{Testing} Laguna Swimwear by Little Lizard King

1st Swimsuit ever sewn ✅ 
1st swimsuit that actually fits ✅ 
Another sewing item crossed off the "bucket list" ✅

Confession:  I bought swim knit 2 years ago to sew swimwear for my girls... and I finally got the nerve to try it!  I won't lie, this suit has imperfections (which is hard to reconcile as a perfectionist) but it actually fits her, unlike store bought suits and my 9 year old is IN LOVE.

The Laguna Suit is part of Little Lizard King's newest collection, the Cali Collection, which also includes the Malibu Top & Dress (blogged here) and Santa Cruz Ball.  It covers sizes 12m - 14y and is full of options to customize the suit to your daughter's taste.  You can choose from scoop neck or high neck, bikini or tankini length top with or without binding, an exposed ruffle, tiny front ruffle, or no ruffle. You can also fix the straps to the back or tie as a halter.  For the bottoms there are two cuts: vintage and bikini.  Vintage also has optional vertical ruffles flanking the hips.

My 9 year old, normally wears a 4/5 suit in store bought, but you can imagine that it's difficult to find a 4/5 with enough height for her.  One pieces are almost out of the question.  When I had the opportunity to test this pattern, I figured this was the push I needed to jump into swimwear.  As always, consulting the size chart in an absolute must!  My daughter has finally moved up to a 7 height, but her chest remains at a size 4 width.  With sizing sorted, I set out to make my 4W/7L blend.

One important thing to note when you are blending sizes that far apart, it's best to utilize the layers and print one copy for each size you are blending.  Then I generally (vertically) slash and spread the smaller width to the height of the larger size.  Then, you will need to redraw the leg curve and such.  Also remember that the elastic given in the size chart will not work for you.  Follow the instructions included to calculate your new elastic measurements.  A bit of work, but totally worth it to have a swimsuit that actually fits.

If this is your first dive into swimwear, I highly recommend choosing the binding-free version to wet your feet.  I got a bit overzealous and went straight to the binding version.  Let's just say, my seam-ripper got to help too .. several times. Haha!  I honestly contemplated starting the top over with the binding-free version, but then I realized I'd have to match all my stripes again 😜  I had hoped to use my new coverstitch, but will need some more practice on swim.  I ended up just using my regular sewing machine for this.

The options my daughter chose were scoop neck, tankini length top with binding, fixed straps and small front ruffle and bikini bottom. She really loves it!  After photos, she went on to swim a few laps to test it out.  Everything stayed put!

Make a SPLASH...

Take the PLUNGE!!

Try Laguna today or grab the whole Cali Collection!

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