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Happy One Thimble time!!  It's 2018 and it's Issue #18!!  Where has the time gone?!

This issue is a fun one and one to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your sewing skills!  Jen said she was inspired by a picture on Pinterest of a little ballerina who was riding a skateboard with a ballet slipper on one foot and a shoe on the other.  She absolutely captured that image and translated it into the amazing Issue 18.  Of course, the designers helped play a role in designing patterns around this theme.  There are several patterns suitable for boys, but can be sewn for girls if you are a #girlmom like myself.

In case you are new to One Thimble, it is a quarterly digital sewing magazine with about 10 or more sewing patterns and several inspirational articles and quick tutorials.  This issue has 10 patterns - a mixture of boys, girls and ladies patterns..  The cost for everything is $25 AUD (which is $19.79 USD)   Buy your copy HERE!  You can also sign up for a subscription and save some money in the process.

Patterns included are:

  • Linnden Tote -- This gorgeous bag will elevate your sewing game and will teach you some serious bag-making skills!  This is on my MUST SEW list, but one I definitely want to take my time sewing it.
  • Origami Raglan Sweater and Dress -- Sizes 9/12m - 13/14y -- With its unique neckline and large size range, this sweatshirt will turn heads.  The front colorblocking is perfect for scraps too!
  • Hickory and Spice Henley -- Sizes 2-14 -- This Henley is a staple item in any wardrobe.  Suitable for both boys and girls, you can sew for all the kids in your life.  Plus, you'll learn how to sew a professional henley placket.   I love the look of this one!
  • Abby's Ballerina Tie Top -- Sizes 12m - 14 -- Ballerina-inspired, this slim-fitting knit top includes several sleeve lengths and different tie options.  Read my thoughts below on this top!
  • Ladies Ballerina Tie Top --  Ladies US 0 - 22 -- This stylish top is perfect for mommy and me sets or sew it just for yourself!  This is on my MUST SEW list (but after I use the elliptical a few more time... lol)
  • Super Tough Jeans -- Sizes 3-14 -- Not only will you sew awesome jeans, but your kids won't wear the knees out!  I can't be the only one whose kids put knees in EVERY pair of pants, sometimes in just a few weeks.  I will be putting these to the test!
  • Piccolo Moonface Cushions -- These round pillows look so fun!  They are sure to be a conversation starter as well as a fun new pillow friend for your kids.  I am going to try the face in iron on, using my Cricut Maker.
  • The Spirited Dress - Sizes 2-9 -- A twirling girl's dream dress!  This pattern calls for stable knit and features a Queen Anne's neckline and full circle skirt.  It also comes with a bonus underpants pattern...because you're going to need them!! Trust me.  Read my thoughts below on this pattern and see the twirl in action!
  • Basilica Skirt -- Sizes 2-14 --  This fun ballerina skirt has an elastic waist and and handkerchief hem.  This pattern will have you reaching for the sheer fabrics a bit more often because it will be a favorite of your girls.  I've got to order some nylon chiffon because my girls will love it!
  • #120 Footloose Leggings -- Sizes 2-10 -- This leggings pattern includes optional attached legwarmers, perfect for the dancer in your family.  Read my thoughts below on this pattern!  

I am going to call this the issue of specialized fabric.  Read the issue, get inspired and then get shopping!  Or maybe you can shop your stash like I did.

The first pattern I sewed from this issue is the Spirited Dress.  The neckline caught my eye first and then of course the full circle skirt was a close second.  This dress is designed by Candice Ayala and I have been following her on social media for quite some time.  I always love what she posts so I knew this was a must sew immediately.  

