{Color Me} a Pretty Mia Maxi

It's not everyday that you get invited to play with fabric, designed by the very person who inspired you to buy yourself a sewing machine!  I'm so excited to share what I made with one of the newest designs of Color Me by Hayley Crouse for Michael Miller Fabrics.

To give a brief backstory... I "met" Hayley Crouse on the Internet and I was amazed by her sewing talent.... and her witty humor. LOL  The more creations of hers she posted, the more I thought about buying myself a sewing machine.  So one day I did.  That was 3.5 years ago and am so grateful that my online path crossed Hayley's because I couldn't imagine life without making pretty things.

When Hayley messaged me to blog about her latest designs for Michael Miller Fabrics, I couldn't message her back quickly enough!  Because my youngest daughter gets quite a bit sewn for her, I purposely chose Papillon Paisley for my oldest daughter.  I knew the butterflies would be perfect for her Daddy/Daughter Dance at school.

To showcase the fabric, I chose to sew the Mia's Tieback Dress by Simple Life Pattern Co in the tiered maxi length.  I accented it with narrow black bias tape and a black banded waist.

You've probably noticed that I've not colored in any of the fabric.  No, I didn't forget!  For the dance, I decided that I wanted to keep the black/white color combo.  Then, my daughter can spend all Spring coloring in her maxi so that when summer comes, her butterflies will come to life!
Thank you so much to Hayley and Michael Miller Fabrics for allowing me to share this fun fabric!!

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  1. I love this story, this fabric, this dress, this pattern....for this occasion. How perfect! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see photos along as she colors the butterflies.


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