It's Sew-A-Long Time at Candy Castle Patterns!

Candy Castle Patterns is back with another Sew-A-Long!  This marks the 4th Sew-A-Long since August.

Q: What is a Sew-A-Long?

A:  A Sew-A-Long (SAL) is where a group of people all sew the same pattern at the same time.  A schedule of events is posted at the beginning and each day or so, more steps are added until the garment is completely sewn.  And, of course, lots of chatter and pictures along the way make them extra fun!

This SAL is a bit different because we're sewing along to 3 patterns actually - two dress patterns (Peppermint Swirl and Candy Castle Princess ) and then an additional sleeve pattern (Swizzle Sticks Sleeve Add-on) that is optional.

We've just begun, so our "homework" today is to purchase our patterns and purchase our fabrics!   Well, I owned the patterns already so that was the easy part!   Deciding fabrics is always a lengthy process for me.  I always want to get it just right.  I had lots of choices from my stash and depending on what I chose would help me decide which pieces of the patterns I'd be using.

After much deliberation (and pulling out every bit of my stash!), I decided to start on my daughters' Easter dresses.  If I don't, I know it will be almost Easter and I'll be scrambling to make something.  Just before Christmas, I was in Hancock Fabrics and saw a fabric that immediately screamed Easter dress to me!
Top picture is for my blonde-haired 2 yr old and the bottom picture is for my brunette 4 yr old!

I will be going for a simple silhouette here - I'll be using the Candy Castle Princess as my base, but I will be skipping the top-skirt.  I've decided a sleeveless dress would look best (so I will have to save my Swizzle Sticks Sleeves for another dress!) and I picked different colored bodices for each girl.  A navy Swiss dot sash will be the finishing touch.

Today is just the start so there's still plenty of time to join in :) Head on over to the Candy Castle Patterns Group on Facebook to join in!  Oh and through Thursday night, there's a discount on the Swizzle Sticks Sleeve Add-on -- purchase HERE & enter code SWIZZLE at checkout to save 25%.

I'll be back on Friday with my pieces cut out!

Happy sewing!

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