As I consulted the sizing chart (Read the OT article: Measuring Up: How to Accurately Measure Your Kids), I found that my daughter (nearly 9) measured into the size 2 width (21.5" chest) and between the 6 & 7 height (48") tall.  Now, this information will shock/scare some of you.... but this is my normal!  My daughter is obviously not the average 8/9 year old size, but this is why I sew, right?  I simply sewed to the measurement chart which means I sewed a 2 width and a 6 height (we like them short here...lol).  You can see the result is a perfect fit and no one in real life knows that she is a size 2 width.  The way the layers are nested made it really easy to blend sizes too!!

Takeaway:  Always take current, accurate measurements. Trust the sizing chart.  Blend the sizes properly.

Remember when I said it was every twirly girls dream?!  I think nearly every picture I have of this dress is mid-twirl.  You can also see why the included underpants pattern is needed...lol  

This pattern calls for stable knit in order to help keep the shape of the Queen Anne's neckline so my original knit I had picked had to be replaced (don't worry, I used it to sew Abby's Ballerina Tie Top so all was not lost) but luckily I had this black and white polka dot ponte that I had bought from my friend Cassie a couple of years ago.  It has a nice weight to it and sewed up nicely.

I had to include a close up of this neckline!  It is so pretty and feminine.  I recently treated myself to a coverstitch machine (Juki MCS-1500) so I was positively giddy to see THREE articles on coverstitch machines. (Read the articles: Why I Bought a Coverstitch Machine, A Beginner's Guide to Using a Coverstitch Machine and Handy Hints for Your Coverstitch Machine).  I decided to see how it would handle the curves and angles of this neckline and I am really pleased with how it came out!

Next I sewed an outfit for my youngest daughter.  I used Abby's Ballerina Tie Top and paired it with #120 Footloose Leggings.  We are headed into Spring here so I made a version that will transition nicely.  I chose a white with black polka dot cotton Lycra for the top and a solid black cotton Lycra for the leggings in Capri length, included in the pattern.

This was my first time trying a Wolf and the Tree Pattern and I really liked how it came together.  Not only is the pattern layered for your printing convenience, she includes a pattern piece for the neckband.  She also offers instructions for sewing in the sleeves both flat and in the round, depending on your preference.  The only wish I had was that Height was included on the Size Chart.  My daughter's are generally a size 6 in most designers so I just went with that. But I used the 4 width because of her chest measurement.

There are 5 sleeve lengths and an optional cowl neckline so the options are plenty.  You can also chose woven for the ties if desired.

I always enjoy sewing the Thread Faction patterns so I had to squeeze these in to make a complete outfit.  I decided to see how the Capri length would look and figured with Spring coming, they would be worn longer.  I love that there was a detailed set of instructions on blending the sizes in her pattern and that she knows many kids need things blended!  This way, everyone can achieve the intended fit.

I blended a 4 width with a 6 height and they literally fit like a glove.  These are super easy to sew up.  Later in the year though, I will try the attached legwarmers because they are adorable and my daughter "super duper wants them"! HA!

Of course, One Thimble is so much more than just a collection of patterns.  It's an actual magazine so each issue comes packed with articles.  I included this picture because there are SO many fantastic articles and I even recognized some of the contributors.  In the Regular Columns, Stitches in Time is my favorite.  I felt the emotions inside as I read this installment.  Next Issue is also a favorite because I can already tell #19 will be amazing.  

There are two quick tutorials that are super cute, both made from felt.  One is a swan hair clip and the other is a play makeup kit for this little girls.They would make quick and easy gifts!

I could name off all the articles that I loved reading and took something away from, but I would have to type out nearly every article!  Seriously, they are that good!

Every issue inspires me in a way that I had not been inspired before.  I really don't know how Jen does it over and over and over again, but she does and it's for the 18th time! I am truly in awe thinking about all of the patterns and articles for the past 18 issues.  Some of my most favorite sews and pictures have been my One Thimble sews.  Congratulations Jen and team on your inspiring success!!!

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  1. Thankyou so so much for your thorough review Kari and for your seriously kind words about One Thimble! I love seeing what you sew from the issue and hearing which articles really spoke to you!


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