Crisp Petals Fabric Collection by Natalie Malan Studio

*** This fabric was provided to me in exchange for posting on social media.  
All thoughts are mine and are no way influenced by anything other than my daughter's love for this dress that is actually her sister's.  HA!! ***


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Y'all!!!  I'm SO in love with this, I can barely find the right words so bear with me ... lol

I was contacted in late January by Natalie Malan to be an influencer for her latest collection that just hit stores.  Of course, I love to sew all the pretty things so I was all in!  The fabric collection is called "Crisp Petals" and the print I chose is just one of the 20 included prints.  These floral inspired fabrics are gorgeous in real life.  In the listings, you'll find the story behind the fabric collections Natalie creates.  It'll touch your heart, for sure.

With the help of my oldest daughter, I selected Brisk in Ballet Slipper.  We thought the soft pink floral would be perfect for her Easter dress.  As much as I loved other prints in the collection, sometimes, I prefer to let the fabric shine on its own.

Of course, to showcase a gorgeous fabric, the perfect pattern must be chosen.  Despite the hundreds of patterns I already own, many of which I have sewn, I chose to add a new pattern to my growing collection.  Only this time, I actually sewed it up!!  HAHA!  The Sonora Dress by Lil Luxe Collection is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!  (and surprisingly fast to sew!)

This pattern had my heart from the moment it released.  The double circle skirt provides the maximum twirl and the perfect gathers in between twirling.  The optional flutters and the two ways to tie the straps add interest to the back, making it pretty all the way around.

Gosh, this back is dreamy and the different hues of the pinks make it even prettier.

This twirl is everything!!  The skirt is 2 1/2 yards and is worth every single inch!  This is a 6x height which is the maximum height you can squeeze out of normal quilting cotton.

Those of you who have followed my sewing at all know that this is definitely not my oldest daughter.  Funny story.... As I was gathering all the necessary items for the photo shoot, one of her shoes was missing.  I frantically turned the house upside down looking for it with no luck.  I tried buying her new shoes and nothing fit.  ACK!!! The warm weather was only for a day or two and then it's right back to cold and rainy.  Luckily, my youngest daughter (2 years younger) has the same measurements as my oldest, except for a 2" height difference.  She happily agreed to model her sister's dress for me and the crisis was averted.  Whew!!!

Thank you Natalie Malan for this gorgeous fabric!  This collection is so soft and feminine.  Check here for the stores that carry Crisp Petals!
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  1. This is so the pink and that pattern is to die for.

    1. Thank you sew much Denise!!! Your sweet words mean so much to me!


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