely the cause.  

Thank you Candy Castle Patterns for turning my pictures into a PDF tutorial! 

The tutorial has also been shared on Pattern Revolution where I am a contributor!  

I've heard from several fellow seamstresses who admitted they never measured their test boxes - take the pledge to measure, measure, measure!!  

Click the picture to access the tutorial!

Retro Glam Skirt by Little Lizard King

I recently was given the chance to test another new pattern for Little Lizard King, called The Retro Glam Skirt.  I think this is actually the 6th test I've done for them since the beginning of June (can we say busy?!)     

This pattern was designed by Tricia Boyer, exclusively for Little Lizard King.  It’s a modern take on a vintage-style apron and it is EPIC.  In the weeks leading up to the test, we were told that this skirt was BIG, FUN, and beyond EPIC – and boy, were they right!  It’s a playful skirt, with 10 scalloped panels pieced together with 10 upside down triangles, a flat waistband in the front and an adjustable waist in the back, rick rack trim and a huge bow that can be worn in the front or back.

As soon as I saw a sample of the Retro Glam Skirt, my mind was racing with possibilities.  I have tested alongside some of the other ladies picked and they are all so talented.  I began to think outside the box a bit.  I really wanted to show the playful possibilities of this pattern.  Enter the “Candy Corn Cutie” edition of the Retro Glam Skirt.

Seeing the scalloped pieces on the skirt, I couldn't get the images of candy corns out of my head.  In my mind, my idea looked awesome.  I decided I was going to keep my idea under wraps and give Tricia (designer) a few teases of my own.  Okay, several.  I think I strung her along for several days because once I got the skirt finished, I had to make a matching shirt.

I used 3 Kona solids – yellow, orange, and white – to make the candy corns.  Then, I chose a black fabric with small white polka dot to give stark contrast to the 10 candy corns.  I finished the bottom with black rick rack to tie in the black fabric and really continue the outlining of the candy corns. For the bow, I went back and forth between several ideas and finally settled on a two-tone bow – yellow and orange. 

Once I got my candy corns pieced together, the construction of the skirt went fairly quickly.  I was a bit nervous at first because of all of the piecing together, but the pattern pieces were spot on and I had no issues. 

I really like that this pattern prefers that you use buttonhole elastic to cinch up the waistband.  I had some on hand, but it’s simple to make and the pattern walks you through it.  My daughter has a smaller waist than most her size so this was perfect.  It makes sewing on the waistband easier too since you add the elastic last.  I tried it on my daughter and it fit perfectly!

My mind is still racing through possibilities of this skirt – some playful, some sophisticated and glam.  I may never look the same at another triangle again!

A brief run-down of the pattern and tutorial:
1.       Pattern pieces are nested, in color and require at most 4 printed pages.
2.    Pattern pieces lined up perfectly across the pages and are well labeled.
3.     The tutorial portion of the pattern has step-by-step directions, clear pictures and is easy to follow/understand.
4.     There is a size chart at the beginning of the pattern along with an adjustable waistband to ensure the best fit.
5.     It comes with a doll sized pattern!
6.     For a limited time, it comes with Rockabilly Head Band pattern as well (not shown as I haven’t sewn mine yet!).
7.     This pattern allows you to use your imagination and create a truly one-of-a-kind skirt.   

This pattern is offered at Little Lizard King in two sizing bundles or you can pick up the whole set at a discounted price!
·      All sizes

I haven’t had a chance to sew up the doll version, but I can’t wait to surprise my daughter with a Candy Corn Retro Glam for her doll, Willow!

If you like what you see, but feel like skipping the work, I have these skirts listed in my Etsy shop, That's-Sew-Kari!  I can either create a Candy Corn Cutie edition or something entirely custom for you; just send me a message on Etsy. 

If you'd like, you can also follow me on Facebook!

A special thanks to Tricia Boyer of Little Lizard King – this skirt was beyond epic and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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