Ladies Library Cardigan

Pattern by Little Lizard King

~ with a special appearance from Free Notion ~

It has been far too long since I've sewed for myself -- like since July.  Whoops!

I decided to rectify that by making myself the Ladies Library Cardigan by Little Lizard King.  This is knit cardigan that is perfect for fall, but contains options for light layering even in the warmer months.  The pattern covers sizes XXS - XXXL and features 3 sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, long), 3 length options (hip, mid, boho), optional elbow patches, and deep kangaroo-style pockets.  All of the options make it easy to customize perfectly to your taste!

Most women's patterns, I have to muslin, alter, etc.  This one was made without a single change!  The options I chose were hip length and 3/4 sleeves.  I should note that I am 5'1" tall and the pattern is drafted for the average 5'5" tall woman.  If you are taller than me (like 99% of you...haha), the hip length will be shorter on you.

I chose a slinky knit from Hancock Fabrics to help with draping.  I am a sucker for stripes and if you can believe it, I attempted to match all those teeny tiny stripes up.  

I made the sleeves first and #nailedthem  -- then I got to the sides..... LOL  

Let's just say I gave up.

I actually finished this cardigan a few weeks ago.  But after I picked out my knit, I realized my new sewing tee that was on order from Free Notion, would be perfect layered underneath.  The day my shirt came so did days and days of rain.  Standing on a bookshelf indoors (from my post, Welcome to my Fauxtography Studio) may work for my two girls, but I'm a bit too tall ;)  

Better late than never!

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