Top Stitchers Season 2: Coco Chanel

"In honor of the recent Summer Solstice,
we look to the heavens for sewing inspiration! 
Find a "star" who shares your zodiac sign,
and "recreate" (a child-appropriate version of)
one of their iconic looks."


I am so thrilled to be back for a second season of Top Stitchers!  (Remember my Puddle Jumper entry from Season 1?)  For this season, my category was Stylist -- which Becca describes as:
Patterns are cool, fabrics are too, but to you, outfits are more than
just a sum of their parts. When you see clothes, you see settings, 
accessories, and the emotion that tie it all together. Your objective
is to utilize patterns, fabrics, model(s), props and settings to tell a
story, as inspired by your prompt.

Whoa... I dabble in photography and love thinking through details, but was I ready to delve into this challenge?!  I'll let you be the judge :)  

Eeks!  Can you stand it?!

I. can't. even.

I am a proud Leo and as I Googled, I found myself in good company.  There were several stars that would be fun to recreate, but one famous name stood out (okay, it may have jumped off the computer screen and grabbed me by the shoulders... the details are a bit fuzzy at this point).

There is no one quite like Coco Chanel.  She revolutionized the way women dress, define luxury, and has many words of wisdom.   The little black dress, the Chanel jacket, bell bottoms, Chanel No. 5... she started it all.

The Signature Chanel Jacket
Pattern: Coco Jacket by Heidi and Finn
Materials: Wool Blend Coating (outer), Black Peach Skin (Lining), 
Black Crochet Lace (Trim)  

Pattern: Serendipity Trousers by Sewlosophy Pattern Co.  
Materials: White Wrinkle Ease Twill, Black Chain Link, Gold Buckle

Pattern: Drop Waist Diva by Little Lizard King (modified)
Material: Black Cotton/Lycra from Purple Seamstress Fabrics

Signature Quilted Black Clutch/Purse
Pattern: Self-drafted
Materials: Black Peach Skin, Black Chain Link. Gold Ribbon

Logo Mask
Pattern: Self-drafted
Materials: Black Felt, Wooden Chopstick, Paint

Capelli New York (Purchased)

My 6 year old really dove head first into this role.  I seriously couldn't have asked for more!  She far exceeded my expectations and I think this will be one of those memories she keeps forever.  At the very least, she'll be the best dressed first grader at her elementary school... haha

Please make sure you've stopped by FREE NOTION and rate my entry! (Remember, 5 stars is the highest rating I can earn -- there are 4 categories to score: Technique, Creativity, Presentation, and Difficulty).  You can also find more in depth details for each item I made.

While you're there, check out my competitor, Sarah's entry as well!

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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  2. I adore this!!! Fantastic work!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. The whole outfit is adorable! But I really love the trousers - I never see trousers on little kids and they are so stinkin' cute :)

    1. I had made the Serendipity Capris a couple times, but hadn't gotten to try the pants length until now. My daughter will likely have a few more by the time fall gets here! I just love them so much!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Becca! I love this prompt you came up with!

  5. I absolutely afore everything about this!!


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