Christmas Comes Early to Candy Castle Patterns!!

Squeeeeee!!!!!  I am bursting with excitement today.  It feels like Christmas for Candy Castle Patterns fans.

Today is not only the release of the highly anticipated Peppermint Swirl Dress, but also the debut of the new Candy Castle Patterns website!

About a month or so ago, in the Candy Castle Patterns Group, we were shown a sneak peek of the Peppermint Swirl Dress.... and it was love at first sight!!  This showstopping dress has a gorgeous petal neckline, flutter sleeves and flounces upon flounces in the skirt for maximum twirlablity!

Close up view of petal neckline and flutter sleeves

Immediately, my mind was swirling with ideas.  The skirt contains 14 flounces (or more if needed for your color scheme) which is the perfect number of flounces for a rainbow dress.  I was set on this idea for weeks, until I ran across "Peppermint" fabric at the store.   I HAD to have it!!!  It is perfect for Christmas and my 4 year old needs a super fun dress for school Christmas parties.

I even made it snow here in the South!

Here's an overview of the pattern:
  • Contains sizes 6m through girls' 10
  • Offers both a slim and regular bodice
  • Pattern pieces are color-coded and nested as well as a 2.5" test square to ensure proper printing
  • A printing guide which tells you which pages you need to print, based on bodice type and skirt size chosen
  • Both a measurement chart and yardage chart is provided
  • A choice of flutter sleeves, sleeveless, or you can use any sleeve (long slim sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, or short, puffy sleeve) from the Candy Castle Princess Dress pattern!
  • Step-by-step instructions with clear pictures to guide every seamstress through the process, no matter what your sewing level is
  • 3 hemming options (rolled hem, bias tape hem, or traditional hem)
  • Inspirational gallery with lots of photos from the testers who worked so hard to ensure the best fit
  • Help, if needed, in the Candy Castle Patterns Group
Back view: I used 3 Kam snaps in lieu of buttons

Sewing this dress isn't nearly as hard as it looks!  I think it took me about as long to cut as it did to sew.  If you stack your fabrics on top of each other, you can cut even faster.  I actually cut my pieces one at a time.  No pins required for sewing the flounces together or for hemming!! Ahh, such freedom :)  If you have a serger, it does make construction faster, but totally not necessary.

Oh, and the twirl!!!  YES, look at the twirl!   If you can believe it, this is a 22-FOOT hem on this showstopper (this is the size 3)!  Just marvel in all its glory!

She didn't want to stop twirling!!!

To celebrate its debut, Candy Castle Patterns is offering a sale (RARE!) when you purchase at least one additional pattern.  Use the code peppermint during the checkout process at to save 20% when your purchase is at least $15.  Don't delay, though, because the sale ends Sunday, December 8th at precisely 11:59pm MST. 

Happy shopping and happier sewing!!!  

Come show off your creations in the Candy Castle Patterns Group

Next up is a matching one for my 2 year old who is sad that hers isn't sewn yet... and then rainbow ones!!

| XOXO |

5 comments on "Christmas Comes Early to Candy Castle Patterns!!"
  1. I love this!! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. I love your version. Hemming that sucker has to be half the sewing time ha! I'm really tempted by this one, it's a bit more twirl/fabric than I usually go for but....ooooh man.

    1. Thank you so much! I used a rolled hem on my serger so it went very fast. If you do not have a serger, I recommend using the bias finish (single fold so it will only show on the backside of the hem) that's included in the pattern. I love it too!!

  3. I know this post is from over 6 months ago but I just discovered your blog and I'm going through page after page in awe of everything you created! I LOVE this dress and I think my little girlie is going to need one! :)


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