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The Pout-Pout Fish Fabric Collection for Riley Blake Designs -PLUS- Free Printable Fish Bowl Pocket PDF Pattern

I am super excited to share the Pout-Pout Fish Fabric Collection now at Riley Blake Designs!!  Not only does my youngest daughter love fish, but as a Pre-K teacher, I love the Pout-Pout books!  This collection is SO super cute!  The collection comes in 3 colorways - white, aqua and blue - and also has a panel option, soft alphabet book (that I almost requested to sew for my classroom) and a quilt kit!

When my daughter and I browsed the fabrics on Riley Blake Designs' website, she fell in love with the Pout-Pout Fish Main print in Blue.  Without wanting to go full-blown costume-y, we chose a pattern with a curved bodice to give a nod to Pout-Pout's infamous frown.  Then, half jokingly, I told my daughter we should add a plastic pocket over Pout-Pout like he's in a fish bowl.

Well.... of course, she never forgot my suggestion (because kids never do).  She asked daily if I had her Pout-Pout dress done and if I had made a fish bowl pocket for him.

Ummm, I was sort of joking!  HA!!  So off to Walmart we went to look for plastic vinyl.  Then I got to work!  It was so super easy, I just had to share it will all of you.

  1. Download the FREE pattern by clicking the button below.  Save it to your computer and then open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  Print it out at 100% scaling.  Verify that the 1" square is accurate.
  2. Cut out 1 pocket from clear mid-weight plastic vinyl.  
  3. Cut a 5.5" strip of narrow double fold bias tape.  (or make you own - cut 1" tall for a finished height of 1/4" --- cut on the BIAS!!!)
  4. Unfold the bias tape and fold each end under by 1/4". Keep unfolded except for the ends.
  5. With the end folded under, place the right side of the bias against the top edge of the back side of the pocket.  Sew along the first crease. 
  6. Refold the bias tape and bring it up and over the front.  Using wonder clips (not pins), hold in place and topstitch 1/8" from bottom edge of your bias tape. The top of your pocket is now enclosed.
  7. Place pocket on skirt where desired.   (Do not use pins to hold in place).  Sew along the length of the pocket along the outer edge. To get the rounded fish bowl effect, do not sew it on flat.  Instead, place the top edges a bit closer together..  Be sure to backstitch a few times at the beginning and the end so your pocket stays secure.

The dress pattern I used is Bristol by Little Lizard King.  I made it sleeveless because that's what she loves!  For the bodice, I used the Pout-Pout Fish Swirls in Aqua and lined it with Pout-Pout Fish Swirls in White.  I also used the white as the rim of my fish bowl pocket (the bias tape in the tutorial above).

I also used some of the Pout-Pout Fish Swirls in White for some piggy-tail bows.  Sweet Red Poppy just came out with this super easy pattern, including cut files for the Cricut Maker!! The Sailor Bow Pattern comes in 4 sizes.  This is the mini size.   Grab the Sailor bow pattern here!

Thank you Riley Blake Designs for the cute fabric!!  It really sparked my creative juices.

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