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beep. beep.  It's TOUR TIME!!

Woo-hoo, the calendar is flying by and it has once again rolled around to yet another fabulous One Thimble release! I have to tell you, as much as I have adored the past issues... this issue is my all-time fave.  If I could have skipped sleep for a week, I would have - just to have been able to sew ALL. THE. PATTERNS.

This sea-inspired issue is jam-packed with 11 patterns and 26 sewing articles. You can't help but get inspired as you explore the contents.  Amongst the patterns, not only will you find clothes perfect for a day at sea, you'll also find a mermaid skirt, a mermaid sleeping bag, and a mermaid or merman Free Motion Applique -- all the makings for a trip into the sea of imagination a reality.

In case you are new to One Thimble, it is a digital sewing magazine with about 10 or more sewing patterns and several inspirational articles or tutorials.  Some of the articles are helpful if you are looking to grow your handmade business while others contain a fun tutorial such as the felt sea creature masks.  The cost for everything is $25 AUD (which is $19.76 USD) -- that's just $2.27 AUD per pattern ($1.79 USD)!!  Buy your copy HERE!

Here's a peek at the contents of this issue!

Included patterns are: 
(Row 1) * Triton Tank (1-12), unisex * Scuttle Shorts (3-12), unisex * Pearlie Dress & Peplum Top (1-12)
(Row 2) * Melody Mermaid Tail (3-8) * Mermaid Pocket Doll & Shell (handsewn) * Makana Mermaid Skirt (2-10)
(Row 3) * High Tide Trousers (nb-12), unisex * Meg is a Mermaid (Free Motion Applique) * Hally Casual Dress (1-12)
(Row 4) * Miss Olivia Dress (Ladies 2-16 US/ 6-20 AU) * Murray is a Merman (Free Motion Applique) 

Aren't they dreamy??? I already have the patterns printed and fabrics picked for the High Tide Trousers along with another set of Scuttle Shorts, Pearlie Dress and Triton Tank.  I also have fabrics picked out for a Makana Mermaid Skirt, Hally Casual Dress, and Meg is a Mermaid.  This is my short list 😜 The Mermaid Pocket Doll may be the perfect project for car line which will soon be back on the afternoon schedule -- I think it will look so cute peeking from the pocket of the Scuttle Shorts!

My youngest has a Mermaid/Under the Sea inspired room so I am hoping to add in the Melody Mermaid Tail for her bed as a surprise!  I love that it includes how to make the scallops.

Before I get to my thoughts on the full issue, I am dying to share more about the patterns I sewed!

The personality is strong in this one... 😜
First up is the Triton Tank and Scuttle Shorts, both by Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns.  Somehow I think these may be my first sews of hers though -- now I have to go back to past issues and catch up!

Both of these patterns are unisex and are easy sews for knit fabrics.

The Scuttle Shorts come in two lengths (Shorty & Jamaica) -- I chose the Shorty, with the optional pockets, but chose not to colorblock them.  I sewed them in a mint cotton Lycra from Purple Seamstress.  My next pair will be a French Terry, which is recommended in the pattern.

After I finished sewing them -- highly recommend trimming the back of the pockets before hemming to reduce bulk, by the way -- I added an Iron-On Fish with my new Cricut Explore Air 2 (use code AUGUSTAIR for 10% off the Air or Air 2).  Pearl Taylor included 4 sea-inspired templates for your cutting machine (pg 122).  I love that you can change the size to fit your project, although after trying to weed this, a BrightPad is officially on the Christmas wishlist! And if you are new to iron on vinyl (or HTV), learn the basics on pages 119-121!

This picture shows off the relaxed fit of the Triton Tank - which makes it a great unisex piece.  It's drafted for a lightweight knit with drape (read all about drape on page 64) so I sewed it up in a lightweight jersey Lycra blend.  I ordered it ages ago and didn't pay attention to the weight of the knit so it sat waiting for the perfect project.

Last but not least is the Pearlie Dress & Peplum Top by Peach Patterns -- also new to me!  I first fell in love with this dress when a fellow OT Tour blogger shared her sneak.  I knew I had to sneak it in.  I originally wanted to sew it as a Peplum to pair with white twill High Tide Trousers for my youngest -- like a mini capsule of her 4 pieces, but my oldest was feeling left out so I made it in her preferred style -- the dress.

It includes 3 pockets, square, pointed or rounded.  I chose the square and then added the Whale Iron-On by Pearl Taylor (pg 122).  I added the pocket earlier in the sewing process (before attaching the skirt portion). I also love that this pattern has a slim fit and normal fit bodice.  I still had to mix sizes (3 width and 6 length) but she shows detailed pics on how to blend.  There are also two neck binding sizes. I went with narrow to try it out.  I really like it, but found the 1/4" SA on the binding to be hard to follow. (I'm used to 3/8" - 1/2")

I just love the simplicity of it along with the curved hems.

My girls LOVE their new outfits and wore them to Target right after pictures.  They also had fun taking pics together and had a few ideas on how to pose. 

I love that One Thimble is more than just a group of patterns.  The layout and photography is top-notch.  Each time I am blown away by the talent behind the scenes.  I don't know how everyone else reads OT, but I *may* have sneaked up to my computer with a fresh cup of coffee to read through this issue while my girls were watching their favorite episodes of Liv & Maddie on Netflix. Shhh....

The articles included are a range of helpful to inspiring to fun little add-on projects.  They are divided into 4 categories: 

Regular Columns:  Here you will find Trending Fabrics, the latest in the Stitches in Time story, Details about the Next Issue, Coupons & Discounts, etc.    I am really enjoying the story and looking forward to what happens next!

Special Features: All about that Drape and Understanding HTV are two really helpful articles.  I need to print out the Drape article to have as a handy guide when I am out shopping.  Project KIN was a really neat article to read too -- and a great way to get involved.  I am thinking I could involve my two girls in the process and in turn, teach them about giving to those in need.

Techniques & Tutes:  Here I learned what a Croquis is -- there's even a little printout to make your own!  Do the Mash was really helpful in making sure I blend sizing properly for my slim girls. I also loved the HTV templates and used 2 above.  My girls will love the Aquarian Felt Masks too.  Plus, there's several more included tutorials.

Handmade Business: This group of articles includes the follow up to IG Analytics, Creating your Brand, Profitability Worksheet, and How to Keep Your Cool as a Small Business Owner to name a few.  While reading the IG Analytics article, I was able to pull up IG on my phone and learn how to navigate through the analytics portion and learn when my ideal posting time is.

Whew!!  Like I said, this edition is AMAZING and is a must-have.  

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