{Riley Blake Designs} Spotted: Day to Night Tween Fashion


If you follow me at all, you know by now that my oldest daughter and I cannot get enough animal print!  At this point, she has at least a dozen different pieces in her tween wardrobe. 

As soon as I saw Spotted by Kate Blocher for Riley Blake Designs, I couldn't resist it!  This collection has so many options but leopard prints are our absolute favorite and was thrilled to find a pink and black color combination!

I chose Spotted Leopard White and it's so vibrant in person!  I really don't think I could have choses wrong though.  Check out this spread!!

Right away, I knew I'd branch away from my normal dresses.  My tween is at the age where she much prefers comfy, lounge-y pieces or something she can throw on with jeans.  With some creative thinking, I was able to make her two pieces that could take her from day to night -- depending on how she styled them.

I started with the Halsey Shorts from Little Lizard King.  They are the cutest little woven sporty shorts.  I loved sewing them last year and then forgot all about them -- whoops!  

She's finally old enough to try out for track this year so I sized up one hip size with the hopes they fit for tryouts in the Spring.  For now, she'll use them to start training!

Next,  I sewed up Laramie by Little Lizard King -- another pattern I sewed last year and then forgot about.  It sews up lightning fast and is finished inside with facings, including the hem.  I think it looks great paired with jeans and a pair of sandals.

Then, we paired the pieces together and BAM -- the perfect tween pjs!  She had to bring her favorite stuffed panda along for the shoot.

Spotted is coming out this month to a quilt shop near you!!  Which print is your favorite? The butterflies would be fun to color in with some fabric markers!

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  1. These are SO cute!! Thank you for sharing Kari :)


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