Singing in the Rain by Flamingo Toes for Riley Blake Designs

Happy Spring y'all!!  I don't know about you, but I could use a little something to brighten my days and this collection - Singing in the Rain by Beverly McCullough of Flamingo Toes for Riley Blake Designs - is definitely bringing a smile to my face.  It's full of bright, cheery colors and has cute rain boots, umbrellas, flower and bias stripes!  

I knew I'd choose the stripes because y'all know stripes are my absolute favorite!  I chose Singing in the Rain Ribbons in Raspberry, and paired it with Singing in the Rain Umbrellas in Waterfall and accented with Singing in the Rain Drops in Raspberry.  I love how the Raspberry prints bring out the darker umbrellas.

I don't normally repeat pattern selections back to back, but I turned to my new favorite pattern, Carmelo by Little Lizard King.  I couldn't help but piece the front bodice together for added interest.  It's my favorite thing to do with stripes.  Because the stripes were on the bias, one side is cut on the grain-line and the other is turned 90-degrees so it would match across the seam.   I also modified the neckline to a normal rounded neckline.

I really wanted to try out the simple back which doesn't have scallops but I used the Ribbons as my lining so I could roll it to slightly show on the outside as faux bias tape.  I also turned the stripes at a 45-degree angle for the bottom back bodice pieces.  I lined it with fabric cut on the grain-line so they wouldn't stretch when worn.

She REALLY wanted that twirly skirt again so of course, I couldn't say no!  The bottom piece is 3 pieces (width of fabric) pieced together.  She twirled so much she made herself dizzy and had to sit for a second. HA! 

My girls always get really excited when I get a package from Riley Blake Designs.  I love it too because the designs are always so cute, colors are vibrant and the fabric is soft!  These dresses get worn over and over again which means a lot of washing and they always come out looking as good as the day I sewed them!!  I can't wait to see this dress thrown into the mix!

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  1. Beautiful--brings back memories of sewing for my daughter at a young age! Happy days!


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