{Blog Tour} Sew Americana: 2019

Hello!! Welcome to the 4th annual Sew Americana Blog Tour, hosted by the fun and talented Katy of Wild & Wanderful!  I am so excited to join this blog tour again.  This is my third time joining in on the fun (missed year 2).  Last year, I made some awesome swimsuits so we could spend the day at the pool.  This year, however, we will be spending the day with our families as my sister is getting married just two short days later!!  

As I sat down to design the girls' outfits, I had them help me choose dresses or shorts and shirts.  They both immediately said dresses.  While I have a growing stash of patriotic materials, my oldest fell in love with this All American Girl fabric from Walmart.  It's always more special to them when I let them make the choices.  Armed with a 2 yard cut of fabric, I found enough coordinates to get me started.

I couldn't resist trying out Delray from Little Lizard King.  I missed out on testing it but my girls really loved it and hinted they each wanted one.  This pattern came together very easily and even though I have to blend some major size differences, they came out perfect!  They wear the same size except for skirt length so I only had to blend once!  Yay!!  (In case you're wondering, they are size 4 chest, 2 waist, and 7 height -- It's especially important on this pattern to get the chest/waist properly measured so your opening/waistband don't gape open)

Of course, I couldn't help but modify the pattern just a tad.  For my younger daughter's dress, I used the skirt portion of the Milton pattern by Little Lizard King to add some fun red and white stripes.  At 8, I can still add a smidge of whimsy and it suits her personality perfectly!

The Delray has two openings -- small and large.  I used the small opening and I love the size of it.

We often take our freedom for granted, but this picture reminds me that we really are lucky to be able to live such a carefree life.

I just love this shot.  She's perfected the over the shoulder look and she's perfectly framed within the background and the flag is just the cherry on top.

For my older daughter, I went a little more sophisticated with her fabric coordinate and chose a small red/white horizontal stripe.  Being a tween, she's getting a tad harder to sew for, but she really loves this!!

Of course, I had to match my stripes (it's my thing...lol)  and I also made sure the stripes on the straps would seamlessly blend into the bodice.  While it takes a few extra minutes of planning during cutting, it's well worth it in the finished product.

This is her choice for her back shot.  She is holding the flag high and proud!

I know Fourth of July is next week, BUT it only took me a night each to sew these fun dresses, so you have plenty of time!!

My girls can't wait to show off their new dresses to extended family! It will be a weekend to remember 💗 (Next up are their Flower Girl dresses that I have yet to start.... my mom and sister are freaking out I haven't started...lol  Stay tuned for those!)

In the meantime, stop by my sewing friends' blogs for more Fourth of July inspiration -- with 25 stops, there's something for everyone!!

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  1. Beautiful!! I love these dresses!

  2. Adorable! I love the coordination without being "matchy matchy".

  3. I am mildly to overwhelmingly obsessed with you, your girls, your sewing skills and your photography. Ha! This year did not disappoint. It's all perfect!

  4. Your girls and dresses are just absolutely adorable!!!

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  6. I don't think it gets much more Americana than these dresses! Just perfection.

    (Elisabeth Breckley - account has my maiden name) ;)

  7. Gorgeous! Your daughters really rock these dresses! I always love your combinations :)


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