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Glam Girl by Dani Mogstad for Riley Blake Designs

Ooh la la...

    There are certain fabric collections that the moment I look at them, I know exactly which daughter needs it in her life.  When I first saw Glam Girl by Dani Mogstad for Riley Blake Designs, I knew my oldest would be in love!  This stylish collection is full of fashion, flowers and stunning plaid and comes in 3 colorways - black, white and mint.  Pops of pink and rose gold sparkle add some extra fanciness.

Immediately my eyes were drawn to that the black plaid peeking out from the stack above.  I also loved the florals.  It was a super hard decision and my original plan was thwarted by my procraftination.  Then I had a tentative plan B, but even that evolved once I started creating.  I really love the end result, but more importantly, so does my daughter!

I ended up choosing the Glam Girl Floral White Sparkle, Glam Girl Words Pink Sparkle, and the Glam Girl Panel Mint Sparkle

Glam Girl Panel Mint Sparkle -- photo from Riley Blake Designs

My original plan was to create both a dress and a coat (using the Glam Girls Plaid Black Sparkle as the outer layer and the Words Pink Sparkle lining) but.... I didn't (a story for another day).  HA!!

As I looked at the quilt panel that I impulsively requested (which by the way, I don't, I knew I wanted to incorporate at least one of the quotes somewhere on my dress.  I turned to the Siena Dress by Little Lizard King which features a center panel (which was just the right size!).  I omitted all of the optional ruffles as I wanted the dress to be as sleek as possible.

I chose the "Love your fabulous self" block because it's such an important message for all ages to be reminded of, but especially for these tween years as she inches closer to middle school.

 I added side seam pockets because my daughters are obsessed with them and they are so easy to add!! 

Every "Glam Girl" needs the perfect accessory and right now, the words "mini backpack" are thrown around my house daily (and every time we go to the store).  I knew the Glam Girls Words Pink would look amazing sewn up as a mini backpack.  I started with the Animazing Messenger Bag by Little Lizard King and used the free Animazing Backpack Add-on and added a few of my own touches.

The rose gold sparkle on the light pink completely has my heart!!  I kind of want to keep this backpack for myself 😂 Oh, and don't worry about the sparkle needing special ironing instructions -- I ironed using my normal heat settings!

I added a little handle at the top just because and side ties to help keep it cinched at the top.  I also used a magnetic snap to keep the flap in place in lieu of a button with loop.  Inside, I added a smaller pocket than the pattern called for using the quilt block (from the panel) "Happiest girls are the prettiest girls."  However, it was hard to photograph it inside once the backpack was all put together (whoops!).

This fabric is released and currently available!!!  Check your favorite online retailer and local quilt stores.  I've got to find some of that black plaid so I can make that jacket I was dreaming of!!  Thank you Riley Blake Designs for this gorgeous package of fabric!!

I will be framing some of the remaining quilt blocks to hang in my daughter's Paris-inspired room.  I may make a couple of small pillows too for her bed.  What's your favorite tiny panel pattern?

♥ ♥ ♥ Have a fabulous day! ♥ ♥ ♥

{Riley Blake Designs} Llama Llama Flannel Pajama

Llama llama, bedtime drama.... I don't know about y'all, but the moment bedtime rolls around, drama ensues at my house.  I'm not sure what it is about bedtime that my kids (namely my youngest) seem to actively refuse to participate, but oh my, it's my nightly struggle.  My oldest decides it's suddenly time to play and my youngest has an entire list of antics to run through (really, she wrote it down Please tell me I'm not alone!!

As soon as I saw Flannel Novelty Llamas by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs, I knew my girls needed some new pajama pants.  I was super excited that these llamas come in 3 colorways -- pink, teal, and white.  My oldest loves pink and my youngest loves teal so this collection caters to both!  The little llamas are super cute and the flannel is unbelievably soft.

Me: It's time for bed.... 
Her: I DON'T WANNA!!!  

I used the Adelaide Pajama pants by Little Lizard King to sew up these cozy pj pants.  While my youngest prefers shorts (even in the dead of winter), I convinced her that pants were better because they had more llamas. To complete her pajama set, I used a store tee and added some iron-on with my Cricut.  (Bonus: she can wear the shirt to school too). 

What I say: Time for bed!
What she hears: TIME TO PARTY!!!!
I added pockets because I love pockets and so do my girls.  Plus, how would she smuggle little toys to bed without them?!  

This flannel is so comfy, she fell asleep right on the spot! (HA!! If only it were that  But seriously, this flannel is so super soft and sewed so nicely!  I was super happy I could iron throughout the process without changing any of my settings.

My oldest will fall asleep the moment her head hits the pillow which is fantastic as long as I can get her INTO bed.  HA!

 I also made her the Adelaide Pajama pants and paired with a store tee that I embellished.  The Adelaide pattern also come with a cute top, but I wanted to be able to personalize the shirts a bit for their personalities.

She thought she should pretend to go to sleep so you would know the flannel "worked".  After a rather short adventure during bedtime routine tonight, I'll happily say, "yes, yes it does!!"

Don't worry, she's not mad about her new pjs.... she's showing y'all her mad "It's time for bed" face.   She is such a ham in real life and normally reigns it in for most photo shoots, but these pics showcase their personalities perfectly.  (and honestly, I pared down the gazillion expressions she gave me.)

Best sisters.  They really love to coordinate and will be wearing these cute llamas all winter long.  They will probably make an appearance at their elementary school "pj days" too!

{Rose Lane} by Flamingo Toes for Riley Blake Designs

Sometimes you just need to take a quick break from sewing this season's fabric and play for a moment! 

Meet Rose Lane by Beverly McCullough of Flamingo Toes for Riley Blake Designs!  This collection is full of bright and cheery colors and is purr-fect for kitty cat lovers!  It features 3 colorways (mint, pink, white) and includes a large quilt panel.

My youngest daughter loves all creatures and animals, but especially kitty cats.  Unfortunately she's allergic (as is the rest of my family) so she was very excited to see these fabrics arrive.  I chose the Rose Lane Main Mint as my starting point and added Rose Lane Cat Floral Mint and Rose Lane Tiny Bouquet Mint as coordinates (although I do have a bit of regret that I didn't choose coordinates these in pink).  I was also drawn to the Rose Lane Cat Panel (but I don't so I figured inspiration would just come to me.

These fabrics are so pretty in person and a little bit dainty so  I wanted to pick a pattern to showcase the sweetness of the designs.  I also wanted it suitable for warmer weather.  I decided on Malibu by Little Lizard King.  

The back features a bow (or a tie) and is perfect for adding in a pop of color.  Luckily I had some yellow stripes leftover from this post and it was just what the back of the dress needed!

I was able to talk her into these pretty flutters and it really softens the look.  Look how pretty this fabric ruffles!

I decided to hem the dress with yellow bias tape to continue my little pops of yellow throughout.

After I looked at the Rose Lane Cat Panel, this kitty inspired me.  I really wanted to keep the block intact rather that use a partial kitty on a bodice so I cut along the outline and decided I'd turn it into a little bag.  I didn't follow any pattern and kind of just made it up as I went along...

I used the Rose Lane Tiny Bouquet Mint for the backside, sides and straps and used another quilt block for a pocket.  I added in the yellow stripes as faux piping at the top of the pocket.  I lined it with the the Rose Lane Cat Floral Mint.

 She is so super excited about this outfit!!  Although she can't wear the dress to school, she cannot wait to bring her new bag tomorrow!

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