One Step Closer in the Sew-A-Long with Candy Castle Patterns: Step 4

Step 4: Sew your bodice.

Whoop!  It's a new step in the Princess/Peppermint Swirl SAL with Candy Castle Patterns.   Yesterday, those that had never sewn these patterns before participated in Step 3: Make a muslin.

A "muslin" is basically a test run of the fitted portions of the pattern to check the fit before cutting into your gorgeous fabrics.  Some seamstresses do, in fact, use muslin, which is an inexpensive, lightweight cotton.  I like to use anything cheap so I like to hit up the sales rack.   If it fits, I might just turn it into another dress if the fabric is cute enough.  I just stocked up on a bunch of sale fabric at Walmart - on sale for $0.87/yd or less!!

I sat yesterday out since I have sewn both patterns for each girl.  But, today, I got to sew my bodices!  I was so excited it was a new step, I started first thing this morning.  My bodices went together pretty fast.

Sister dresses
Size 18 m slim
Size 3 slim

And since they are sleeveless, all the seams are hidden between the outer and the lining - even the side seams!

We can't forget about the top-stitching! This is one of the finishing touches that I never skip.  It also helps keep the lining and main fabric from shifting around at the seam line.

It's important to stitch slowly and carefully when top-stitching!
To turn a corner, put your needle down through your garment,
lift your presser foot, and pivot your fabric.
Of course, since I completed this today, I have to wait a few days until it's time to move along to the next step.  I must say, I love a relaxed SAL schedule like Candy Castle Patterns plans.  It gives me time to get through the steps if something comes up one day or another.  This also means, you can still join in ... hint, hint!  Or just stop by the group and have a cupcake with us and ogle all of the pictures being posted!

***Missed a step?  Read through my previous posts!***
Until next time....

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  1. It's going to look great, but it's always hard to hold back when you're right on schedule!!

    1. I know! Normally I cheat and work ahead of schedule, but I am determined to follow it precisely!


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