Westport by Little Lizard King

Little Lizard King has been part of my girls' wardrobe since they were itty-bitty.  My youngest was just two years old when she started modeling my creations.  Now, she's 7 and still loves to see what the next LLK creation will be.  I am humbled to be a part of the LLK family and excited to share one of the latest patterns (stay tuned for more).  The Westport Top & Dress is a classic, collared button-down style dress with 4 different sleeves (sleeveless, flutter, puffy short, and classic long).  The skirt bottom features the arched sides like you'd find on a dress shirt.  The sizes cover 12m - 14 girls.

Even though we have entered the season of Fall, our weather hasn't gotten the memo.  It's still in the 90s everyday so I chose to sew up the sleeveless version because who knows when Fall will come. 

This dress is not super fitted in the bodice, but it was easy to put on despite the short placket.  Did I forget to mention P O C K E T S ?    Ohhhh, yeah!!!  I definitely said yes to those!

If you've never sewn a collar before, this one is simple and straighforward.  It features a both collar stand and a collar.  If blending sizes, it's recommended to leave the neckline unblended and cut for the height of the child.  This way you can be certain the collar stand will fit perfectly.  My daughter is wearing a 4 width and 6 height and a straight 6 collar.

I've sewn mine up in a Kona cotton that has been in my stash since the "Princess Sofia" days... HA!  I originally planned a fantastic gray and red plaid, but I thought that would be best suited for a long sleeved version (if it ever cools down enough for that).  I may get impatient and use it for a Napoli...lol

I've styled it fairly simply for my photoshoot -- tall boots and oversized sunglasses for some pictures and then we swapped out the glasses for a Seattle Beanie for a more urban, hipster vibe.  The Seattle takes just minutes to sew up, especially once you don't have to consult the tutorial.  

I had originally picked out a smaller print on the knit for the beanie, but I was just 2" short in width so I decided polka dots for Plan B.

P.S... this pattern is O N  S A L E for one last day so hurry to the shop to snap it up at 30% off!

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