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I've loved kitty cats since I was little and always dreamed of having one when I grew up -- then I married a man who was allergic and had two kids also allergic... HA!   I'm always drawn to any cat print on fabric and my daughters share the same love.  

Mod Meow by Amanda Niederhauser for Riley Blake Designs is such a fun collection.  Inspired by the century modern era with added feline features, it's purr-fectly cute!  (Sorry, literally couldn't resist).  The main colorways are blue, blush and cream with fun coordinated of gold, green and red.

Not only does the collection offer the prints above, it also has a border print in all 3 colorways and I never miss a chance to sew up a border print!  I chose the Mod Meow Border Cream and paired it with Mod Meow Stripes Cottage.  I really love the plaids too and nearly chose one as a coordinate.  

My original plan for these fabrics was to sew up a dress for my youngest daughter, but once I got them in, I just wasn't sold.  I enlisted my daughter and she selected a skirt and sleeveless top and I still just knew it wasn't "it".  Finally I gave in and asked the fabric and I love what the fabric had in mind!!    I ended up sewing a Slumber Set, complete with cinch sack (in case we ever get to have sleepovers again) and sleep mask.    

The pjs are Adelaide by Little Lizard King, with a few modifications.  I prefer a slimmer top and knew it would show the border print better so I took 5" from both the front and back pieces. For the shorts, I eliminated the side seam.  Obviously these pjs are super comfy and she couldn't believe I was letting her jump on my bed.  (Fun fact .... to the right of my bed -- just out of frame -- is where all my sewing magic happens!)

I also added grommets and a twill tape drawstring!  I broke down a couple months ago and got a whole grommet kit and now they are so easy to put in.  Plus, the drawstring helps my daughter know which way is the front. Hehe.  

I love these shorts in the kitty stripes.  It's SOOO cute in person.

I had fabric leftover so I sewed up a sleep mask from Made for Mermaids.  I used the kitty stripes on the outside and a cozy black fleece on the backside.

Then I decided maybe a cute bag to carry the pjs in would be cute so I set out to make a cinch sack.  I browsed Pinterest for a bit, but couldn't find exactly what I had pictured.  So I drafted my own.  (I'll share the tutorial in the future -- this project was added last minute!).

I also added a pocket inside for her toothbrush and toothpaste.

I'm glad I listened to the fabric!!  This set is exactly what it needed to become.  My daughter is currently happily snoozing in her new pjs and I love being able to sew up fun things for her.

Mod Meow is already out so

please check with your favorite fabric shop for yardage!!

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  1. Oh, my goodness, I love that the fabric spoke to you and became exactly what it needed to be. Yes, fabric has a voice. Such a darling ensemble for your little girl! It's perfect!


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