Merry Kismet --- A Tale of Fate


Do you believe in fate?  I don't think about it often, but every once in a while, I am reminded of it.  This entire outfit is the result of my latest reminder that sometimes things happen for a reason.

Backstory (warning: my husband tells me I am long-winded... so buckle up!):

I connected with Gemia of Phat Quarters on FB over the Trillium Dress I had sewed.  I joined her group on Facebook and happened to play her "Math Games Trivia" during her big sale.  I luckily won some credit to her shop.  I placed my order while it was ALL on sale for Black Friday and honestly felt like I was stealing a bit because I got such an unbelievable deal.  I had picked out some knits and an adorable Lewis & Irene Santa Village print.  When I opened my package, I had received this Lewis & Irene Santa fabric by mistake.  Gemia graciously resent my original fabric and told me to go ahead and keep the Santa cut.  WOW!   I thanked her and couldn't believe her generosity.  (The blue background matches her eyes perfectly!)


While at Hobby Lobby, I picked up a coordinating red with white dots so I could make my 6 year old a dress. THEN, I saw a call for testers for this sweet winter trapper hat - the Rocky Mountain Hat by Little Lizard King.  Of course, I immediately thought of making a Santa-inspired version using the red/white dots and lining it with some sort of fur to mimic Santa's hat.   The Rocky Mountain hat's sizing will cover your whole family!  I made the size small in testing.  Options include ear flaps, braided ties, and chin straps.

 It all came together just as I pictured in my head.  For the dress, I turned to my new favorite pattern -- the Wimberley Dress by Little Lizard King.  This dress has so many options and I have only tried a few of them!  This time, I added the waist tie, and left off the pintucks (only to save time.... love the tucks) and left of the ruching on the sleeves.

TLDR:  Got a fabric by mistake from Phat Quarters that inspired an outfit for a hat that I tested.

So Merry Kismet to you all <3 <3 

Grab your Rocky Mountain hat for just $3 through Sunday 12/24/17 and be sure to show Phat Quarters some love!!
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