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Every year, I sew up new fancy dresses for my two girls to wear to Christmas Eve mass.  This year, I'm super excited to have them finished early November!!  Of course, I have no idea if they'll have a special event to show them off, but they will be worn, even if it's just at home.  

I am super excited to kick off the Simple Life Pattern Company Holiday Blog Tour 2020.   Simple Life Pattern Company has no shortage of gorgeous patterns to select so I wanted to choose a new (to me) pattern for each girl.  Art Gallery Fabrics and Fancy Pants Fabrics generously provided all the gorgeous fabrics for the tour --- they pair together perfectly! 

I selected coordinating fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics' Cozy & Joyful collection and fell in love with the holiday tulle collection from Fancy Pants Fabrics.  My oldest is wearing Candied Roses in Rayon and my youngest daughter is wearing Winter Wonderland in Joyful and Midwinter in Dusk from Art Gallery Fabrics and Gold Snowflake Tulle in Off-White from Fancy Pants Fabrics.

I started with my youngest daughter first.  I chose to sew Elouise's Asymmetrical Top & Dress because I really loved the bodice.  It features a delicate sweetheart neckline and has a uniquely pieced back with bow.  I omitted the asymmetrical skirt overlay to let the tulle take center stage.  

To create the skirt, I used 5 total layers.  I first cut out a lining layer from woven cotton, using the gathered vintage skirt cutting chart.  Then I cut a layer of netting -- this layer really helps the top layers stand out.  I cut this 1/2" shorter than the vintage skirt length and width of fabric (x2).  On top of the netting, I used two layers of nylon chiffon -- width of fabric x vintage length cut (x2).  Finally, the top layer is the gold snowflake tulle -- width of fabric x vintage length cut (x2).  Then I sewed up the side seams on each layer  -- for the tulle, nylon chiffon and netting layers, I used a double fold of tissue paper underneath the seams to prevent the fabric from gathering while sewing.  Gently remove the tissue paper afterwards.    I gathered each layer separately except for the two nylon chiffon layers.  The skirt has a placket which was easy to install to all 5 layers at once, but I'd recommend running your gathering thread prior to adding the placket.  I had to move all the other layers aside because I didn't think about it until after my placket was in place.  Whoops!  (Only the lining layer needs hemmed here)

The back is so pretty!  I thought the way it's pieced together is really clever and would be a great place for contrasting fabric.  I opted to keep just the bow in contrasting fabric to help in stand out.  I love the gold buttons I found which tied it all together.

I think this may be the first year her Christmas dress has sleeves.  HA!  She has really fallen in love with 3/4 sleeves this year and was happy to see the option in the pattern.

To finish out her outfit, I sewed up a Hair Bow in Mini/Piggy size from the Simple Life Pattern Company blog!  So cute and she loves having a bow on her pony tail.

For my oldest, I selected Patricia's Boho High Low Top and Dress.  Katie's pictures of it sewn up in rayon inspired me and I just had to try it out!  While my daughter is not usually one for ruffles, she approved this design and the rayon makes them really soft and flowy.    This pattern has no closures and just slips on over the head. 

I used the included skirt pieces for the dramatic high low option.  I hadn't really sewn rayon until about a month ago and while it's a bit fiddly to cut, it sews up so easily.  I really love how soft and light it is!

My daughter is excited about this dress.  Not only is it incredibly comfortable to wear, but it will last longer than the holiday season!  I think this fabric would be fabulous in the Patricia top version paired with skinny jeans too!

Time to go spread some holiday magic 💗

A huge thank you to our sponsors!!

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  1. Love this, so gorgeous! I just got some snowflake tulle and this is a huge inspiration

  2. This is amazing! I just got some similar tulle and this is a big inspiration!

  3. These are just stunning! I love both dresses so much and your photography is so amazing1 <3

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  5. These are absolutely magical in every way! The artistry of your work is phenomenal; you're truly brought the holiday to life through these sews and photos, Kari!

    1. Thank you very much! It's always so fun to try to bring some of the magic in...

  6. Thank you so much I loved this

  7. These are fantastic. I have the Elouise in my sewing table now


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