Tutorial: The Perfect Ten Knit Top - [Hacked Again]

~ Pattern by Little Lizard King ~

I just couldn't resist!!  One of my favorite things to do is to hack patterns -- not because I don't love the original patterns because I do!  Sometimes though, inspiration strikes (like on the way to my daughter's school) and I just have to make it happen.

Pattern: The Perfect Ten Knit Top by Little Lizard King
Sizes: 12m - Girls 14
Features: 6 bodice options and 4 sleeve options plus 5 sleeve lengths, 2 hem options and 2 neckband binding options

Despite the million (or so) ways to personalize this awesome pattern, I have found yet another option and it's way too easy not to share!

  • Visit my Colorblocking Tutorial for the Perfect Ten Knit Top and follow steps 1-3, making sure you are using the regular hemline option for your original pattern piece.
  • Now you should have your "New Top Bodice" cut from your fabric.  
  • In Step 4, cut out the "New Bottom Bodice" for the pattern piece only.  DO NOT cut your fabric yet!
  • We are going to double the width of the "New Bottom Bodice". 
  • Fold your fabric in half (stretch is cross-grain), and then take the folded edge and fold it again (stretch is still cross-grain), but do not make the second fold any wider than your pattern piece.
  • Cutting the bottom 2 layers of your double-folded fabric only, cut out your "New Bottom Bodice".  The original fold should be just under the right hand edge of your pattern piece and will NOT be cut.
  • Take your "New Bottom Bodice" (that is now double the original width) and run a gathering stitch along the top edge.
  • Gather to fit the bottom edge of the "New Top Bodice".
  • Attach the gathered bottom to the top, RST (right sides together), finish the edge, and press the edge upward toward the neckline.  Topstitch.
  • Repeat with back bodice.
  • Resume following the Perfect Ten Knit Top pattern for the remainder of the construction - being certain to match the seams along the side!

* This method of construction still allows you to use the front bodice bow option included in the pattern.

So easy, right?!   I hope you've enjoyed my latest pattern hack!!  If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to find me -- I'm always around!

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I have so much love for the ladies behind Little Lizard King!
They definitely bring out my creative side!

8 comments on "Tutorial: The Perfect Ten Knit Top - [Hacked Again]"
  1. LOOOOVE this!!! She's so cute!!! Great hack!

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  3. Hi Kari, Just found you. I am a grandmother and have been sewing since I was 11 years old. I love your "hack" of this pattern which I just acquired and haven't made. Since you are doubling the skirt and gathering it before sewing back on, I assume you could make the bottom out of a woven if you don't have much knit fabric. What do you think. I think it would make another cute style and you would be able to use up scraps of knit left over from other projects.


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