Bundle UP - A Pattern Collection: You Had Me at BG

Eeek!!  Have you seen the new pattern bundle, Bundle UP, coming Saturday to Pattern Revolution - it features 11 popular designers of PDF patterns.  My first introduction to the world of PDF patterns was none other than Brownie-Goose last year with her Summer Sailor Shorts pattern.  It seemed only fitting to try out her newest pattern - the Bay Dress & Top - debuting Saturday with the start of the Bundle UP sale.

Let me tell you, it's swoon-worthy, for sure.

Love the added detail the crochet lace trim gives.

If you've never sewn a pattern from Brownie-Goose, you're in for a real treat.  Amy has a very distinct tutorial style and it will leave you in stitches (see what I did there? hehe).

Let's get to the nitty-gritty of the pattern, shall we?

I added a small grosgrain ribbon across the seamline between the bodice & skirt portion.

Before printing your pattern, I recommend a thorough measurement of your child.  My 3 yr old has a very narrow build and her chest is actually 1.5" smaller than the smallest available (18m).  Now, don't be alarmed, this is something I'm quite used to.  For fitted garments, especially, you don't want to make the mistake of sewing their RTW (ready to wear) size.  Could you imagine if I had just sewn her a 3t simply because that's what she wears in the stores?!  That's the beauty of sizing charts.  I think the fit is great, actually and didn't experience any shoulder slippage.  You can also position the buttons in the back to aid in tailoring the fit just for your child.

#swoon  -- the back!!

 Printing was quick and easy.  All of the pieces are nested with the exception of the 18m back bodice.  The skirt portions are cut following a cutting chart.  There are 3 different cutting options in the chart for each size so pay attention to which style you are creating.

Shhh.... don't tell my husband she was picking leaves off our Japanese maple.

There are so many options included in this pattern that you could make several in a row before repeating.  

Two main options:

Two bodice options:
Drop waist (option on dress only)

Two skirt options:
Curved back

Straight back

Two sleeve options:
Flutter sleeves

Love this top!

So what options did I choose?

  • Top - I had the perfect coordinating fabric to make shorts 
  • Empire bodice - This is the only bodice option for the top
  • Curved back skirt - I don't think I could ever skip this choice!!
  • Combination of the two choices - I decided to use my crochet lace trim as mini flutters

Couldn't resist using box pleats instead of traditional gathering.

I bet you're wondering if I changed anything!  Well.... of course I couldn't resist making it my own a bit so I opted to box pleat the skirt portion before attaching it to the bodice.  But that's all I changed, I promise.

The shorts are just fab!!

Remember the perfect coordinating fabric I said I had for shorts?  I used the Clover Shorts available at Willow & Co. and I love how the two patterns came together to make a stunning outfit.  Oh, and her cute little gold shoes?? A lucky find at Target!

OH. MY. WORD.  the buttons!!!

Get ready to break out your most swoon-worthy buttons and trim -- you won't want leave them off!

This is just one of the patterns available in the Bundle UP collection available at Pattern Revolution starting Saturday, April 26th.  There are 10 other designers and if you can believe it, there are two designers in there that I have yet to sew.  The neat thing about Bundle UP is you can build your own bundle!  Of course, the more you buy, the more you save.  Don't delay, though, because Bundle UP is only available April 26th - May 2nd!

Want a chance to win it before you can buy it?  Click HERE to enter.

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15 comments on "Bundle UP - A Pattern Collection: You Had Me at BG"
  1. So cute! When can we find a tutorial on box pleating on your blog?!!?

    1. Hmmm, not sure?! It was in the Nonie's Baby pattern I just used and I though it would look awesome here. Although, I just eyeballed it because I wanted the flowers framed ;)

  2. Just gorgeous, I haven't sewn a BG pattern yet but this one will definitely be in my bundle.

  3. I have tried to see the photos and click on the links listed in the blog and it wont let me get to any of it. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    1. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry :) I had too much bandwidth being used by all my posts that I had run out of room on Photobucket. Long story short, I had to pay Photobucket...LOL

  4. your creations are gorgeous! :) love both the top and shorts!

  5. What material did you use for the little bay top with the crochet flutters?

  6. What fabric did you use on the Bay dress top with the crochet flutter? So adorable!!

  7. as I can get the pattern ? gracias

    1. The pattern is available here now: https://www.etsy.com/listing/186464460/bg-originals-the-bay-dress-and-top-pdf?ref=shop_home_active_3

  8. as I can get the pattern ? gracias

  9. where did you find those beautiful buttons?


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