{One Thimble} Issue No. 9

Happy 2nd Birthday, One Thimble!

One Thimble is an online sewing magazine that comes out quarterly, with a price tag of just $25 AUD (that means depending on the day, it's around $18 US ;) ).  In addition to the several patterns each issue contains (generally 6-10), there are many articles on general sewing, mini tutorials on sewing techniques, and how to grow your sewing business.  Each issue also has coupon codes exclusive to OT readers.  Fun, right?!

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In this issue, you will receive the following 14 PDF patterns/tutorials:
  •  Cross Bow Dress (size 0-8)
  •  Pseudo Smocked Romper (size nb-3)
  •  Ringmaster Top (size 1-10)
  •  Ringmaster Pants (size 1-10)
  •  Timeless Treasure Skirt (size 1-10)
  •  The Carnival Jacket (size 3-12)
  •  Vincent the Victor Free Motion Applique
  •  Trapeze Eloise Free Motion Applique
  •  The Statement Clutch
  •  Good Fortune Headwrap
  •  Festive Felties *
  •  Cheeky Monkey Softie
  •  Vintage Circus Sit Upon
  •  Circus Toss Game

*Requires hand-sewing
In the e-zine you’ll find 27 articles & tutorials, including the following:
  •  How to insert an invisible zipper
  •  How to get perfect points when sewing Half Square Triangles
  •  How to make an I-spy bag
  •  How to make a velcro back bow tie and toy tutu
  •  How to make a Hoop Tent
  •  How to make an insulated lunch bag
  •  How to fussy cut
  •  How to get your Sewjo back
  •  How to photograph flatlays
  •  Trending fabrics and much more

I had the most enjoyable morning, drinking coffee and reading all the articles and perusing the patterns.  The included articles include a wide range -- from photographing your creations {sans model} to finding your missing SewJo to troubleshooting Free Motion Applique (FMA).  I was pleased to see some of the articles included mini patterns/tutorials so really you get 5 bonus patterns!
Last tour, I loved reading Gemia's (from Phat Quarters) Teaching Kids to Sew article and loved that she shared her daughters' personal experiences with showing at the 4H show this issue.  I will admit, her article made me tear up, which was unexpected, but her article tugged at my heart.
Timeless Treasure Skirt by Little Lizard King

When I looked at the available patterns, I knew I'd start with the Timeless Treasure Skirt my friend Cassie designed {for Little Lizard King}.  This skirt covers sizes 12m - 10 and is really easy to customize to your daughter's measurements.  For example, my 4 year old has a 12m waist, but is the height of a normal 4 year old.  I simply followed size 4 for her height on the chart, but used the size 12m width for all of the pieces.  

***Important -- I recommend looking at the finished length chart and double checking that the length is correct for your child.  This skirt is intended to have 6 ruffles and fall just above the knee.  As you can count, I have 5 ruffles as I forgot to double check the length measurement in my rush to begin so my 6th ruffle is hiding.  Also, seam allowance is super critical to follow as an 1/8 of an inch off on each spacer/ruffle could mean a big difference at the end ***

The pattern calls for a decorative zipper, but I didn't have one on hand and didn't have time to run out and buy one.  Instead, I modified the back opening to have finished sides so I could place my zipper below.  

The fabrics I chose were inspired by the headband that I made my oldest 3 years ago for Halloween.  Luckily, I had a yard of the Little Stars Poplin from Mabel Madison in red that fit my theme perfectly.  I paired it with a solid black mystery polyester twill.

This pattern is easy to follow, but definitely time consuming, especially if you don't have a ruffler foot.  I hand-gathered all of the ruffles so while they aren't perfectly gathered, they are gathered with lots of love (and possibly a few choice words...LOL)

Trapeze Eloise Free Motion Applique by Ric-Rac & Retro

I wasn't sure I would work up the courage to try Trapeze Eloise by Ric-Rac & Retro.  I'm sure we've all seen Free-Motion Applique (FMA) as it's gained popularity in recent months.  I first saw it in Issue 7 with her Down the Rabbit Hole FMA.  At the time though, the machine I was sewing on didn't have the ability to drop the feed dogs.  However, over the summer, I upgraded!

In case you didn't know, I have extreme OCD/perfectionist tendencies with my sewing so the idea of "sketching" around the outline with my machine gave me anxiety.  WHAT IF I MESS UP?!!  ACK!

That's the joy of FMA, though.   Each creation is perfectly imperfect and no two will ever be alike.

I don't know if this was meant to be a quick pattern, but I made sure I spent hours creating my little flying trapeze artist!

I loved that the designer included the finished size of this as well as the finished sizes for printing at smaller percentages (< 100%).  My Eloise is printed at the original size.

Good Fortune Head Wrap by Rosie Petal

As my deadline was approaching (and golden hour for pictures), I quickly opened to the page where the Good Fortune Head Wrap by Rosie Petal was located, found my needed measurements -- I made the size 3-5 in narrow width -- and got to work.

This is seriously the quickest sew EVER!  It took me longer to read the instructions. HA!

Of course, these are just 3 of the included patterns!  You get 11 more patterns, plus all the articles -- what are you most excited about?

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{You won't regret it!} 

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  1. great post - and I love your perfectionism!!!

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  3. I have made the Ringmaster Top and Pants From Tie Dye Diva

  4. Love your outfits, I was thinking of not even looking at this One Thimble as I have so many unused patterns right now, but I don't know if I can resist!!

  5. I'd love to give Trapeze Eloise a try! I've never done FMA before.

  6. I'd love to give Trapeze Eloise a try! I've never done FMA before.

  7. I can't wait to see my girls in the ringmaster top. So stinking cute! I love your Eloise, by the way! Fantastic job!

  8. I'd make the gorgeous clutch!! Something for myself for once!

  9. I'm such a huge fan of One Thimble. All the info inside is always so fun and having all those patterns for the price is awesome. I'd probably make up a full Ring Master outfit. Perhaps even one for each kid!

  10. I would like to make the LLK ruffle skirt! So pretty! Thanks for the give-away.

  11. I think I'd give the ringmaster top a go first!

  12. My daughter loves the timeless treasure skirt, so that one first!

  13. I love the Timeless Treasures dress -- I would choose that one first!
    Beautiful work Kari!

  14. I know my daughter would love a timeless treasure skirt, and I would love to try the Trapeze Eloise Free Motion Applique. So fun!

  15. Thanks so much for your lovely review! I've gotta say I'm a bit OCD with my sewing too - which has totally put me off attempting FMA up till now, but you've inspired me to give it a go! And Gemia's article totally made me tear up too - so glad I'm not the only one!!!

  16. love all the patterns in this issue, its a must buy!!

  17. I'd use the free motion quilting patterns first I think! Love them!

  18. I would definitely make the timeless treasure skirt first!!!

  19. Beautiful! Love everything you create.

  20. Love your "stuff" as always, Kari. I would do several patterns in the emag but first I would do the fma of the foxes! <3

  21. I love your Timeless Treasures Skirt! I would love to have a crack at the Free Motion Applique but I think a couple of 'thinking' sit Upons are needed over her.

  22. I just love your Trapeze Eloise Free Motion Applique! This is ghe first thing i would dive into!

  23. I would make some Rosie Petal headbands first.


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