{Project Run & Play} Week 1: Analogous Colors

Yay!! It's finally the day to share Week 1 of Project Run and Play!  This opportunity is literally a dream come true and when I received the message to be one of the designers, I was speechless. 

Week 1: Analogous Colors
There’s no denying it’s THE hot color scheme in the fashion world right now!  Grab a color wheel, choose your analogous colors, and be inspired to create your own look.

Psst.... want to hear the backstory of Week 1? 

I originally purchased an entirely different set of analogous colors (which I'm keeping a secret...lol) and had my ideas sketched and prototypes sewn.  I liked them, but wasn't in love so I was trying to figure out what to do.  Then I happened upon the inspiration while walking through Walmart and found the two-tone skirt fabric my youngest is wearing. It reminded me of lemons.  Of course, I tried to put it out of my mind because I had literally just purchased yards upon yards of fabric for this other color scheme.  Well, I've always listened to gut instinct and  I caved two days later and bought the yellow fabric that stopped me in my tracks; thus completely switching my plan.  Then I turned to my stash that's literally taking over my room and was quite pleased to find so many different fabrics that fit as well.  As I sew, I tend to modify my projects as new inspiration leads me down another path.  This project was no exception and I've learned to just embrace the journey.

Analogous colors selected: Yellow-Orange | Yellow | Yellow-Green

Inspiration: Lemons and Pineapples -- refreshing summer fruits

First up is Miss Lemon!  Not only does my daughter enjoy sucking on lemons, her personality has a bit of lemon zest added... a bit sour at times but mostly refreshing when sugar is added.  Don't forget the sugar!!

I began to create a sundress that would make sense to showcase multiple fabrics, had a back cut out, used one of the 40 lace zippers Amazon shipped me and had fun pockets!  Pockets are always a must.  

I started with Carmelo by Little Lizard King as my base pattern.  It was the fitted bodice I was looking for and what hooked me on lace zippers.  The front bodice, I simply removed the princess neckline and opted for a simple rounded one. For the back,  I started with the simple overlay and redrew it to be much narrower and then added a cutout in the back that mimics the end of a lemon. I also changed it to stop at the top seam of  the back bodice band, enclosing it inside.  Above the cutout are two buttons and below is a lace zipper. 

For the pockets, I wanted a panel that would fold up into pocket but would not need any visible stitching other than where the elastic is. I taped some paper together and got out my ruler and was pleased when I folded it all up that it looked just like I wanted.  I didn't want the pocket to just gape open at the top, so I made a 3" channel for elastic to "pucker" the top up, just like when you eat a lemon.  I placed the pocket panels so they straddled the side seams so the pockets would be in a comfortable and useful place.  For the hem of the dress, I made it a deep 1.5" and chose a blind hem stitch.  This way, it helps hold the shape of the skirt with the added pockets and gives a little growing room in height.

If I'm being honest, this self-drafted lemon purse is my MOST favorite piece of the collection. I liked it so much, I sewed it twice....lol  Well, I should say, I re-sewed it.  I finished the first one and realized that I really wished I had put a zipper on it and I happened to have one that was a perfect fit.  So after I tried to partially unpick stitches to enclose the zipper, I decided I'd rather just completely start over... so I recut like a couple hours before photos. HA!  The white is iron-on with my Cricut.  The slice was originally a whole circle slice image, but I worked a little Cricut magic and it was just the touch I needed.  I used a wide cord for the strap.

Fabric Details:

  • Lemon Fabric:  Hobby Lobby purchase last year, hiding patiently waiting in my stash.
  • Green/White Stripes: Scraps from my Riley Blake Designs Stripes blog post
  • Yellow Circle on Yellow: Walmart
  • Yellow (Lemon Purse): Waverly by Walmart  
I'm a bargain shopper!

Next is Miss Pineapple!  At nearly 11 years old, but just barely over 4 ft tall, she stands tall with an invisible crown of confidence and is super sweet. 

I knew I wanted to create a summer maxi for her because they do help you look taller and when I found the Yellow-Orange with White Pin Stripe, I knew the stripes would enhance the illusion of height.

Of course, when I see stripes, I can't help but piece the front bodice together!  Not only do I love the challenge of matching the stripes, but it also mimics the diagonal lines of a pineapple (PSA: don't try to weave knit y'all, that was my first plan and time waster of two nights...) I started with Capri by Little Lizard King as my base bodice.  I removed the tie and rounded the neckline.  For the straps, in order to handle the weight of the fabric of a maxi, I added elastic inside of them and sewed them as I would sew swim straps, with the elastic attached and the seams and stitching hidden.  I also arched the waistline, drawing inspiration from Magnolia by Little Lizard King.

On the back, I scooped it out between the straps and then I redrew the strap placements to come up to meet the strap, like like the front (the original back is straight across with the straps enclosed in the seam).  For the skirt, I used the width of the fabric and added pockets at both side seams.  I used a narrow hem to finish it off.

For the final piece of the collection, I drafted a Pineapple Cross Body Cell Phone Holder,  Before I began, I quilted the fusible fleece interfacing onto the main fabric. The holder is fully lined and has a leaf crown at the top in front.  This way, she can easily access her cell phone without foraging through leaves (see back view below).  I attached the straps in a way that will not get twisted as she wears it.  They can also be knotted in order to be carried by hand.

Fabric Details:

Never throw a scrap away!!! You may need it someday!

I titled this collection "Simply Sweet" because as I was looking through my pictures, I came across a picture where my girls were just walking together, deep in conversation and my youngest just impulsively leaned over and kissed her big sister on the shoulder.  It was just the sweetest little moment to witness and thus my collection was named.  I hope you loved this as much as my girls did!! 

I want to stick around for a bit and show you more! ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š

"Will you be my best sister?!"

On our way back to the car, we found a gazebo and they ran ahead to step inside.  When I got there, this is what I saw.... awww!!!  My girls are so precious sometimes!  I honestly NEVER know what they will do next.  

8 comments on "{Project Run & Play} Week 1: Analogous Colors"
  1. Love the dresses. Thank you for the information on were you got the fabrics

  2. I wondered if i was voting fairly since I read the main post, but hadn’t ventured to the blogs yet, but yes! I voted for you, you totally deserve it and can’t wait to see what all you make! Also, I know you you’re busy, but I’m sure people would love a tutorial for your Carmelo hack. I’m totally stealing that look for my big girl.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'll definitely be making it again, so I'll try to take pictures next time.

  3. This look is absolutely gorgeous! I am glad that you scrapped plan A! I love all of the details and the coordinating purses.

    1. Thank you very much!! I'm sure some of the fabrics I purchased will work their way in over the next few months. HA!! Glad you love it!

  4. You're right about having the sweetest girls, I always love when they pop up in my feed. Fabulous job as always, Kari!


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